Real Madrid: Top 10 Candidates to Replace Jose Mourinho If He Goes This Summer

Dusan LucicCorrespondent IIApril 11, 2012

Real Madrid: Top 10 Candidates to Replace Jose Mourinho If He Goes This Summer

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    The pressure is piling up on Jose Mourinho.

    Barcelona is only a point behind Real Madrid in the league standings, but Los Blancos have a game in hand. Unfortunately for them, that game is the Madrid derby with Atletico.

    Will Mourinho prove his critics wrong and win the La Liga trophy? Or will he fail miserably just like the others in recent years?

    Only time will tell.

    Here are 10 candidates who could replace Mourinho if he leaves Madrid this summer.

Louis Van Gaal

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    Louis Van Gaal promotes attacking football, but his players usually need some time before adopting his tactics.

    His most remarkable accomplishment is the Champions League glory with Ajax.

    In 2009/10 season, Van Gaal lost the Champions League finals to Mourinho, who led Inter to their first ever triple that year.

    The Dutch tactician is the former manager of Barcelona which makes him an unlikely candidate for the job in Madrid.

    The Dutchman is a great tactician, but I am not sure whether Real Madrid need another impulsive, temperamental man in charge once Mourinho leaves.

    Van Gaal is currently unemployed.

    Probability: 6/10

Andre Villas-Boas

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    In just one season with Porto, Andre Villas-Boas managed to win four trophies and subsequently moved to Chelsea in a record-breaking €15 million deal.

    He also became the youngest manager to win a European club title in the history of football, when he won the Europa League trophy at the age of 33.

    The Portuguese is one of the rare tacticians who have no experience as a football player.

    However, Real Madrid don't need an inexperienced manager, which makes his move highly unlikely.

    Probability: 5/10

Jurgen Klopp

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    When Jurgen Klopp arrived in Dortmund, he completely rebuilt their squad investing and relying on the youth. 

    The results soon followed.

    Borussia Dortmund won their first Bundesliga title since 2002, and are now looking like the favorites to retain it.

    Only 44 years old, he is both experienced and young for a manager which makes him ideal for Los Blancos.

    The current Borussia Dortmund manager will be hard to sign, but he remains one of the favorites to succeed Mourinho in Madrid.

    Probability: 8/10

Joachim Low

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    Although Low has virtually no experience at the top-club level, his contributions to the German national team make him one of the best active managers in the game.

    While under Low, Germany finished third in the 2010 World Cup with the second-youngest team in the tournament.

    He also led his team to the final of Euro 2008, but lost 1-0 to Spain.

    A couple of weeks ago in an interview, Low said he would want to manage a club some time in the future.

    Joachim Low is probably the most likely candidate for the Real Madrid job.

    Probability: 9/10

Roberto Mancini

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    Roberto Mancini enjoyed huge success with Inter, winning three consecutive Serie A titles before being surprisingly sacked by the club.

    The Italian is currently managing Manchester City, but don't expect him to last very long in Manchester.

    Being relatively young for a manager and experienced, Mancini could be the solution to Madrid's managerial problems.

    If, or better said when, City fail to win the league, Mancini will probably become a free agent.

    Probability: 8/10

Massimiliano Allegri

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    Another relatively inexperienced manager on the list and yet another promoter of attacking football.

    Last year he led AC Milan to their first Serie A title since 2004. 

    Aside his tenure with Milan, he didn't manage any other top club.

    That could be a problem.

    Probability: 5/10

Marcelo Bielsa

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    The current Athletic Bilbao manager is nicknamed Loco Bielsa. I believe that needs no translation. 

    A firm believer of total football, his teams usually play in a Barcelona-esque style of football.

    He managed Argentina and Chile national teams with various levels of success.

    Similar to Mourinho, Bilesa is well known for his outbursts on the sidelines.

    Marcelo Bielsa is widely regarded as one of the most innovative football managers in world. 

    Bilbao will probably refuse to sell him, but if they fail to keep their star players, Bielsa could be on the move.

    Probability: 8/10

Carlo Ancelotti

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    I believe Carlo Ancelotti needs no introduction.

    The Italian is one of only six men to have won the European Cup as a player and manager.

    While managing Milan, he won two Champions League titles in 2003 and 2007, which makes him one of the most coveted managers in the world.

    He was recently snapped up by Paris Saint-Germain, so his move seems unlikely.

    Probability: 7/10

Unai Emery

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    I have to say Unai Emery is one of my favourite coaches.

    Despite Valencia's tough financial situation, he still manages to lead them with relative success.

    Emery is one of the main reasons why Valencia are now considered the third-best club in Spain, right after the El Clasico rivals.

    He is still young, but he has already proven he knows how to win in La Liga.

    Don't be surprised if he becomes the next Real Madrid manager.

    Probability: 8/10

Jupp Heynckes

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    As you probably know, Heynckes has already managed Real Madrid in the past. 

    Despite winning the first Champions League trophy after a 32-year wait for Real Madrid, he was sacked at the end of the season. The lack of domestic success proved to be more important.

    Having managed nine different clubs, Heynckes is one of the most experienced managers in the world.

    However, he became the Bayern Munich manager just last year.

    Probability: 7/10


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    Those were the 10 candidates who could succeed Mourinho at the managerial post in Madrid.

    Who do you think should replace Mourinho if he leaves Madrid this summer? 

    Which one of these 10 candidates would you want in Real Madrid?

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