Stone Cold! Stone Cold! A Prediction

Nate MCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2009

Coming into 2009, Stone Cold Steve Austin is being inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame (HOF). The man born Steve Anderson, then Stunning Steve Williams, then the name we all know and love, or love to hate Stone Cold Steve Austin, is healthy enough to wrestle, however chooses not to.

Apparently Ol’ Stone Cold made some wise investments and saved his money. This is from several interviews done after the release of “the Condemned” movie, which was the first of his three contracted movies for WWE Films.

With all of this said, wait, I forgot one thing, though this writer thinks there were really some knee problems, but in the several interviews I have read, that his knee braces were for show as a “uniform” as the Bionic Redneck, then for real medical purposes. His own prediction is he could do 2 more years of all out performing.

We all know the future of wrestling events is mainly speculation, and the rumors are rampant that since he is going into the WWE Hall of Fame, he will be involved in a match at WrestleMania, which usually proves true since the WWE attached the HOF ceremonies to WrestleMania.

With the fact that Randy Orton has punted Mr. McMahon in the head, possibly giving McMahon a true life concussion and some boot lace cuts, the rumor is, with teaming up with Stephanie McMahon, becoming “face”, Stone Cold may come back as Mr. McMahon’s personal pick to exact his revenge. This could be proved to be true, and also carries on the WWE’s predictability, with a surprise element.

All that said, earlier I said “investments” as far as Stone Cold’s money situation goes. People, think about it, Shawn Michaels, indentured to JBL because investments going south, why not Ol’ Stone Cold coming back for some time and earning a paycheck?

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In three interviews I have seen, and I hate I cannot recall the websites, or I would link them or actually acknowledge them, but he has stated numerous times that he IS healthy enough to compete, and would, however, since he has reached the Top in Wrestling, what would it accomplish? How would he feel himself after it? He has stated he wants to live out his remaining years pain free, maybe do some fishing and hunting shows, on top of his acting in movies.

What does all of this mean? Stone Cold is coming back. Even if he does sporadic appearances and matches. At WrestleMania, expect him to be in a match, probably not against Randy Orton, unless Orton wins the Royal Rumble, and takes his championship shot at another event other than Mania, then you can figure in a Fued for McMahon with Stone Cold being his “special enforcer” against “The Champ” Randy Orton. Expect Austin to win said match if it is made, if not, he will hurt Orton and get DQ’ed.

With the hype and wanting someone from the Attitude era come back, despite some people thinking he is getting old, he’s still “The Rattlesnake”, “The Bionic Redneck”, simply, he is Stone Cold Steve Austin, and that’s the Bottom Line, Cause Stone Cold Said SO!

And don’t forget Austin 3:16

Austin 3:16 says I just Whipped Your Ass!


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