WWE News: Paul Heyman Will Keep Brock Lesnar Relevant While He's off Television

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistMay 8, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Paul Heyman's return on RAW was something that shocked a lot of WWE fans on Monday night and while few knew quite what to make of it, there appears to be a good chance that Heyman will continue showing up on WWE programming for the foreseeable future.

According to Justin LaBar of WrestleZone.com, plans are for Heyman to keep the Brock Lesnar angle alive from now until SummerSlam so that the WWE doesn't have to use up Lesnar's limited amount of appearances too early in the life of his contract.

Heyman was a fantastic mouthpiece for Lesnar during his first run with the company and he continues to be a close business associate and friend of Lesnar's in real life. On Monday, Heyman announced himself as Lesnar's legal counsel and read a statement that said Lesnar was quitting the company because Triple H vetoed the deal he negotiated with John Laurinaitis.

Obviously, Lesnar hasn't really quit since he has a one-year deal with the WWE, but having Heyman appear week after week to keep Lesnar fresh in the minds of the viewers without actually having Lesnar show up on television is an excellent idea on the WWE's part.

Lesnar simply isn't a believable speaker, so having him show up and cut promos is counterproductive anyway. Heyman never misses a beat when he speaks and it was apparent on Monday that he was as good as ever on the mic.

There aren't many people out there who can help a guy get heat when he doesn't even show up, but Heyman can easily do that for Lesnar.

Since Lesnar "broke" the arm of Triple H with a kimura lock last week, one would think that Lesnar and Triple H will be having a match in the near future. LaBar suggests that it will be at SummerSlam and that would certainly seem to be plausible since it's one of the company's "big four" pay-per-views, but a match at Money in the Bank is feasible as well.

Whatever the case, it seems as though Heyman is back in the WWE for the next few months at least and that can only be viewed as a good thing. There aren't a lot of non-wrestling characters who can captivate an audience and keep their interest, but Heyman is one who can as he has a spectacular mind for the business.

Lesnar, as a wrestler, is a great asset to the WWE thanks to his freakish size and resume, but his character leaves a lot to be desired. That was the case when he was at the height of his popularity with the WWE previously, but he had Heyman to do the talking for him then as well, so this is a tried and true method.

As much as the WWE fans loves to see guys like Lesnar and The Rock return, they tend to complain when those guys take a leave of absence. Everyone knew that The Rock had movies to shoot, but that didn't stop a large amount of people from whining and claiming that he didn't love wrestling. The same could happen with Lesnar too, but Heyman figures to curtail that.

The WWE creative team is beaten up plenty and rarely given credit, but in this situation they appear to be doing a great job. There simply isn't anything bad that can come of Heyman returning and it will only bode well for Lesnar whenever he returns as well.


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