Super Bowl Halftime Show 2012: Twitter Reacts to Madonna's Performance

Josh Martin@@JoshMartinNBANBA Lead WriterFebruary 6, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 02:  Singer Madonna appears during a press conference for the Bridgestone Super Bowl XLVI halftime show at the Super Bowl XLVI Media Center in the J.W. Marriott Indianapolis on February 2, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
Win McNamee/Getty Images

The Twitter machine blew a gasket well before Madonna took to the field for her halftime show at Super Bowl XLVI, and only continued to jitter with reaction once the Queen of Pop came out to entertain the crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium, muscly arms and all.

Plenty of famous tweeps were tingling with anticipation for Madonna's arrival, even while the New York Giants and the New England Patriots got down to business between the hash marks. Chad Lowe, brother of famed Twitter inside scooper Rob Lowe, broke a story of his own, though nothing quite as exclusive as Peyton Manning's supposed retirement:

Pop culture parasite Heidi Montag also took to the Twittersphere to show support and solidarity for a fellow plastic surgery enthusiast:

Nobody in his or her right mind would tell Katy Perry to get any "work" done...except, perhaps on her putrid pipes. Still, her explanation of Madonna's performance serves as a window into the general public's perspective on this year's halftime show:

Political comedian and notorious Tim Tebow critic Bill Maher is certainly excited to see Madonna back in action. Whether Justin Timberlake joins her on stage remains to be seen:

Leave it to Beavis and Butthead to ask the question that many have had on their minds but few have had the courage to ask...on Twitter, anyway:

Of course, not everyone is particularly excited to see Madonna at halftime, including some NFL retirees:

Honestly, I have no idea what Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is saying or why he's even chiming in, but if anyone is able to decode it for me, please do pass along your findings:

As always, Darren Rovell adds a bit of numerical intrigue to the mix, though hopefully he'll go easier on Madonna than he did with the Playboy Playmates in Indy:

Apparently, Madonna's star power is too high-wattage for the circuits at Lucas Oil Stadium:

And then, Madonna came out on the field, clad in some sort of Egyptian-Roman get-up, with which Tweeps had plenty of fun. Indeed, the spectacle was becoming of Madonna's status as pop royalty:

Even Lady Gaga has to admit that Madonna's act was pretty frickin' cool/WAY out there:

LMFAO were kind enough to join Madonna on stage, but some folks were hoping for a different adjunct:

Surely, Madonna could've found someone with more street cred to perform with her at the Super Bowl:

Darren Rovell isn't the only one tweeting out clever numerical bits about the Super Bowl:

Say what you want about the quality/authenticity of the singing, but you have to admit, someone did a fantastic job of choreographing this whole thing. No, not you:

But, yeah, the lip syncing didn't exactly fool anyone, did it?

One can only imagine Alex Rodriguez was pleased to see Madonna pull it off...well, it, not it:

So, you're saying Madonna's voice wasn't the only thing about her that was fake?

The NFL just doesn't seem to care about the coveted 18-25 demographic anymore:

This ain't Sparta, but Madonna's crew came pretty darn close:

Gee whiz. Someone wasn't impressed...I'd like to see you do better than that, CM Punk:

Who knew Cee Lo Green played baseball in a past life?

And with that, Madonna left the crowd thoroughly entertained, though not without a pleasant little "bird" from MIA: