Chelsea FC: Top 15 Cult Heroes of All Time

Greg Probert@@GregProbertFWContributor IIFebruary 22, 2012

Chelsea FC: Top 15 Cult Heroes of All Time

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    There are some world football players who the fans just take to.

    Whether it's because of their flair, attitude or just the fact that they perform well for the team, some players are worshipped on the terraces.

    This is no different at Chelsea, as there are some players that will go down in history as having a "God-like" status among the fans.

    This is a list of some of the biggest Chelsea fan favourites of all time.

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink

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    Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink was loved at Chelsea, as well as every other club for which he played.

    His famous smile and demeanour on the pitch helped win over fans instantly, and his impressive scoring record didn't do him any harm either.

    He was at Chelsea for four years, and the crowd would sing his name every time he touched the ball.

    After leaving Chelsea, he joined Middlesbrough, and when he scored against the Blues, he bowed to the fans in respect and apologised—a gesture the fans appreciated and never forgot.

David Luiz

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    The Brazilian defender David Luiz has made quite an impact since joining the club from Benfica and was instantly admired by supporters.

    All new signings are greeted with excitement, but when a number of fans wore "Luiz-esque" wigs on his debut, it was clear he would be a favourite.

    As well as his famous hairstyle, Luiz doesn't disappoint on the field, as probably the most exciting defender in the Premier League.

    His solo runs and overhead kicks have done nothing but enhance his status among the Chelsea faithful, and we can expect the Luiz wigs to stay for a while yet.

Jose Mourinho

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    At Chelsea, Jose Mourinho was—and still is—the boss.

    It has been a few years since he left the club, but Chelsea fans still hold him in the highest regard.

    His animated expression on the touchline and must-see interviews after games made Chelsea fans fall in love with him, and other fans can't deny they enjoyed watching him.

    Every time Chelsea are reported to be in the hunt for a new manager, the fans keep their fingers crossed that he and Roman Abramovich can settle their differences, and he will return to Stamford Bridge.

Gianfranco Zola

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    The little Italian wizard is widely considered to be the best player ever to wear a Chelsea shirt.

    Gianfranco Zola was without a doubt a breath of fresh air to the Stamford Bridge ranks and the Premier League as a whole.

    His skill and flair on the ball were matched by very few, and his attitude on the pitch was admired by everybody.

    It was clear that Zola loved Chelsea, and the club loved him. They honoured him by retiring his famous No. 25 jersey; I don't think anybody would want to try and follow his impact at the club anyway.

Didier Drogba

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    Didier Drogba's first season in a Chelsea shirt is one that he, and all Chelsea fans, would rather forget.

    He started poorly, and many people were wondering why any money had been spent on him.

    Then suddenly, he came out of his shell and lit up the Premier League and became one of the best strikers ever to play in it.

    Once the fans saw his change in form and attitude, they soon began to worship him, and the times he has expressed his love for the club have shown the fans that their support has not gone unnoticed.

Dennis Wise

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    When I was growing up and going to games at Stamford Bridge, everyone's favourite player was Dennis Wise.

    He wasn't the flashiest player or the most skilful, but he was solid, dependable and, most of all, he loved Chelsea—you could see that every time he played.

    Other fans didn't like him because of his hard tackles and fiery temperament, but this made the Chelsea fans love him even more.

    Even today, the fans still sing the Dennis Wise song and mention his famous European goal against AC Milan.

Peter Osgood

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    Peter Osgood is Chelsea. The club's favourite son, he is known as "The King of Stamford Bridge."

    "Ossie" made almost 300 appearances for Chelsea over a decade, and even came back for a short spell in the late 1970s.

    He was worshipped by the fans in his playing days and is still worshipped today—you don't get a statue of yourself outside the grounds for nothing.

    When he died, every single fan in the stadium held up an image of him saying R.I.P., showing the respect all Blues have for this man.

John Terry

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    When you walk into Stamford Bridge, one of the first things that catches your eye is the huge banner that reads "JT Captain, Leader, Legend." This shows the status that John Terry holds among the Blues fans.

    This is no surprise, as Terry has been the rock at the centre of Chelsea's defence for over a decade.

    He gives 100 percent in every performance and would put a clean sheet for his team above his own personal well-being.

    He has had a number of off-field controversies, but to Chelsea fans, none of them matter. To them, he is their captain, and when he retires, he will retire a legend at Stamford Bridge.

Ron Harris

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    Chelsea's all-time leading appearance-maker, Ron "Chopper" Harris, is most definitely a Chelsea legend.

    But racking up almost 800 appearances doesn't automatically make you a fan favourite. Playing in the style he did, certainly does.

    Even in an era of "hard men," Harris stood out as being the hardest. His no-nonsense style of defending got his players and fans behind him, and had the opposition occasionally running scared from him.

Tore Andre Flo

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    The tall, lanky striker was one of the biggest bargains of Chelsea's history. Costing only £300,000, Tore Andre Flo's one goal in three games return was more than enough to justify his price tag.

    He seemed to have a knack for scoring important goals, and although often starting on the bench, he was known as "Super-Sub," due to the huge impact he made when joining the game.

    He was very popular among the Blues fans and is still a big lover of the club. He can be seen at Stamford Bridge regularly, watching his old team play.

Gustavo Poyet

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    When Gustavo Poyet joined Chelsea in 1997, the fans took to him almost immediately.

    His pace and skill made him a handful for opposing players, and he had a penchant for scoring at crucial times. His scissor-kick goal was one of the most memorable in Premier League history.

    He wore his heart on his sleeve, which may have been why the fans liked him so quickly, and although he moved to Spurs in 2001, he is still well respected at Stamford Bridge.

William Foulke

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    William Foulke, or "Fatty," as he was affectionately known, was Chelsea's first ever goalkeeper.

    A man-mountain, he stood at 6'4" and reportedly weighed over 20 stone.

    He was signed by Chelsea in 1905 for just £50, due to the fact that he could attract large crowds, as well as his shot-stopping abilities.

    He was no joke, however. He was a talented goalkeeper, and if he thought his defenders weren't performing at 100 percent, he was known to walk off the field in disgust. 

Gianluca Vialli

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    Gianluca Vialli has a face that is just synonymous with Chelsea. He was always smiling and showed a lot of emotion, which was why the crowd quickly warmed to him.

    He was one of the most clinical finishers in the Premier League in the late 1990s and scored numerous hat tricks and important goals for the Blues.

    As well as being a popular striker, Vialli also took on a player-manager role at the club and was very successful at it, leading Chelsea to five trophies in just two seasons.

Roberto Di Matteo

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    Roberto Di Matteo was one of the first players to start the foreign revolution at Chelsea.

    A number of talented players from abroad came to Stamford Bridge, and Di Matteo was one of the most memorable.

    Scoring on his home debut was a good way to get the fans on his side, and no one can forget his famous "pose for the cameras" celebration.

    He had three of his own songs that the Chelsea fans would regularly sing, and they were singing at their loudest when he scored in the FA Cup final in 1997 after only 47 seconds.

    He is now Andre Villas-Boas' right-hand man, an appointment that pleased Chelsea fans greatly.

Kerry Dixon

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    Kerry Dixon scored well over 100 goals in his time at Chelsea, so it's quite clear why he was a fan favourite.

    Not just his goals, but his personality helped him win over the supporters quickly and is a big reason why he is still admired today.

    He is still involved in the club in many different ways, appearing regularly on Chelsea TV and also as a pundit on issues surrounding Chelsea on Sky Sports News.