15 Targets of Verbal and Physical Abuse from Former WWE Booker Jim Cornette

George NolanAnalyst IMay 4, 2012

15 Targets of Verbal and Physical Abuse from Former WWE Booker Jim Cornette

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    Like him or hate him, legendary pro wrestling manager and booker Jim Cornette is well known for his profane tirades against elements of corporate pro wrestling and other topics that come his way, which can be seen and heard from online.

    Through either segments on YouShoot commentaries or the Who's Slamming Who podcast, pro wrestling fans can get a kick out of Cornette ripping on whoever ticks him off and learn of anything that occurred behind the scenes during his times with the WWE and TNA.

    Here is a look at 15 subjects and individuals who found themselves getting ripped apart by Cornette at one point or another.

    Do be warned that the videos that accompany these slides do contain graphic language, compliments of Cornette's dirty mouth.

1. Santino Marella

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    Because of Santino, Jim Cornette found himself kicked to the curb from his booking duties for Ohio Valley Wrestling, back when it was the WWE's developmental territory.

    During a storyline being recorded for an OVW show, Santino was supposed to act scared of the Boogeyman's character yet laughed it off instead. This resulted in Cornette getting infuriated and slapping Santino repeatedly.

    Cornette relates the story of the incident in this posted video from an NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest event held in 2009.

2. John Laurinaitis

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    When John Laurinaitis took over as the WWE's vice president of talent relations in place of Jim Ross in 2004, Jim Cornette found himself having difficulty managing OVW talent exchanges with John, who was making last-minute decisions that did not give Cornette enough advanced notice to manage developments from his end.

    The video posted features Cornette's account of his difficulties under Johnny Ace.

3. Bubba the Love Sponge

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    When Hulk Hogan made his debut in TNA in January 2010, radio shock jock and personal buddy of Hogan's, Bubba the Love Sponge, was in tow, appearing as a backstage announcer for TNA Impact episodes.

    Jim Cornette ripped on Bubba on a Who's Slamming Who podcast for not contributing anything to TNA other than sucking up to Hogan. When the shock jock got word of the banter, he openly ripped on Cornette on his radio show.

    However, when Bubba started to have a downward spiral of humiliating predicaments stemming from his controversial remarks on the Haiti earthquake, Cornette would get his kicks by mocking Bubba at every stage of the spiral, from Awesome Kong punching Bubba out to being fired from TNA months later.

    The video posted features a Who's Slamming Who podcast clip of Cornette learning about Bubba being sued by Awesome Kong.

4. Dairy Queen

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    This could be worth some laughs. It is an incident Cornette's become well-known for thanks to the power of the Internet.

    In 1994 following a show in Hyden, Ky., Cornette was driving in a van full of several wrestlers and they stopped at a Dairy Queen while on their way to Knoxville.

    After placing a large order at a drive-thru, Cornette's van was backed up in a long, slow line for over 20 minutes. When they finally arrived at the drive-thru window, they learned that none of the Dairy Queen staff had even gotten started on the order because they thought it was a joke.

    This got Cornette angry and he started to cuss out the employee who was at the window. When said employee cussed back at one of the wrestlers in the van, this got Cornette even angrier, as he thought the comment was directed at him. So he walked out of the van and started cussing at the employee even more.

    This resulted in the manager of the Dairy Queen apologizing for his employee's screw-ups and the van full of wrestlers, which included a young Chris Jericho, laughing as the events unfolded.

5. Ed Ferrara

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    The former writer of WWE and WCW is a favorite target of Cornette's to lash at, from being a suck-up, to Vince Russo, to his unflattering impersonation of Jim Ross as Oklahoma.

    Check out this podcast clip for what Jim has to say on Ed.

6. Kevin Dunn

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    The then-producer of WWE and now executive vice president of TV production has gotten on Cornette's nerves enough where he insists on calling the company's work "sports entertainment" and not "professional wrestling."

    Here is some commentary where Cornette related his experience working with Dunn for a WWE booking meeting in 1997.

