MMA: Simpson Characters and Their MMA Counterparts

Matt Juul@@MattchidaMMAContributor IIIMarch 8, 2012

MMA: Simpson Characters and Their MMA Counterparts

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    Last month, Fox's long running primetime series The Simpsons celebrated its 500th episode, a major milestone for the over two-decade-old show.

    Coincidentally, The Simpsons has a history with mixed martial arts, parodying the UFC in 2009 with the episode "The Great Wife Hope," where Marge Simpson decides to enter the cage and wins.

    To honor the show, we wondered which characters in the MMA world could match-up with their animated counterparts. Here's a break down of which characters we'd like these fighters and personalities to play.

Stitch as Dr. Hibbert

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    One of the best cutmen in the business, Jacob "Stitch" Duran has become a staple of UFC corners, patching a myriad of cut and bruised combatants over the years, much like the character Dr. Hibbert.

    For the fictional town of Springfield, Dr. Hibbert is the go-to physician, always seen fixing Homer and the gang up after each mishap or scheme. Just like Dr. Hibbert, when you need to get all patched up, "Stitch" is the guy to call.

Reed Harris as Superintendent Chalmers

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    Maybe it's the gray hair or being in a position of authority, but former WEC president Reed Harris looks awfully like Superintendent Chalmers.

    Still a figure in the sport, now under the UFC, Harris works behind the scenes, much like his animated counterpart. While not as hotheaded as Chalmers, Harris definitely knows how to get work done and has years of experience.

Krazy Horse as Snake

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    Possessing a criminal record few professional athletes can match, Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett is one of the biggest bad boys in the sport. Not afraid to do a little time, this long-time veteran embodies the character Snake.

    Both are crude, hard-nosed offenders who ironically have great senses of humor. I'd hate to pick a fight with either of these guys.

Ariel Helwani as Kent Brockman

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    MMA's most notable media personality, Ariel Helwani is the face of journalism in this sport, much like Kent Brockman is Springfield's top reporter.

    Always seen with mic in hand, both men get right at the story and aren't afraid to ask the tough questions.

Georges St. Pierre as Martin Prince

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    As the good guy of MMA, UFC champion Georges St. Pierre is known throughout the sport for his humility and respect.

    Some even go so far as to call St. Pierre a boy scout, a trait similar to that of Martin Prince. As The Simpsons' goody two shoes and teacher's pet, Prince always tries to do the right thing, just like St. Pierre. 

Mike Goldberg as Troy McClure

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    Overly enthusiastic with a hint of camera-induced insincerity, the UFC commentator is the spitting image of Troy McClure.

    Imagine if McClure did the introductions for the UFC's best of shows. I can already hear his distinct, late night infomercial voice.

Greg Jackson as Professor Fink

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    While Greg Jackson's game plans usually turn out more successful than Professor Fink's experiments, there is no question that both are geniuses in their respective fields.

    Jackson may not be able to build a time machine, but he'll turn you into a champion.

Wanderlei Silva as Sideshow Bob

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    Charming but with the intensity of a killer, Wanderlei Silva is one of the scariest dudes in the sport and matches perfectly with Sideshow Bob.

    Not to mention, both guys are ax murderers.

Matt Serra as Moe

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    Humorous yet hot-tempered, Matt Serra rubs some people the wrong way, much like Springfield's sometimes lovable bartender Moe Szyslak.

    If his trash talking past is any indication, I can picture Serra reacting the same way as Moe when he gets prank called.

Vladamir Matyushenko as Groundskeeper Willie

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    These two janitorial-themed men boast impressive physiques, shiny domes and thick beards.

    While Vladamir Matyushenko is a janitor in name only, there's no denying his striking resemblance to Groundskeeper Willie.

Eddie Bravo as Otto Mann

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    A world-renowned jiujitsu ace who has taught some of the best in the sport, Eddie Bravo is known also for his laid back attitude and heavy involvement in music.

    While his daytime job is a lot less glamorous than Bravo's, bus driver Otto Mann does share a chilled out persona as well as skills with a guitar.

Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber as Itchy and Scratchy

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    Just like Itchy and Scratchy, UFC bantamweights Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber have been chasing each other around the cage for years.

    All that's missing is a few comical weapons and a bit more gore.

Fedor's Manager as Mr. Burns

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    For years, M-1 Global, Fedor Emelianenko's managing group, has acted in the shadows and prevented arguably the greatest fighter of all time from competing in the sport's most popular promotion.

    Like a scheme hatched from Mr. Burns himself, Fedor's handlers have complete control and refuse to give fans fights they've been waiting years to see.

Scott Coker as Kirk Van Houten

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    Even after such a successful Strikeforce event, I can't help but feel sorry for Scott Coker.

    With the promotion constantly under criticism and speculation of dismantlement now that it's owned by Zuffa, Coker reminds me a lot of Kirk Van Houten, Milhouse's dad. They're just guys you just have to feel for.

Mayhem Miller as Krusty the Clown

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    Always cracking jokes, Mayhem Miller is MMA's reigning king of comedy.

    Much like Krusty, Mayhem speaks his mind and loves the funky hairstyles. Not to mention, these two share an affinity for monkeys. Who knew?

Brock Lesnar as McBain

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    Muscled up with an affinity for firearms, Brock Lesnar's larger than life persona has made him a huge star.

    Although more of a parody of a certain former Austrian born action star turned California governor, Brock certainly fits the bill of McBain as well.

Roy Nelson as Comic Book Guy

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    Do I have to say why?

Chuck Liddell As...Chuck Liddell?

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    No need to imagine Chuck Liddell as a Simpsons character because, well...he's already been on the show.

    In the previously mentioned MMA-themed episode, the former champion and UFC Hall of Famer makes a cameo appearance and signs an autograph for Bart.

Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida as Lenny and Carl

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    Best friends and working partners, it's easy to see the comparison with Lenny and Carl.

    I doubt Lenny and Carl would ever want to fight each other either.

Chael Sonnen as Nelson Muntz

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    The town bully and constant trash talker, Chael Sonnen pushes Anderson Silva around like Nelson pushes Bart around.

    Luckily, both Silva and Bart know how to shut them up—triangle chokes.

Dana White as Fat Tony

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    The big bosses of their respective organizations, Dana White and Fat Tony know how to run a business.

    While White's ventures are more legit, he does share Tony's short fuse and sometimes bad temper.

Benson Henderson as Ned Flanders

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    Devoted and very religious, well-mannered champion Benson Henderson is the faithful good guy, just like Ned Flanders.

    While both men share a deep devotion to Christianity, Flanders surprisingly also shares a secret athleticism that has been seen at various times on the show over the years. 

John Williams as Abe Simpson

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    A world record owner as the oldest person to ever compete as well as win as a professional mixed martial artist, 70-year-old fighter John Williams doesn't let age slow him down.

    A bit more active than grandpa Abe Simpson, both men share a fiery, fighter's spirit.

Nick Diaz as Bart Simpson

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    Trash-talk lover and well-known bad boy, hoodie-rocking Bart Simpson could easily be a younger version of former champion Nick Diaz.

    The only difference is Diaz knows how to get out of Homer's vicious choke holds.

Ronda Rousey as Marge Simpson

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    Strikeforce champion Ronda Rousey does more trash talking than Marge, but both gals can certainly back whatever they say up.

    Who knew that they shared a love for armbars as well?

Mike Russow as Homer Simpson

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    Able to take a punch like a champ and sporting a not-so-well-toned physique, surprising UFC heavyweight prospect Mike Russow plays Homer Simpson to the tee.

    Opponents, however, should expect a punch in the face instead of a "D'oh" from this massive powerhouse.

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