Jason Richardson Video: Watch Magic G Sub Himself In for Defensive Purposes

Timothy Rapp@@TRappaRTFeatured ColumnistJanuary 24, 2012

I've heard of help defense, but this is just ridiculous.

Jason Richardson, noticing that the Orlando Magic were only playing with four men on the court—honestly, how in the hell does that happen?—decided he would bypass the usual protocol of checking in at the scorer's table during a break in the action and just run directly on the court from the bench.

And the best part? The refs didn't do anything about it, and Richardson knocked the ball away from the Boston Celtics' Greg Stiemsma, who probably thought he was being attacked by a fan in the stands before turning around to see Richardson.

As it turned out, Richardson went to the bench thinking J.J. Redick was checking in for him. Redick, however, hadn't yet made it to the scorer's table and had to wait until the next stoppage to check in, thereby making Richardson's dash back on the court technically legal.

And it's given me an idea.

They should name this defensive strategy the Box and Trap. Four guys play zone on the court, strategically let a player on the wing by the benches open and BOOM! The trapping player jumps off the bench and steals the ball.

For players who don't play defense anyway, this is the perfect strategy. Monta Ellis or Carmelo Anthony would look fantastic as the trap player in the Box and Trap, and could take a breather on the bench until executing the strategy.

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