Why It Is Destiny for the Los Angeles Lakers to Win the Title

Rahul DContributor IIIMay 8, 2012

May 8th, 2011
They chewed us up, they spit us out.
Like we were nothing in their mouth.
A broken heart, a broken team.
Broken players, a broken dream.
No word was said, a silent vow.
We loved you then, we love you now.


Dallas Mavericks 122 Los Angeles Lakers 86.

I have never felt prouder to be a Lakers fan. Even as the tears of frustration and regret came, I knew that no other team could have drawn such emotion from.
Things got worse. One of our best players was traded away. Our coach retired. Our endeavor to improve our team was wrongfully struck down by dark forces conspiring against us.
We loved you then, we love you now.
The adversity we faced was comparatively greater than any other team in the league.
We went from from perennial contenders and two-time defending champions to apparently not even being the best team in our own city.
We waited silently. This was the true test of loyalty, was it not? The front-running liars would drop out now. He who only wanted to support a winning team would leave the fold.
We loved you then, we love you now.
Our team persevered. It was both older and younger than seasons past. A lack of experience was evident, as was a lack of fresh legs.
We were written off, called pretenders. People moved on to the newer and sexier teams.
Our emotional leader was traded away in what seemed like a foolish move.
Most had given up on the season. I am ashamed to admit that I was, too.
And yet, here we are, arguably the most complete team in the playoffs, and poised to make history.
We have the best center in the league, the best power forward still in the playoffs and the most cold-blooded killer alive. He will not let us lose.
It can only be decreed that after the turmoil and adversity we have endured this season, it is simply us who deserve to win this year's championship the most.
It says a lot about our team that after all those dark uncertainties, we have put ourselves in a position to win it.
Say what you will, but this season is already a success for me.
We loved you then, we love you now.


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