Clipper Darrell's First Reaction to His 'Firing' by the Los Angeles Clippers

Why We Watch@@WhyWeWatchOfficial AccountMarch 8, 2012

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Bleacher Report's Why We Watch documentary series set out to capture the passion and fervor of Clipper Darrell (aka Darrell Bailey), who—for the better part of two decades—wrapped his identity around that of his beloved Los Angeles Clippers and become known simply as "Clipper Darrell."

However, recent events could dramatically change his name forever.

While Bleacher Report was attempting to gain access to the Clipper players for a feature on their most loyal fan, the Clippers denied access, which brought up dialogue between the VP of marketing and Darrell that led to the Clippers allegedly requesting Bailey to remove "Clipper" from his moniker. He was further asked to remove his suit and consider himself a "normal" fan. 

Since the mid-'90s, the Clippers' biggest fan supported the listless Los Angeles franchise from his ninth-row perch, donning his iconic blue-and-red-colored suit and team cap. Clipper Darrell became a staple at the Staples Center—the most visible and enthusiastic fan the Clippers have ever known.

Discussions persist between the Clippers and Darrell to determine his status with the organization, the results of which will ultimately affect his identity forever.

We all watch in anticipation of the outcome.

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