The Best Local Bar for Every NFL City

Brandon Alisoglu@@BrandonAlisogluCorrespondent IMay 2, 2012

The Best Local Bar for Every NFL City

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    Now that the NFL draft is over, fans can turn to the 2012 NFL schedule. More importantly, they can start figuring out which bar they're going to hit in each city.

    Some towns have a go-to place for the local team. Other cities are so transient, or large, that there isn't a local watering hole that catches everyone's fancy.

    And then there are the Pittsburgh Steelers. The black and yellow faithful have an altar in every hamlet throughout the country.

    Whichever city you're visiting, Bleacher Report has you covered.

Zipps Sports Grill Is the Place for Arizona Transients

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    Phoenix has become a valley of opportunity for young kids looking for work and seniors escaping the harsh north winters.

    In other words, the Arizona Cardinals are not the paramount team in the metropolitan area.

    Zipps Sports Grill provides a home for everyone. Plenty of flat screens and NFL Sunday Ticket ensure a cozy atmosphere for all.

    In addition, their $4 32-oz. domestic brews and valley-wide famous wings would be able to keep a Cleveland Browns fan happy.

The Indianapolis Colts Faithful Have the Blue Crew Sports Bar.

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    Indianapolis Colts fans know where to be every Sunday: The Blue Crew Sports Bar.

    Other places provide a place to catch the game. The Blue Crew serves up a fan-style experience.

    These people are so dedicated, they've incorporated the horseshoe into the logo.

    The menu isn't anything special. However, their game-day specials include buckets of beer.

    Enough said.

Watch Robert Griffin III at RFD Washington

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    This selection is a little prejudiced due to fantastic personal experience. Regardless, RFD Washington isn't a poor choice.

    RFD has plenty of televisions and the atmosphere will match the intensity of any sporting event.

    Yet, the real strength of the place is the ability to buy mini kegs for a decent price. Not only do you save money and get to sample solid food, the ability to not wait for a drink is too good to pass up.

    And if you want to be picky, they have a ridiculous selection of beers from all over the world.

Green Bay Packers Fans Can Head over to the Stadium View

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    The entire town supports the Green Bay Packers so you could walk into any building and find a decent place to watch the game.

    That shouldn't stop you from checking out the Stadium View Bar & Grille. As the name implies, they are located just outside famed Lambeau Stadium.

    Forbes has named it the best sports bar in the country for two consecutive years. The 30 TVs inside will ensure that you don't miss a second of the action.

    If you're the type who likes to begin tailgating the evening before, the Sunday specials offers Bloody Marys to aid you in your recovery.

New York City Has Something for Everyone

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    New York City is an international symbol for immigration.

    In keeping with the theme, Lady Liberty welcomes fans from every corner of the country.

    As this NFL fan's guide attests, there's a good place for every fanbase. Well, except for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    The locals only have to don their green or blue and walk around the corner to find their spot. The selections range from swank hideouts to bustling dives.

There Are a Few Options but Head to the Pearl Street Brewery in Downtown Buffalo

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    Buffalo Bills fans have to be tough to endure December games. Unfortunately, they've needed a good beer to handle the lack of January games lately.

    The Pearl Street Brewery has the fans covered.

    Their downtown location gives the heart of the city a place to watch the Bills play. The in-house brewery provides the libations to drown out the losses.

    Or perhaps, to toast to new success.

The Minnesota Vikings Fans Keep Bunny's Bar & Grill Rocking

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    Bunny's Bar and Grill may not have a Minnesota Vikings logo incorporated into their own. Yet, the biggest draw is that this bar explodes with purple every Sunday.

    Perhaps they just don't have to try that hard.

    The beer selection is great, but has a saving grace by offering Fat Tire. Plus, Bunny's offers a fine breakfast to get the fans prepared for kickoff.

Jacksonville Jaguars Fans May as Well Drink at Sneakers

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    Justin Blackmon has a reason to be worried. Not only will Blaine Gabbert be throwing him the ball, but Jacksonville Jaguars fans are a rare breed.

    That isn't meant to suggest that they are unique. They're just scarce.

    Thus, Sneakers Sports Grille makes no bones about catering to a wide crowd. Their website even features a NFL news ticker.

The Atlanta Falcons Have Some Fans but Hit Up STATS

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    STATS is all about convenience and luxury. Much like RFD Washington, you'll never have to wait for a beer.

    There are taps at the tables.

    Read that again.

    In addition, there are 70 TVs throughout what can only be termed as a facility.

    Additionally, the place is renowned for bringing in a large female crowd.

Tom's NFL Sports Bar & Grill Wins in Miami

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    Let's be honest, there's plenty of other things to do and see in Miami.