7. Batista

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    When Batista claimed that he did not learn anything during his stint with Jim Cornette and Ohio Valley Wrestling before becoming big in the WWE, Cornette proceeded to rip on him in this YouShoot clip while talking about his experiences working with Batista.

8. Kenny Bolin

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    Cornette's rivalry with the Ohio Valley Wrestling manager began in 2008 when he learned on a Who's Slamming Who podcast that Kenny was making accusations towards Jim in his own podcast called The Bolin' Alley, one of which included that Kenny kissed Cornette's wife at his wedding.

    The two would share back-and-forth jabs at one another for weeks until they finally decided to settle their rivalry in what is dubbed "The Great Debate" the following year when Jerry Jarrett served as a mediator for a podcast debate between the two foul-mouthed managers.

    Cornette would get the upper hand in the debate when he brought up some past shams that Bolin got caught up in, such as abusing a money-back guarantee offer from a grocery chain store and calling on Bolin's hypocrisy as a "family man" when he kicked out his mother from his house and gave her bedroom up to a wrestling school student.

    Adding more humiliation to Bolin, Cornette would eventually take over his frequent spot on the Who's Slamming Who podcast.

    The video posted has a section of "The Great Debate" when Cornette calls out Bolin on his scam with said grocery chain store.

9. Hardcore Wrestling

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    Cornette is a staunch critic of ECW and indy promotions that make use of hardcore wrestling. Here's a worked shoot clip from Ring of Honor where Cornette lashes out at the indy hardcore wrestling promotion known as Combat Zone Wrestling.

10. Republicans

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    As you will hear from Jim's lashings of the right wing and Joey Styles, Jim Cornette is a definite Democrat!

11. Terry Taylor

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    The former Red Rooster of WWE was a close friend of Jim Cornette until this incident came up.

    In April 2010, Jim had sent a personal email to Terry where he vented about Vince Russo's incompetence in professional wrestling and wishing he would die.

    Unfortunately, with Terry being the director of talent relations for TNA, he forwarded the email to Vince Russo and TNA's lawyers, who interpreted the email's language as threatening and sent Cornette a legal letter informing him that "all applicable Federal and State law enforcement agencies" were notified to look out for him.

    Cornette would vent about the incident on both his website and in this clip of a Who's Slamming Who podcast.

12. Mark Madden

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    The radio sports show host became a target for Jim Cornette's verbal lashings in July 2009 when Cornette expressed desire of inducting Madden into his personal "Kiss My Ass Club" and accused Madden of being a liar and only having his WCW tenure because of sucking up to Eric Bischoff.

    When Mark Madden responded to the remarks on his Voice of Wrestling radio show, Cornette fired back by talking about an incident involving Madden during a pro wrestling charity event talked about in this clip.

13. Dixie Carter

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    The TNA president is another major target of Cornette, as he sees her as incompetent and inexperienced in knowing how to manage a pro wrestling company and seeing her as one of the major problems plaguing the quality of TNA's product.

14. Eric Bischoff

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    The onscreen personality/booker for WCW, WWE and TNA became a target for Cornette's podcasts in 2010 when Cornette ripped on Bischoff being in TNA and accused him of being a hypocrite in calling himself a successful businessman when he cost WCW millions of dollars in the company's final years, which led to the company's demise.

    Bischoff would reply back to Cornette's comments, lashing out at Cornette for his weight and the legal letter he got from TNA's lawyers. Cornette would then fire back with his own comments to dispute Bischoff's claims.

15. Vince Russo

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    The biggest enemy that Jim Cornette has, Russo has been a scourge for Cornette since the days when they were WWE bookers in the late 1990s.

    Cornette has accused Russo of being a major plague to the professional wrestling industry for years and isn't afraid to make his personal feelings known about the man from commenting on the mess of creative direction WCW faced in its final years under Russo to being forced to work under him in TNA.

16. Conclusion

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    To conclude this slideshow on Cornette, here's a video of him chasing after a WrestleMania 28 tour bus.