WWE: 10 DVD/Blu-Ray Sets That Should've Been Made by Now

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IApril 4, 2012

WWE: 10 DVD/Blu-Ray Sets That Should've Been Made by Now

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    The WWE has been releasing DVDs and Blu-rays for quite some time and wrestling fans line up in stores to purchase the newest releases when they hit the shelves.

    Over the years, the WWE have released some of the greatest DVD and Blu-ray sets featuring past and present superstars, WWE pay-per-views and documentaries.

    There are literally hundreds of DVD and Blu-ray sets in the WWE’s massive library, but there are some excerpts from that library that the company has not released yet.

    Wrestling fans have their opinions on what the WWE should put on DVD and Blu-ray. 

    Here, in no particular order are 10 DVD/Blu-ray sets that the WWE should have made by now.

Harley Race

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    For the older generation of wrestling fans that have seen the iconic Harley Race perform in the ring, a three-disc retrospective on his storied career would fly off of the shelves. 

    From his career in the NWA with Jim Crockett Promotions, to the time he spent in the WWE, Harley Race deserves to be chronicled.

    And not just for past fans, but for future generations that want to know more about this phenomenal superstar.

The Outsiders

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    Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, known to most wrestling fans as “The Outsiders,” were one of the most dominating tag teams in professional wrestling. 

    A three-disc set chronicling their rise to superstardom in WCW and how they were instrumental in shaping the most successful era in professional wrestling would be a great watch for wrestling fans.

The History of 'In Your House'

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    In the 1990s the WWE began airing a monthly pay-per-view special called “In Your House” to expand on their success as a global wrestling phenomenon, and to bring more excitement to wrestling fans' living rooms. 

    A three-disc set showcasing the greatest matches from this series of pay-per-views and a brief history of series would be a great addition to a wrestling fan’s collection. 

CM Punk

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    Over the past few years, CM Punk’s meteoric rise to superstardom in the WWE has been nothing short of spectacular. 

    A three-disc set showcasing Punk’s arrival in the WWE, his phenomenal matches in Ring of Honor and how he became one of the most controversial superstars in the WWE would be a fantastic watch for fans of Punk, and for fans of controversy.

Bruno Sammartino

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    When older-generation wrestling fans think of the WWE, Bruno Sammartino instantly comes to mind. 

    A three-disc retrospective of Sammartino’s iconic career in the WWE would be a must for any old-school wrestling fan. 

    A detailed biography and some of his greatest matches would be great to see in the crystal-clear quality of DVD and Blu-ray.

Andre the Giant

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    Although the WWE have already released a DVD about Andre the Giant, it only features a collection of his best matches in the WWE. 

    A three-disc set chronicling his life, how he broke into professional wrestling and the impact he left behind in the business after his death should be added to the outstanding matches as well.


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    With the induction of Yokozuna in the WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2012, a three-disc set commemorating his career and his accomplishments in the WWE would be a great tribute to this star of the squared circle. 

    His greatest matches and a detailed retrospective are a must for this DVD and Blu-ray set.

Paul Heyman

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    One of the most controversial and most talked about figures in professional wrestling, Paul Heyman took an upstart small time promotion called ECW, and made it a nationwide phenomena. 

    A three-disc set showcasing Heyman’s vision in ECW, as well as how he broke into the professional wrestling business would be a spectacular DVD, and a must for any wrestling fan who huddled around their TV sets to watch ECW.

Owen Hart

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    Even though the WWE is forbidden to speak of Owen Hart, due to his wife’s threat of a law suit to the company, a three-disc set of Hart’s legendary career is extremely overdue. 

    His greatest matches, a detailed retrospective on his career in the WWE and the “RAW is OWEN” special that aired the Monday following his tragic death would be a must for fans that miss Hart’s iconic presence in the ring.

The History of Stampede Wrestling

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    The late, great Stu Hart, father of Bret “The Hitman” Hart and the late Owen Hart, headed a successful promotion in Canada called “Stampede Wrestling.” 

    A three-disc chronicle of how he started Stampede Wrestling and some of its greatest matches would be a fitting tribute to the mark that Stu Hart left behind in the world of professional wrestling.