South Carolina Football: 1 Word for Every Projected Offensive Starter

Alex Roberts@@alexCoAbassCorrespondent IMay 2, 2012

South Carolina Football: 1 Word for Every Projected Offensive Starter

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    Words, plural

    1. A single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed

    What is in a word?  It can be used as a weapon or a maker of peace.  It can be prophetic or enlightening.

    One word can change the world.

    Or, one word can describe the offensive players on the Gamecock football team.

    What, were you expecting something profound?

Connor Shaw, Quarterback

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    Word: Brainy

    Connor Shaw is a coach's dream.  He studies film.  He leads the team.  He can read defenses and works to become a better player every day. 

    His mind allows him to be extremely teachable. 

Marcus Lattimore, Running Back

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    Word: Leader

    Marcus Lattimore is the definition of a leader.  He is a weight-room warrior.  He has a quiet calm about him and the players respect him. 

    When he got hurt last year, he became a coach.  He helped the other runners become better.  He's one of the greatest Gamecock leaders of all-time. 


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    Word: Missing

    With Matt Coffee and Dalton Wilson's departure, there is no traditional fullback candidate on the Gamecocks roster.  They've worked out some converted linebackers, tight ends and a couple of running backs. 

    Thank goodness the Gamecocks don't use the fullback often. 

Brandon Shell, Left Tackle

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    Word: Legacy

    Shell is name that screams great offensive line play.  The nephew of Art Shell, Brandon has a great deal of pressure to live up to his family name. 

Mike Matulis, Cody Gibson and Will Sport, Right Tackle

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    Word: Similar

    One of these three players will be starting at this position, which could be a weakness on the line.  These three players have some skills, but they need to set themselves out above the pack to truly stand out and make a difference. 

T.J. Johnson, Center

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    Word: Experienced

    The old man of the group (he's the only senior lineman), T.J. Johnson has a firm grip on the center position.  He could actually be an All-SEC caliber performer if he continues his recent growth.  He can play very well and has great size. 

A.J. Cann, Left Guard

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    Word: Powerful

    A.J. Cann is the prototypical guard.  He's big, he's strong and he's athletic.  He started every game in his freshman campaign, and he will be a force this season. 

    He has NFL-level talent. 

Ronald Patrick, Right Guard

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    Word: Unknown

    He's been injured, and he just moved back to guard from center.  He's going to be a critical player for the Gamecocks in the fall. 

    He could be fantastic, or he could flop.  We have no idea how good he could be. He's got talent and size. We just have to see it on the field.   

DeAngelo Smith, X Receiver

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    Word: Underachiever

    After exploding during the spring game of 2010, DeAngelo Smith disappeared for most of the regular season.  This player has good size and hands.  Combine that with great speed, and he could be a threat.

    Up until now, he hasn't really lived up to his potential. 

K.J. Brent, B Receiver

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    Word: Potential

    K.J. Brent's name has been on the rise since he arrived on campus.  This highly-recruited freshman showed out very well in practices throughout his redshirt year. 

    At 6'4", he could very well be the Alshon Jeffery replacement everyone has been looking for.  The coaches rave about him.  He's extremely fast and could be a huge contributor this year. 

Ace Sanders, Z Receiver

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    Word: Fast

    Ace Sanders is reliable and extremely fast.  He will probably remain in the slot (or Z) receiver position due to the matchup problems it will create.  However, he could push for one of the outside positions and let one of the other extremely fast wideouts (Nick Jones, Damiere Byrd) take over the Z.

    He's a great, undervalued player. 

Justice Cunningham, Tight End

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    Word: Traditional

    Justice Cunningham is an old-school traditional tight end.  He's one of the best blockers on the team, and he has soft hands.  While he wont put up gaudy numbers in the passing game, he's reliable and almost dangerous in short-yardage situations. 


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