WWE Breaking News: Beth Phoenix Injured During Raw Title Match

Nathan Giese@@gieseflysouthSenior Analyst IIApril 24, 2012

photo via WWE.com
photo via WWE.com

For anybody that watched the three-hour special Raw Supershow tonight might have noticed that not only did we actually get a divas match this week after three straight of going without, but we also got a Diva's Championship match to boot.

Beth Phoenix defended her title against Nikki Bella. During the contest, Beth rolled to the outside looking to continue her punishment of Nikki. 

As she stepped onto the floor, her left leg gave a bit, causing Beth to continue the match in excruciating pain. Instead of call it quits, however, Beth told the referee that she could continue the match even though she was visibly shaken and heard screaming in pain numerous times before being rolled back into the ring by Brie Bella.

Upon seeing Beth being cleared to continue, Nikki rolled up Beth for the pin-fall victory to claim her first Diva's Championship (Brie held the belt last year).

After the match, Beth was surrounded by numerous medical personnel as she pointed out her injury and explained to the training staff what had happened.

According to this article on WWE.com, the injury is legitimate and not being used as a storyline. 

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While the article itself doesn't go into great detail about the injury, as it is the early stages of testing and and MRI will be conducting in the near future, it is a crushing blow to the WWE regardless of the severity of the injury.

Beth Phoenix is the lone legitimate diva left in the WWE and she has been used horribly over the past few months, losing to a TV star with broken ribs at WrestleMania and never being given air time on Monday nights. In fact, the match on Monday was set up from an incident that occurred over three weeks ago, with little merit besides one fluke match. 

If her injury is for the long term, the divas division is in huge trouble, just like it was last year when Brie was holding the belt. Now Nikki is holding it, so the pattern could repeat itself. Eve is off being a corporate hoeski for John Laurinitis, Natalya is used as the butt of jokes—pun intended—and Kelly Kelly hasn't been seen other than the occasional flash of her smile.

Even if the injury is for a short time, the result of the match in which Nikki holds the title has proven that the division is in trouble.

Of course, since the article is from WWE.com, there is a chance that it may be used as a smokescreen storyline, but that's up for you, the readers, to decide until more information is available.

More information on the injury will be published as it becomes available. We should all hope for Beth Phoenix to have a safe and speedy recovery.