    Especially with what the Miami Dolphins have been serving up for the last decade. Ever since Dan Marino packed up his footballs, who wouldn't rather hit the beach?

    However, Tom's NFL Sports Bar & Grill can satisfy any football junkie's needs with plasma TVs and over 75 different beers.

Tampa Bay Fans Blend into the Crowd at Walter's Press Box

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    Fans of opposing teams aren't scared to let their colors fly in Tampa Bay. The poor Buccaneers fans may have spirit, but they lack numbers.

    Many of the bars in the local area are filled with fans of opposing teams. Washington Redskins fans invade Elmer's and Pittsburgh Steelers followers take over the local Beef O'Brady's.

    Everyone else heads to the Walter's Press Box to see every game on NFL Sunday Ticket.

Houston Texans Fans Hope for Good Karma at Lucky's Pub

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    Lucky's Pub is the place for the Houston Texans crowd for one simple reason: a 21-foot TV.

    Yes, 21 feet.

    As if that weren't enough, it's located in downtown Houston, has a great beer selection and provides drinking games for off days.

    Again, a 21-foot TV to go along with 50 others.

    Game. Set. Match.

Boston Goes Old School with the Four's

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    The New England Patriots fans keep it old school with The Four's.

    The owners jumped on the burgeoning sports scene in 1976 and ingrained themselves into the fabric of Boston sports lore.

    The bar boasts a sleek feel and, of course, Sam Adams on tap.

Detroit Crosses Sporting Lines with Hockeytown

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    Hockeytown Cafe is a staple of downtown Detroit.

    There are older bars, but Hockeytown provides the distraction of a successful sports franchise.

    Although the Detroit Lions are the kings of their city, the bar named for the local hockey franchise provides a great atmosphere for football games.

    The downtown location has a patio that overlooks the home of the Detroit Tigers to round out the sporting experience.

San Diego Tosses Them Back at McGregor's

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    If you can get yourself away from the beautiful San Diego weather, find a seat at McGregor's Grill and Ale House for your NFL needs.

    McGregor's knows how to cater to the wide range of fans present in the destination city: NFL Sunday Ticket.

    To those unaware because the sun has bleached their brain, you can catch every team while enjoying a stellar selection of beer.

Mother's Sports the Purple Proudly for the Baltimore Ravens

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    The Baltimore Ravens arrived in 1998 to great fanfare and Mother's Federal Hill Grille led the charge.

    The owner is such a dedicated fan that he created the famous "Purple Porch" for pre- and post-game tailgating. In fact, the radio wrap-up show is shot on location.

    Mother's isn't just for those headed to the game. Once those unlucky non-ticket holders file in from the parking lot, there are 20 TVs ready to give the Ravens fans their fill.

San Francisco 49ers Fans Congregate at the Kezar Pub

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    The San Francisco 49ers are a team built on tradition. They have been winning championships since the 1980s.

    The Kezar Pub is no different. In fact, the name is derived from the former home of the 49ers.

    Much like the current rendition of the football team, the Kezar Bar put forth a great effort in 2011 and was rewarded with a "Best in the Bay" distinction.

Check out Cotter Brown's Tavern in New Orleans

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    New Orleans is home to many great drinking establishments.

    When you want to take in a New Orleans Saints game though, head to Cooter Brown's Tavern.

    Like many other bars featured on this list, Cooter's boasts a selection as the best place in the city to watch sports.

    In addition, they have the history as they been serving up oysters for over 40 years.

Keep It Close to Heinz Field

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers fans are a nation of tailgaters.

    So what better way to enjoy game day than tailgating before hitting the pub?

    There isn't a town in the country that doesn't have a Steelers bar. Therefore, enjoy the parking-lot festivities and then head to Clark Bar & Grill.

Catch a Game at Sam's All-American Sports Grill

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    Nashville has a great ability to blend food, football and booze. Sam's All-American Sports Grill will certainly enhance any game-day experience.

    Maxim has recognized the spot as one of the best bars in the country for such matters. In addition, the people of Nashville have ranked Sam's No. 1 in the area for the last 10 years!

    The TVs will keep you updated on the latest action. The impressive beer list, including Newcastle on tap, might hinder your ability to recall said action.

Dallas Cowboys Fans Can Fight the Crowd at Christie's

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    Dallas is home to many different sports bars, but you can't go wrong heading to Christie's Sports Bar.

    The food has everything you could want for a football game as they serve everything from wings to a chocolate layer cake.

    There is no shortage of TVs on which to view the Dallas Cowboys, or any other team for that matter.

