Philadelphia 76ers: Predicting 3 Bold Offseason Moves for Sixers to Contend

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IMay 2, 2012

Philadelphia 76ers: Predicting 3 Bold Offseason Moves for Sixers to Contend

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    The Philadelphia 76ers are a young team with potential, but crucial moves need to be made to bring the team over the top. 

    No one is denying it either. This offseason will be a vital one for them. It could set the stage for prosperity in the future or leave them stuck in the stage of mediocrity if they do not react the right way.

    True, the Sixers are in the playoffs and perhaps it is best to focus on now. However, this team is built for the future and that must be the point of focus.

Use the Amnesty Clause on Elton Brand

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    As valuable as Elton Brand is, this must be done for the sake of the future.

    This would be the first thing they would do since it would make space for the rest of the things they would need to get done.

    Under the amnesty clause presented in the new CBA agreement, teams may only use it once over the 10-year span. The Sixers still have not used theirs yet, and it seems like they are waiting to use it on Brand.

    If the Sixers weren't saving it for someone, then they would have used it on Andres Nocioni rather than buying out his contract. It's clear the Sixers want to use Brand as much as they can until he really starts to slow down and becomes a waste of cap space. 

    With his hefty contract out of the way, the Sixers would have room to make a lot of things happen that could potentially be franchise-changing.

    After this season, I say they cut ties with the veteran big man for the sake of the franchise's youth and future.

Sign Ersan Ilyasova

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    He's not the flashiest or most popular name, but Ersan Ilyasova could be a very productive player down low, and is definitely a player the front office should at least be taking a look at in free agency.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Ilyasova, he averages 13 points and nearly nine rebounds per game. In fact, he was one of two players in the top-20 leaderboard of rebounders who received less than 30 minutes per game.

    He is only 24 and had 20 double-doubles this season. This kid has potential to be a legit player.

    Depending on how the Sixers go about free agency and what they are looking for in trades, Ilyasova could be a great option to explore.

Trade Andre Iguodala

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    I'm not one to criticize Andre Iguodala for everything, but instead believe he is a very good player. However, the Sixers must and most likely will trade him.

    The attempt to have Iguodala and Evan Turner coexist has been proven unsuccessful. When Iguodala's in the game, the offense runs through him and Turner does not see the ball as often as he should.

    Determining what the Sixers would get for Iguodala is hard to tell because we still aren't really sure what direction they want to take. They could trade for a big man or they could shoot for a superstar scorer somehow. We really can't tell and won't know for sure until something actually happens.

Bottom Line: Do Something

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    If there's one thing that the Sixers can take away from this season, it is that they must make changes. What they have now is proven not sufficient enough to make a run for a title.

    The Sixers' outlook on things is nothing but vague, especially since there are a lot of options to consider. However, it is important that they trade Iguodala and amnesty Brand. 

    Basically, get stuff done.

    It's hard to expect from such a shaky front office, but it's what they must do to give the Sixers hope for another run that the city of Philadelphia has been waiting to see for a long time.