Buffalo Bills NFL Uniforms: Grading New Home 2012 Jerseys

Barbara Bruno@allprofootballContributor IIApril 3, 2012

Buffalo Bills NFL Uniforms: Grading New Home 2012 Jerseys

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    Here we are--Nike unveils 32 new jerseys in all their peacock-esque resplendence:

    Photo via Business Wire for Nike

    Darn! I need some shades! But, wait, on closer inspection, these new "outfits" look amazingly like the old version.

    Indeed (with the outrageously awesome exception of the new-look Seattle Seahawks), what's "new" in the new uniforms isn't how they look. It's how they are due to perform. Nike has launched a revolutionary new concept in football-form-follows-football-function. Can sports gear be revolutionary?

    Well, maybe. If this new designs delivers on half of its promises, we'll at least see some happy players. Whether they'll really be faster or cooler or more difficult to tackle remains to be seen.

    But the players who wore the prototypes were impressed. Buffalo's "new gear" ambassador was Safety George Wilson.

    Photo from Mr. Wilson's twitter page: (exposay.com and Claudio Umma/PR Photos)

    Do you know that George identifies himself as Bills Safety/Model/Actor? One look at those beautiful eyes and you know why. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the new uniforms.

    In general, Nike has made the new jerseys more body-hugging. Defensive linemen are thrilled.

    There is meshwork built into the designs from neck to toes for "optimal thermoregulation." Translation, they'll let the sweat evaporate.

    Nike has put in something that they call DEFLEX padding, which is a part of the uniform fabric itself.

    "Four-way stretch, hydrophobic materials enable range of motion wet or dry." Even the socks are a space-age combination of compression, cushioning, venting and heaven knows what else. Maybe there are the Wings of Mercury hidden in the heel. 

    Basically, these uniforms are engineered to be strong, flexible, all-weather—and, above all, light.

    Yeah, but how do they look?

Love the Glove!

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    Visually coolest new feature: The backs of the gloves are geometric with the Nike logo, but take a look at the palms!

    Tweeted by Mr. Wilson himself.

Nike's New NFL Uniform Pants: Safety Built In.

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    The best new safety feature of the 2012 football "trousers" is that lightweight padding is an integral part of the design. So there will be no more speedsters removing their thigh pads and then wondering why they keep getting quad bruises.

    Notice how I was too wellbred to mention the butt pad?


    Photo via Nike.com

Nike's NFL Jersey Introduces Flywire. Huh?

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    We may have seen the last of an offensive lineman "affectionately" tucking a QB's shoulder pads back into his jersey--just about the same time he is apologizing for missing that block. Nike's new Flywire fabric in the lower part of the collars is designed to stretch without slipping. Essentially, there is wire thread imbedded in the "V" part of the collar. But the threading has to be in the same fabric as the rest of the jersey, so no more all-white collars.

    Personally, I will wait for the first few sacks to see if this innovation actually works. I mean, how many people could they get to take NFL sacks for testing?

     Photo via Nike.com

No More Coloring Cleats?

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    Don't worry if you don't understand what Wilson tweeted:

    "No more coloring cleats, we have

    more flexibility with our shoes now and the gloves are amazing."

    Nobody else got it either - but he seemed very happy, so we're guessing it's a good thing.

    Hard to argue with the patriotic Bills' scheme here. At least when they go to Toronto, the Bills' will still be rockin' U.S.A!

Buffalo Bills New Uniforms: Nice Touch Details

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    Everyone needs a galloping bison on their hip:

    Or Super-Stretchy numbers...

    Or at the very least - colored shoulder circles!

Buffalo Bills New Uniforms: When at Home...

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    The better to see your wide receivers through the blizzard. Come on, you have to admit that the royal blue is much more, uh, eye-catching!

    All photos via Nike.com

Don't Like the New Look? Remember, It Could Always Be Worse.

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    Finally, here's some behind-the-scenes shots of George and the other, um, models? athletes? Is that like "student athlete?"

    Whatever it is, we can't wait to find out if the new duds perform in the super-cool, space-age, rockets-on-their-heels-as-they-play-in-ventilated-comfort way that they are advertised.

    First backstage photo from Michelle Beisner.  The second from the Bills official site.

    And finally we have Stevie Johnson...looking good!

    Photo of Mr. Johnson from Buffalo Bills on WhoSay 

    Overall Grades for the New Look:

    General Style: B It's not really much of a change, but the royal blue is much, much better.

    Function: Should be A+ with a bullet (if it all works).

    Uniform Design Details: A+ Love, Love, Love the Gloves!

    Buffalo Bills' photo: Check out @StevieJohnson13 in his new #Bills jersey by @Nike #BillsJustDoIt

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