If an Oakland Raiders Fan Can Get a Little South, Check out Killarney's

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    Killarney's Pub & Grill may not exactly be in Oakland, but it's close enough.

    Alright, not that close, but follow the logic.

    The place bleeds silver and black. The Raiders logo is the centerpiece of the decor.

    Lastly, you can never be sure what city the Raiders will be based out of anyways, so you might as well enjoy all that Killarney's has to offer.

Seattle Seahawks Fans Are at Home at the Hawks Nest

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    The Hawks Next Bar & Grill is adamant that it is the best place to take in a Seattle Seahawks game. Who are we to steal that honor from them?

    Besides, the drink menu doesn't fool around.

    They have the Bloody Marys and breakfast on special every Sunday to help you get over the hump from the prior night. Then feel free to switch over to a Rodeo (PBR and a shot of Jack) to warm up the vocal cords.

Carolina Panthers Fans Know to Go to Hickory Tavern

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    Charlotte loves NASCAR, the Carolina Panthers and college football. So if you need to take in a Panthers game, head to Hickory Tavern.

    The people at this particular place are so sports-crazy, that they even allow the disgraceful Charlotte Bobcats logo to be viewed on their website.

    When you can support the worst professional sports franchise in America, you've earned the right to be considered a top sports bar.

Murphy's Pub Gives Cincinnati Bengals Fans a Proper Bar

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    If you're a Cincinnati Bengals fan who still lives within the city limits, you need to get down to Murphy's Pub.

    The doors have been open since 1969 and the place has that distinctly old-school, Midwestern bar feel.

    Most importantly, as one fan points out, they have "[c]old Beer. No Steelers fans. Cold Beer. No Browns fans. Cold Beer."


The Winking Lizard Tavern Is the Spot

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    Notice that the picture isn't of cheerleaders or Cleveland Browns fans.

    That's because Trent Richardson is a sign of hope in the desolate landscape of Browns football. The people should be reminded of such uplifting thoughts often.

    However, they can also lift spirits at the Winking Lizard Tavern on game days.

    The place sits right in between the football and baseball stadiums so it is perfect for staying in the action if you can't make it to the game.

     And if the Browns keeps losing, the insanely large beer list will at least comfort the collective sorrows.

Da Bears Should Be Viewed at Glasscott's

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    Chicago evokes an image of a tough and veteran city.

    Glasscott's perfectly embodies the old-school feeling that the Chicago Bears fans embrace.

    The place has all the proper modern amenities to enjoy the game, but keeps it so traditional that they don't even worry about a website.

    The locals believe in a tried and true tradition of taking a shot every time the Bears score. Nothing more is required of a sports bar.

    Glasscott's wins.

McGillin's Olde Ale House Is the Spot

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    Philadelphia is a town of sports lunatics. They don't screw around when it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles either.

    So if you're going to take in the action, head to McGillin's Olde Ale House. They have been in the suds-slinging game since 1860.

    The tradition of McGillin's is cool enough on its own, but there is plenty more for Eagles fans. You can buy a $5 mug and receive $1 refills during the games!

    If beer isn't your thing, don't worry. McGillin's has you covered with their Iggletini.

    Any place that has been open for over a century and a half must be doing something right.

The Sports Column Does It Right in Denver

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    The Denver Broncos faithful have a new messiah in Peyton Manning, but they will continue to head to the same church on game days.

    Welcome to the Sports Column.

    This place caters to all sports. However, their specials are obviously geared towards the NFL fan as they have a build your own Bloody Mary Bar and bottomless Mimosas until 2 p.m. every Sunday.

    Not to mention, all you can eat wings on Monday Night. Considering Peyton is in town, Monday Night Football will be a regular thing for the Broncos now.

Kansas City Knows to Go to the 810 Zone

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    The 810 Zone is owned by the local sports radio station so they understand what the fans want.

    The bar contains 76 TVs spread out over 7,000 square feet. Thus, fans can run wild during celebrations or find a lonely spot to handle a tough loss.

    Often times, local players will make appearances, but that won't help you during the games.

    This place is so dedicated that they even threw a draft party!

    As a footnote, feel free to check out Chappell's Sports Bar and Grill as well. The bar has been around forever and has collected some pretty cool sports memorabilia over the years.

The St. Louis Sports Zone Is Self-Explanatory

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    The St. Louis Sports Zone has everything.

    From a patio to over 60 TVs, they have you covered. And if you're worried that your eyesight might hold you back, they have five 105" high definition projector screens to accommodate you.

    The list of accolades that the bar has received is extensive. Therefore, St. Louis Rams fans shouldn't have any issues with heading down to the Sports Zone.


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