50 Reasons Why College Football's Postseason Still Beats March Madness

Dan Vasta@CI_StatsGuruSenior Writer IIIMarch 19, 2012

50 Reasons Why College Football's Postseason Still Beats March Madness

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    College sports is as entertaining as it gets for many avid fans, but which is better: The NCAA Tournament or the postseason for college football?

    I love both college basketball and football to death, but something about the BCS and all of the bowl games gets me more excited.

    There are many arguments made for both sides, but here are my 50 reasons as to why March Madness does not hold a candle to college football's postseason.

Cash Money

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    From 2009 through 2011, an average of 28.3 million people watched the BCS Championship. During that same span, an average of only 20.4 million watched the NCAA Tournament's title game. From 2009 through 2011, an average of 28.3 million people watched the BCS Championship. During that same span, an average of only 20.4 million watched the NCAA Tournament's title game.

    Simply put, money gets the final word at the end of the day.


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    Maybe it is because all my friends complain to me about their favorite team getting hosed in the NCAA Tournament, but I always hear a lot of beef.

    If you paid any attention to the tournament, many of these games are being decided in the final minute with a questionable call (or so it seems).

    We don’t see that in football and we never see a fluke game reversed in football unless it is for the better and correct call (it is called review).

    Some of it actually is where the officials do not make the right call, but that is never the issue in college football (especially in bowl games). 


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    There is nothing more annoying than having longer and extended timeouts in the NCAA Tournament. It allows the underdog to stay in the game longer and gives them more hope to believe.

    There is nothing wrong with that, but college football keeps it at a level playing field.

    Outside of your super-duper halftime shows, the commercials aren’t nearly as long and you don’t have to sit there waiting.

    Maybe there is not an edge given in terms of how long the timeouts are, but I am bored out of my mind when I have to sit through a three-minute timeout during the big dance.

Final Four in Football Is Always Better

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    The top two bowl games (national title being one of them, obviously) every season are always memorable, period. I wish I could say the same for college basketball.

    There is always a bust of a game even though it is supposed to decide who plays for it all (second round games like Florida-Norfolk State), but football never leaves us on the short side of excitement.

College Basketball’s Regular Season

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    We are comparing both postseasons, but is there even a debate during the regular season? I cannot say I have too many friends or family members who even bother watching any of the regular season games. 

    Why, you ask?

    Well, they are essentially meaningless due to the fact that you are not rewarded much by dominating in the regular season.

    Outside of earning a one-seed, you might be matched up with a giant killing mid-major or perhaps one hell of a squad in the second (now called third round).

College Football’s Regular Season

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    Is there anything even close to being better than college football’s regular season?

    It leads us to a tremendous postseason where we see the best of the best compete against one another. And this news might shock you, but they reward teams for what they accomplished in the regular season!


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    We know there is a boatload of excitement in the NCAA Tournament, but it picks up as the tournament progresses.

    In the first few rounds, some teams just get a feel for their competition. In bowl games, this is it.

    There is no going back—albeit the dance is a one-game playoff, too—but the overall atmosphere is a mismatch.

    There are no moments where there is complete silence. There is no need to wake up the crowd because in college football they are always in a frenzy.

Battle of Game-Winners

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    In terms of the actual final kick or shot, I give the edge to college basketball. However, the final drive of a football game is epic.

    All of your hard work either pays off or it goes down the drain. Putting all of your talents and potential together is what makes the difference between winners and losers.

    The throws and catches that the offense makes in football is far tougher, and it is more thrilling in my eyes.

    What say you?

Jump Balls

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    Nothing is more annoying than watching the jump ball in college basketball (minus block/charge call).

    It is like a turnover, if your team does not have the possession arrow, then it just flat out stinks. It does not truly reward the more deserving team.

    I do not agree with Dick Vitale on everything, but this rule must change (he has stated it many times). They need to jump it up like the NBA because this kills the tournament.

    College football has no 50-50 calls like this because it is either black or white. The call is either made or is not made.


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    I don’t know how many of you actually watch every single NCAA Tournament game, but it can be grueling.

    Bowl season allows you time to actually get some sleep and be able to come back ready to go for every game.

    The NCAA Tournament is amazing to follow and cover, but the stretch from Thursday-Sunday can bring too much madness (that even sounds weird to say coming from me).

Pro Prospects

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    The NCAA Tournament does not feature the elite prospects compared to college football. There are a ton of better and more entertaining (enjoyable) matchups (on top of better talent).

