Paulina Gretzky Pics: The Great One's Daughter at Vegas and More

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIApril 30, 2012

Paulina Gretzky Pics: The Great One's Daughter at Vegas and More

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    Wayne Gretzky cemented an untouchable, historic legacy in the NHL. And his daughter seems to be building quite the legacy for herself as well...but in a slightly different fashion.

    She's never been shy about allowing her racy Kodak moments to travel the Internet, but Paulina Gretzky's recent collection seems to be bordering on insanity.

    Some may see it as greatness, others as madness. We at Swagger aren't here to judge, just to observe.

    So let's sit back and observe the entire collection of pics the Gretzky daughter has compiled, including the most recent thanks to the bros over at

    Pop that window open, it could get steamy in here.

20. What Happens in Vegas...

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    Following Paulina's "sit down dinner" with her dad regarding social media usage, we were ready to say goodbye to her bad-girl ways.

    But apparently, Instagram wasn't part of the deal, and the Gretzky daughter is taking full advantage.

19. Another Day at the Office

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    You know what's great about being a legend's daughter?

    That's right, getting to play in the Ford Wayne Gretzky Classic. 

    Any kid's dream.

18. Chillin' Like a Villain

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    Routinely, it's best to keep the Vegas partying in Vegas, but Paulina doesn't seem to have any filter as to what's appropriate for the common audience.

    On second thought, she's pretty smart about it.

17. Like Father, Like Daughter

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    Just like the old days, when daddy was ruling the rink and daughter was acting innocent.

    No more secrets between these two.

16. Peace Up, a-Town Down

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    We weren't quite sure how swaggerous she was at first, but with the cool posse Paulina seems to be hanging out with, there's no doubt she's developing into a sturdy professional.

    Classy, as always.

15. Genetically Gifted

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    Just like her father, Paulina Gretzky seems to be enjoying a throne of sorts.

    But her ammunition consists solely of risque pics and sexy tweets, while her father was known for putting pucks in a net better than all.

14. It's About to Be a What?

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    A girl fight or an exotic approach to a good time, we're not really sure.

    Either way, Paulina doesn't seem to be holding anything back.

13. Expanding the Resume

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    She's really giving us all the angles here.

    Let it be known this was allegedly Paulina's first escape from the Twitter shutdown.

    Her first comeback, all in style.

12. Anger Management

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    Papa Gretzky can't possibly be pleased.

    You think he rockets pucks at passing cars to relieve stress? Yeah, probably.

11. The Natural

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    As she contemplates her next publicity stunt, Paulina Gretzky is undoubtedly reminiscing about an honorable childhood.

    The daughter of the great Wayne Gretzky now seems determined to overshadow her prestigious father.

10. Can You Hear Me Now?

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    So you also see something logged right in the gap area?

    Perhaps she's promoting for a cell phone company like Larissa Riquelme.

9. Disobeying Daddy

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    Ah, that threatening head turn, a sign of things to come.

    But we can't possibly blame her for eagerly wanting a good time.

    Let the girl party.

8. How I Met Your Mother

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    As a pop singer and model, it's easy to see why Paulina Gretzky flaunts her beauty around the worldwide web.

    But seriously, can they stop bro-ing out so hard?

7. A Pleasant Past

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    Eerily reminiscent of Mandy Moore in A Walk to Remember in this shot, Paulina Gretzky almost seems like a good girl.

    But after witnessing her collection of Instagrams, we know better.

6. Daddy Day Care

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    Daddy clearly has more important things to worry about than halting his daughter's social media tendencies.

    She can't possibly be stopped.

5. Heading for Greatness

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    The Twitter world was in a frenzy, out of control and eager for more when they witnessed this madness last year.

    But with her new affinity for Instagram coming to fruition, it's only a matter of time before Paulina Gretzky truly becomes a legend.

4. A New Perspective

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    As the eldest of of Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones' five children, it's easy to see why Paulina continues to dominate the screen, and the tabloids.

    It's all about the attention.

3. Multi-Talented

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    It seems there truly are three sides to every story.

    Blonde, brunette and ginger. We've seen it all.

2. The Great One

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    OK, so this was taken several years earlier, but it shows fans that she does in fact have somewhat of a classy side.

    Only when she wants to.

1. Loving the Attention

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    As she looks to the clouds for inspiration, or possibly advice, Paulina Gretzky looks back on quite the illustrious childhood.

    She's yet to avoid the flashing lights and eager paparazzi, although she doesn't seem to be fighting them quite too hard.