Don't Let Go!: Top 5 Championship Trophy Mishaps

Danny Webster@@DannyWebster21Analyst IIIApril 17, 2012

Don't Let Go!: Top 5 Championship Trophy Mishaps

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    It's become a tradition unlike any other as of late. No, I'm not talking about the Masters or the Stanley Cup Playoffs, or even any Hall of Fame ceremony.

    I'm talking about destroying championship trophies.

    You can add Alabama to the list of teams whose championship trophy has recently been damaged, thanks to a scenario that only we could find hilarious at the current time. If you haven't read the earth-"shattering" story, you can read it here.

    For some reason, whenever there's a trophy around nowadays, players—or fans, as was the case with Alabama's unfortunate mishap—seem to have a personal vendetta against the trophies that teams worked so hard for. Ranging from Stanley Cups to World Cups and now to college football national championship trophies, this epidemic has gotten out of control.

    Let's take a look at some of the greatest trophy-mishandling moments of all time.

Burn Baby, Burn!: 1962 Toronto Maple Leafs

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    Believe it or not, the unfortunate problems regarding the misuse of trophies date back to before most of us were even born.

    Back in 1962, the Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Chicago Blackhawks in six games to win their seventh Stanley Cup in franchise history.

    The '62 Leafs were a stacked team, with guys like Frank Mahovlich, Red Kelly and a great goalie duo of Don Simmons and Johnny Bower.

    But they probably aren't listed as the smartest team ever.

    During a party after the Leafs won the Cup, Lord Stanley's prize was dropped in a bonfire and badly damaged to the point that the team had to pay for all repairing expenses. While no one knows exactly how much those damages cost, we can only imagine that someone had to have hit the Megabucks to get it fixed.

    But not to fear. Toronto won the Stanley Cup again the next year. From what we know, the Maple Leafs kept it away from anything that looked like a flame.

Laying It All on the Table: 2006 Florida Gators Championship Trophy

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    Now you can call this one either hilarious or just plain stupid.

    Let me paint the scene for you: In 2008, the 2006 national championship trophy was sitting on a coffee table outside the office of former Florida head coach Urban Meyer. While said trophy was sitting on said table, construction was taking place for a new coach's office.

    I think you can figure out what happened next.

    The University of Florida then placed a call to a shop in Kentucky to get the base of the trophy made, then a call to Ireland to get the imported crystal.

    But again, that same year the Gators won another crystal football thanks to the play of Tim Tebow.

    Sorry to all the Tebow haters. I had to say it.

Timber: The Story of Michael Ryder and the Stanley Cup: 2011 Boston Bruins

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    "First dent of the day," said former Boston Bruin Michael Ryder as the Stanley Cup that represented last year's champion Boston Bruins tumbled to the floor.

    "First dent of the day," and that's probably why you're now playing for the Dallas Stars, Mr. Ryder.

    Obviously he didn't intentionally drop it. It's not like he held it high over his head and paraded around Boston and eventually tripped over Benjamin Franklin's statue with it firmly gripped in his hands.

    Because, really, that would make this all the more hilarious, wouldn't it?

    But he's the one who placed it on the little table, and he was the last to touch it before it fell to its demise. Now he's playing for my Dallas Stars. Oy vey.

    Well, at least he prevented it from getting run over by a bus.

Now We Know Why Only the Goalie Uses His Hands: Real Madrid and the Spanish Cup

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    In Sergio Ramos' defense, there was a barrage of smoke coming his way. Perhaps his blindness and agony made him drop the Spanish Cup in 2011 after Real Madrid won 1-0 over Barcelona.

    Or maybe it's because we finally know why no one on the soccer pitch, except the goalie, should ever use his hands for anything.

    The thing that's absolutely hysterical about this whole thing is that even after the trophy is dropped and everyone who's watching it on TV is probably laughing, the fans are still cheering the team!

    How devoted of a fan must you be to celebrate your championship-winning team that now has a run-over trophy with a gigantic tire skid across it?

    Those people are insane! But completely devoted to their team.

Heads Up!: Maria Sharapova and the 2006 US Open Trophy

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    It's always the beautiful women that have some of the funniest things happen to them in the most intriguing of moments.

    While I was going to try to keep this in chronological order, this had to be the one to close out this rather interesting gathering of trophy mishaps.

    Maria Sharapova loved winning the US Open so badly in 2006 that upon shaking the trophy over her head, the lid of the trophy actually came off and hit her on the head.

    The fact that this actually happened during the trophy presentation makes this more priceless than one can imagine.

    I'm sure I missed a few trophy mishaps along the way, so which ones did I fail to mention? Leave your favorite trophy mishaps in the comments section.