Bobby Petrino: Phone Records Reveal Another Possible Mistress

Nick Nafpliotis@@NickNafster79Correspondent IApril 12, 2012

Barry Petchesky of Deadspin is reporting that Bobby Petrino's phone records (which were released because it was a school-issued cell phone) show that over a two-month period, he exchanged over 200 text messages with a woman named Alison Melder.

Melder's LinkedIn profile lists her as senate assistant with the Republican Party of Arkansas. She also has a modeling profile (created four years ago) with her in various bikini and lingerie images, and she had various pictures of her posted on TheDirty.com.  I'll wait right here until you get back...

What makes this correspondence between the two even more interesting is that seven picture messages were sent, all from Melder to Petrino.

This brings up a couple of very interesting questions:

1. Did Bobby Petrino have another mistress during his time at Arkansas?

2. Why the heck was he using was he using a school-issued phone?

It's bad enough that he cheated on his wife, hurt his family, lied to his boss and betrayed the incredible fanbase that is Razorback nation.  But seriously, for a guy that is so smart about X's and O's, how can he be so dumb to communicate in an illicit affair (and now possibly two affairs) on a phone issued by a state school?

Add this in to rumors that Petrino may have sent nude photos of himself to Dorrell, and this story just keeps going many levels beyond absurd.


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