Ranking the 10 Best Logos in Professional Sports

Baily Deeter@@deetersportsSenior Writer IIIApril 6, 2012

Ranking the 10 Best Logos in Professional Sports

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    Some sports logos make you want to puke and others make you ooh and ah.

    Logos are proudly sported by pros on their uniforms as they take the field, the court, or the ice trying to guide their team to victory. Fans wear replicas of the jerseys, and every now and then, they sneak a peek down at their uni just to see the design of the logo.

    If the logo is good, that is.

    In my opinion, all ten of these logos you're about to see are good. Everyone has opinions on what type of logos they like, so I'm pretty sure at least one of the logos on my countdown you won't like. Feel free to share your opinions.

    With that said, let's show you the ten best logos in professional sports.

10. Philadelphia Eagles

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    I don't know why, but I love logos with animals on them. The Philadelphia Eagles logo is included.

    The logo on the shoulder of the uniform doesn't show a full eagle, but the wings on the helmet compliment the angry eagle on the shoulder. Together, the product is an angry eagle with wings.

    That angry eagle is awesome.

    Maybe in the 2012 NFL season, the angry eagle will swoop in and steal the Lombardi trophy.

9. Pittsburgh Pirates

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    The logo on the Pirates' cap isn't what made me put Pittsburgh at No. 9 for this list. It's the pirate on the shoulder plus the background that I'll describe.

    I'm talking about the pirate with a handkerchief, two bones crossing each other and the word "Pirates" in big, capital yellow letters. That logo landed this spot on my list.

    The pirate strikes fear into the opponent, the crossbones represent a pirate flag, and the letters on the top symbolize the team. The color combination of yellow, red, white and black is superb, and this logo is certainly one you're proud to look at as a Pirates fan.

    Too bad the logo hasn't seen any playoff baseball yet (it's only been around since 1997).

8. Baltimore Ravens

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    Nothing too extraordinary here, just a simple raven.

    However, when you mix that simple raven with strides of purple, yellow, black and white, plus that Baltimore "B", you have the eighth-best logo on my list.

    The outline is also cool, with the zig-zag style on the bottom of the raven and the straight outline on the top. From every angle, this logo is good in my opinion.

    Like I said, I love animal logos, and the Ravens logo is an animal logo. They didn't try too hard, but everything worked out just fine. This raven sees a lot of extra football, as Baltimore has made the playoffs in each of the past four seasons.

    Maybe the raven deserves a championship?

7. Baltimore Orioles

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    This old logo seen on the flag was cool, but it was time for a change in Baltimore. Maybe this will lead Baltimore to the playoffs?

    Baltimore opted for a friendlier look, switching to the black and orange "happy" bird. I don't know why, but I just love this new logo.

    The orange beak is great, the black face is nice, and the orange outline is a great compliment. This logo won't be scaring people, but maybe knowing the oriole is happy, the players will play better.

    Alright, that was just a wacky thought. But I like this logo, and who knows, it could spark something special in Baltimore.

6. Nashville Predators

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    There's nothing to not like about this logo.

    The angry predator with fangs barred might make opponents skating up towards this uniform want to drop down and curl into a ball. If they take a closer look, though, they'll see the true awesomeness of this logo.

    The strides of blue extending from the outline and the stride of yellow streaking across the middle compliment the "predator" nicely. 

    We'll be seeing more of the predator as the hockey playoffs draw closer. 

5. San Jose Sharks

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    I might be being a little biased, because the Sharks are my favorite hockey team, but this is a cool logo.

    The color choice is amazing, with the turquoise streak headlining the logo. The change from black in the back of the shark and the two fins to green in the front and the mouth is great, and biting down on a hockey stick definitely isn't a bad feature.

    The outline isn't great, but overall, I'd give this logo 9 of 10 stars. The color change on the shark gets an A+ in my book, and the bent hockey stick is also a nice feature.

    We'll be seeing the shark some more in the playoffs.

4. Toronto Blue Jays

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    Doesn't that new logo look so much cooler?

    From the moment I saw this change, I loved it. I don't know why, but my eyes stayed fixed on the blue jay. I like the addition of the red Canadian maple leaf, because of the color and symbolization.

    I love the change from navy blue on the bottom of the bird (and the outline) to a lighter blue at the top of the birds head. The blue fills in the top of the head very nicely, as does the white on the bottom.

    On the main logo, there's a red baseball, letters that say "Toronto Blue Jays" and a nice blue double-outline. There are so many features to the logo, and they all compliment the other features very well.

    We'll be seeing a lot of the blue jay in 2012.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves

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    Sorry, I couldn't find any close-up pictures of the T-Wolves logo. But I'll describe it to you.

    The only NBA logo to make my list definitely saved the league. I like just about everything about the Timberwolves logo, from the color choice to the trees in the background to the style of the letters.

    Zig-zags were incorporated into this logo as well, as you can see on the top and the side of the wolf's head. Starting from the right ear, the blue, black, and gray is a great color choice. The blue leads down into the nicely placed green trees, which leads you down to the letters "Minnesota Timberwolves."

    Oh, and don't forget the change from gray on the left side of the wolf's face to black on the right side.

    It was tough for me to rank the fifth-best through the tenth-best logos, but this one is by far the best on my list, so far. It has to be hard as a player to stop looking at the T-Wolves logo on the scoreboard (on the road) and play the game.

    I wonder if the wolf will spark a playoff run in Minnesota.

2. Carolina Panthers

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    If you thought this old logo was cool (which it was), then take a look at the new Panthers logo, if you haven't already.

    The awesome color combination of black and blue remains, but the new logo is a lot neater than the old one. The panther is mostly outlined in blue, again, but the black outline at the bottom is very sharp. 

    White is still used for the fangs, but the fangs stand out more when the whiskers are colored blue, which they are on the new logo. The strides of blue on the black part of the panther's face are also very nicely placed.

    When I first saw the new logo, I didn't notice any difference, but I liked the old one better. Now, after a close look, I realized how messy the old logo was and how much neater and well-organized the new logo is. Everything from the color combination to the outline to the blue whiskers is great about Carolina's logo.

    Which is why only one logo is better.

1. Miami Marlins

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    I haven't heard much good about the Marlins logo, but this is my favorite, hands down.

    The orange, the black, the light blue and the yellow are perfect for the "M," with a nice gray outline as well. If that awesome array of colors wasn't enough, there's more.

    Stretching up from the "M" is a marlin fish, composed of orange, gray and blue. There's no eyes or mouth, but you can tell it's a marlin because of the fin and the long, pointy nose.

    I would've put the Florida Marlins logo higher up in my countdown, because I liked that logo. But the Miami Marlins logo is two times better, and when you add that with a stacked team and a fancy new ballpark, things are looking good for the Marlins.

    Oh, and don't forget the awesome alternates. The road hat looks great, with the orange background and the blue fin and nose. From every angle, I love this logo. And I love all the alternates.

    Miami will make headlines this year with the team and the stadium. The logo's just along for the ride, but it should be getting a lot more credit. Because there's so much to love about it.