10 Reasons Why It Seems Like MMA Fans Hate MMA

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIMarch 5, 2012

10 Reasons Why It Seems Like MMA Fans Hate MMA

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    MMA has some of the most passionate fans in all of sports, but sometimes that love turns to anger and comes off negatively.

    It makes it seem like MMA fans hate the sport.

    Enjoying something like MMA on such a serious level means that fans take their dedication to extremes and harm the sport's image along with the experience of watching the fights themselves.

    They may not be the most popular things to point out, but here are 10 things that fans do that show a negative side of their emotions for the sport.

Writing off Fighters

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    "He is shot."

    "He doesn't have it anymore."

    Everyone, including this author, has been guilty of writing someone off. The fact is that fighters do get old and compete past their prime, but fans are willing to write off combatants quickly.

    After one loss, Lyoto Machida went from being an unbeatable champion to a washed up fighter in some fans' eyes.

    That is a bit harsh, but at the same time it is a part of the sport. And while it is sometimes true, there are times fans are hasty about it.

Dismissing Fight Cards

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    "This card is going to suck."

    "There aren't enough good fighters on this card."

    There are a few times when criticism of a card, usually involving the UFC, is warranted. UFC 122 springs to mind.

    The card may have been free, but the fights were bad enough to remind fans that any promotion can come up short, even the UFC.

    While the card wasn't great it was unfair to judge the fights before they occurred.

    That didn't stop some fans from doing it and it doesn't stop them from doing it now.

Reacting Negatively to Close Fights

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    Close fights happen. Every fan has their favorite fighter they are pulling for, and as a result they will usually score the bout for that fighter.

    Even if they don't, they will feel the other fighter was robbed. Robberies happen in MMA, but sometimes there are close fights and that is all they are.

    Fans twist them into robberies and in doing so diminish what both fighters have done in the cage.

Booing Quickly When Fights Slow Down

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    Not every fight is going to be a thrilling slugfest and sometimes the pace can slow to a crawl.

    Some fans can't understand this and will start booing the fighters in the cage. While the men fighting do have an obligation to entertain fans, they should also be trying to win the fight.

    If every match was exciting then MMA would be much more popular, but it would probably be scripted as well.

    Fighters have an obligation to win first, not put on thrilling bouts.

Insulting Fighters for Their Shortcomings

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    There are fighters that have shortcomings in certain aspects of MMA. Pointing them out isn't terrible.

    Insulting the fighters for their lack of ability in certain areas is.

    It's easy to criticize fighters for these shortcomings, but most fighters are aware of what they lack and many train to correct it.

    It's hard to say how much time a fighter trains in one aspect, and to dismiss their skills in that area means dismissing their hard work as well.

Obnoxious Cheering

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    We have all seen them.

    They are the people in the bar, the restaurant or at the house that are vocal about their love for MMA. It just happens to be in a way that is annoying.

    Cheering is fine, but there should be a little intelligence used when cheering a fighter or cheering for his opponent to beat him.

    Is everyone else being loud or is most of the room silent?

    Is something exciting happening or are they just feeling each other out?

    In suspenseful moments where everyone is yelling, it's all right to get a little unrestrained, but otherwise it just agitates other viewers.

Wanting Fighters to Continue Until They Aren't Relevant

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    Fans love certain fighters. They love them so much that they want to see them continue to fight when they think they have something left.

    It is only after a fighter has lost several bouts that fans want to see them retire.

    That may be great for the fans, but it is a terrible deal for the fighter involved and lets them walk out of the sport on a low note.

    It is a cold thing to do and selfish on the part of the fans.

Finding Excuses for Why a Fighter Won

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    There are detractors who will take away from any fighter's victory if they can.

    Either the opponent was too old, they had an off night, or they had a lingering injury.

    There are fans that will do anything to find a reason why a fighter was able to win that night, other than they just had the right game plan or they were the better man.

    It takes away from the results and usually is just sour grapes.

Attacking Other Fans Verbally

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    This happens in forums more than it does in real life.  All it takes is for someone to disagree with them and a poster can verbally attack them.

    We have all seen it on some forum board and it is an embarrassment to the sport and to the fan who is attacking others.

    It doesn't help the sport's image and it just spreads negative emotions to other fans.

Stealing Fight Cards

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    There is nothing worse than online piracy when it comes to MMA. You are stealing money from certain fighters and robbing the company of revenue that they need to pay fighters in the future.

    There are plenty of reasons to justify why someone steals a pay-per-view, and sometimes it is because fans love the sport and want to see the fights even if they can't afford to.

    But in the end it gives pirates the needed exposure to continue ripping off a company and the sport we love.

    There is no justifiable reason to steal fights, and it hurts the sport worse than anything else.