    Whether it is the battle of the trenches, it is a joy to watch.

    Also, those individual stars out on the perimeter at defensive back and receiver are always special to witness.  


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    Give me the entertainment of the postseason of college football over the NCAA Tournament. Those first few days of the dance are exhilarating, but the momentum is killed on Monday.

    The momentum never dies in college football’s postseason, and we are almost never let down in the main events (BCS bowls).

Getting Jobbed

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    Outside of getting jobbed by officials in the final minutes (Butler-Pitt, among hundreds of games), this game is not reflected upon a few vital possessions.

    Basketball is about a game of runs, but one poor shooting night and it all evaporates in front of you.

    It is tough for a running team to get bottled up in a bowl game when they have two All-Americans paving the way.

    Forget the major upsets in college football because the two juggernauts competing with one another are more than likely close in talent to begin with.


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    The NCAA Tournament games are played in great sporting venues, but nothing is better than football during the fall and winter in gorgeous climates.

    Pasadena, Miami Gardens, New Orleans and Glendale cannot be dethroned.

No Jamar Samuels

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    Never in my lifetime have I ever heard of or even pondered such an awful thought. Jamar Samuel was Kansas State's second-leading scorer and leading rebounder who suspended approximately 20 minutes before tip-off this past weekend against Syracuse.

    Although there are several reports as to what may have occurred, this is still one of the more complete bogus things I have heard in my entire life.

    Suspend and kill his players, coaches, and fanbase during tip-off!?

    He didn't necessarily take money from a booster, but your heart has to go out to the team.

    The timing was the abysmal part of this whole thing, and for that reason I must put the NCAA Tournament and college basketball in the timeout circle.

Sloppy Play

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    We hardly see sloppy play in the bowl games—and that is with a month off. The preparation put in is remarkable to witness, but the NCAA Tournament is way too sloppy in the opening round games.

    The teams get a minimum of three days off (most teams get full week), but it is amazing to watch teams throw bricks up at the rim.

    Outside of a few bowl games every season, every game is hard fought heading into the fourth quarter.

No Frustration

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    How many of your friends—and yourself included—just hate shredding that bracket up on the first day?

    Bowlmania does not do that to you, so that has to be a bit more enjoyable.

No Need to Skip Work

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    Maybe this is a negative thing since you might hate your job.

    However, the postseason in college football allows you to still be productive with your non-college football life.

    The NCAA Tournament can set you back if you get addicted by watching every single game (all 67 of them).

College Gameday

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    There is some decent time to hype up the entertaining college football matchups, whereas things happen way too fast in the NCAA tournament.

    There is no College Gameday before the day starts for the NCAA Tournament, but there is for college football.

    Plus, as much as I love the ESPN crew for hoops, nobody will ever touch the likes of Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard and Erin Andrews.

    It feels like your team wins a dramatic game and then the next day the season is done with. That is the way it goes in college basketball, but that doesn’t mean it is cool or fair.

NIT Is for the Weak

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    Forget the NCAA Tournament—let us all fill out our NIT brackets!

    Forget I even mentioned that, but with everybody complaining about who should be in or out, the NIT only makes things worse.

    If a Cinderella team goes far in the NIT, then you begin to second guess yourself, which only puts you into a deeper hole.

Rivalries Are Made

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    Rivalries are often made and decided during the postseason.

    The Oregon Ducks, Oklahoma Sooners and the Ohio State Buckeyes have butted heads with all of the elites from the SEC, and because of it memories are that much more enjoyable.

    You could argue the NCAA Tournament gives us matchups we would never see in any other sport.

    The real point is seeing Goliath’s battle it out on the gridiron, which gets me more excited than seeing a Cinderella eventually break their slipper.

Block/Charge Call

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    So, the officials are something I have already mentioned. However, this block/charge has really put a damper on the NCAA Tournament.

    It shouldn't be an impossible call to make, but it happens so quick in live action that when you blink you will never get it correct.

    Some officials get caught up in the game (some say) and it often kills the momentum of the dance. No such thing can kill a college football bowl game.

Five Fouls

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    In a game that matters the most, we often see All-American players perform like scrubs.

    It happens since these young kids are human after all, but college football allows their players to perform like the stars they are. In a fluky one-game playoff, anything can occur. 

Battle of Trenches

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    Unlike college basketball, where you can hoist up a prayer that is answered, college football does not allow luck to take a vital part (more times than not).

    If your team can compete with the big boys, then you will win the battle of the trenches.


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    Many of the first-round games are extremely boring because we see these teams come out flat. In BCS bowls most coaches and players just go for it all with nothing to lose.

    Since the NCAA Tournament is a lose-and-go-home atmosphere, the production from players sometimes takes a huge toll.


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    I love the NCAA Tournament like nobody’s business, but the postseason for college football is more relaxing. If you blink during March Madness, you might miss an entire game.

    College football does not allow such to happen because they have everything planned out perfectly.

    There are never four games running at once, and you really never even have to worry about going back between games. 

Games Improve by Week

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    The first week of bowl games may not be the most entertaining, but that is how it should be.

    Outside of the GoDaddy.com and BBVA Compass, all the elite games are in order.

    That is not usually the case in the NCAA tournament since we see average teams reach the Sweet 16 or Elite 8, and they often disappoint us.


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    This could, would and perhaps should be a reason why the NCAA Tournament is awesome.

    However, some argue that Lehigh never deserved that shot against Duke in the first place, right?

    Losing Ryan Kelly for the Dukies killed them in this game, but the Blue Devils were a bit overrated—which can happen in a one-game playoff scenario.

    The underdog hangs around and finds a way to pull off the shocking upset in a first-round game when a top notch shooting team cannot hit the backside of a barn. Many argue that is bad for the game, not good.

Team Ball? More Like Three Ball

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    Football is the ultimate team game where you better be able to click on all cylinders, or else you might get blown out the door.

    In basketball, if you have an All-American who can shoot lights out, then you may be dancing all the way to the Sweet 16.

No Flukes

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    The NCAA Tournament is amazing to watch, but flukes are a part of sports. Well, we hardly see major upsets in college football—at least compared to the NCAA tournament.

    Maybe that isn't great for a comparison, but the entertainment and production in premier bowl games is something I will take all day over the dance.

Prove Yourself

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    If you’re a legit team, than during the three-month regular season you would have won some prime-time games, which is when it actually matters.

    So, the BCS and college football rewards you. College basketball only punishes you, arguably. 

    A top-five team has to continue to win game after game despite doing so for the previous four months.

    I understand that is how the game works, but that is weak sauce when you come up short by a possession in March after working teams left and right all year long.

No Complaining

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    The NCAA Tournament really is for a bunch of babies since everybody complains if they did not get in the tournament.

    While you could throw the same at me for the BCS since there are haters (though I won’t complain), the NCAA Tournament often has way too much boring negativity.

    What does that even mean?

    At least the BCS people argue over who deserves to get in an elite bowl, whereas the big dance is about arguing over which .500 team is better.


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    I am still waiting for the second half to start between Butler and Connecticut...oh wait—that was last year's national title game, and it stunk worse than watching paint dry.

    In the BCS we would never get a chance to see two mediocre teams plays for it all because college football is just better in terms of rewarding their best.


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    The NCAA tournament as a whole may be more entertaining than the BCS (though I argue it’s a tossup).

    However, March Madness has their fair share of putrid first- and second-round games that you really could care less about, and every BCS bowl is a joy to watch.

    The best and most important games of your sport should not be brutal games to watch, and many times the NCAA Tournament has a team in the Elite 8 or Final Four that ends up getting destroyed.

    Note: How many of you watched in its entirety Xavier-Lehigh or Ohio-South Florida?

The Best of the Best

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    Every season college football rewards you with the best two teams on the planet. In my eyes, no other sport in America can come close to giving you the same.

    The Super Bowl has legit teams normally, but in a one-game playoff, anything can happen. That is not the case in college football.


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    If the SEC just stunk up the joint on Saturday’s, I would never watch—period. Instead, their play is spectacular and the fanbases around them might even be more enjoyable.

    They love their football, and the history continues to grow every season.

    The BCS rewards the best teams in the nation by giving the SEC a second team in the BCS, which more often than not allows the games on New Year’s to shine brightly.

Rose Bowl

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    I love the NCAA Tournament and the Road to the Final Four, but the game in Pasadena on New Year’s is something I haven’t missed yet.

    The Final Four isn't always must watch if VCU is playing Butler. George Mason and those Cinderella stories are amazing to follow, but it is really getting old right now.

The Best

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    I want to watch the best at all times possible. I am the biggest underdog guy out there, but I still want to see the best teams 24/7.

    I believe Boise State in January has been better than arguably any program out there (save your BCS title teams every season).

    However, they keep choking away games in the regular season, and there are no excuses for that. The best teams find ways to win, and the ones that aren’t all that find ways to lose. 

    So, as expected, college football seemingly has never failed us in determining the best of the best.

One-Game Playoff

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    Trust me, I would not mind a four-game playoff in time for the 2014 season. However, these one-game fluky playoffs are a joke in my eyes.

    Especially if you throw eight or more teams out there, it would get ugly.

    I do not honestly know what I would do if a random non-AQ team such as Nevada had an opportunity to play Ohio State with a chance to compete for the BCS title. That is what we see in college basketball, and when it happens, it really does stink to witness.

Games That Are Spread out

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    Most love how you can now watch all the games at once (kind of), but I much rather have gaps in between games.

    Especially so I do not have to either turn my head every 15 seconds and or QV (quick view) literally every minute. We never have that same issue with the BCS. 


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    Maybe you get a spring vacation or break, but on New Year’s day college football is king. There is nothing to worry about other than choosing between dip at halftime or during the pregame.

    Plus, there is nothing better than sitting around all day with your friends and family on New Year’s watching one of the best sporting events between two storied programs (Rose Bowl).

Bowl Games

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    The overall atmosphere of bowl games is arguably more electric than some first-round games in the NCAA Tournament.

    Maybe the drama has college football beat a tad, but people that don’t enjoy or understand bowl games truly do not know what college football is all about.

Christmas Eve

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    Give me the Hawaii Bowl on Christmas Eve with half of my family (other half on X-mas) and you will be guaranteed a solid time.

    Maybe that is because we are die-hards, but it also because nothing is better than family time and having a few chuckles over Southern Miss and Nevada. (Yes, sports is an addiction.)

Regular Season Finales

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    Although the conference tournaments are great to watch, the conference championships are that much better.

    There is no hoping or waiting for the favorites to appear in the title because it is a simple plus-one game.

    The ACC, C-USA, MAC, Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC title games are vastly underrated since million dollar bowl games are always on the line (save C-USA, MAC).

No Wait

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    The weekends are great to watch the NCAA Tournament, but Monday-Wednesday is atrocious without anything going on.

    In the postseason for college football there are no days off after the first few bowl games. It is day after day filled with excitement and joy.

Winter Break over Spring Break

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    I might go back-and-forth on this, but is spring time really better than the holidays?

    Christmas has to be considered the best holiday around in terms of seeing families and friends, right?

Happy New Year!

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    I love the spring time, especially when it is gorgeous outside.

    Still, celebrating the New Year’s with the ones you love will always be better for me.

    Waking up on New Year's Day is probably more exciting than Christmas was as a child nowadays.

    Being able to watch several of the best teams in the country all within a nice 12-hour span is a dream come true for a sports fan.

The Best of the Bunch

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    Although the last few seasons may have disappointed us with the selection of Virginia Tech over, say, a Boise State, the selections are usually on the money.

    We always get the best teams (save Big East, perhaps ACC) with the SEC and Big Ten or Big 12 flexing their muscle along the way.

    All the hype that goes into the game is fun to watch unfold. Once the game kicks off it is almost as if you feel there is nothing to do but enjoy the finest sport out there.

BCS Matchups

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    The Big Ten against the Pac-12 should always be a tradition in the Rose Bowl (barring non-AQ like TCU steps in). However, the matchups really are legit.

    As stated above, they usually get it correct, but the Big 12 against the SEC or Big Ten isn’t something you are guaranteed in the NCAA Tournament.

    However, the bracket that is selected gives you a chance to see powerhouses go off on each other, but there is always an upset or two along the way. So in reality, we often miss out on those dream matchups. 

    In college football we always see dream matchups every January. If you cannot guarantee me the best teams of your sport to go up against each other, then that hurts you a bunch in my book.

Every Single Game Matters Leading into Postseason

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    You want a knockout punch for this debate?

    Just tell me that the regular season of college football isn’t the most enjoyable regular season in all of sports?

    Every weekend during the regular season of college football, there are thrilling games filled with more pageantry than any other sport. 

    If you truly are the best team on the planet, then losing a game should never happen. It is impossible for some teams to play in the BCS title, but only the strong survive.

    Also, if you happen to play in the SEC and have over a dozen of NFL prospects (Alabama) and you absolutely obliterate teams in a half for a living, then maybe you get a second chance.

    Outside of Auburn going 13-0 (USC not in title either), I have had absolutely zero beef with the BCS title games thus far.

    Every season the hype is there and the end game results are often ahead of the hype. The best two teams have played each other nearly every single season. In college basketball, that rarely happens.

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