Quarterback Battle: Star Jackson Vs. Greg McElroy

Hank GrayCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2009

Writers note: This article consist mainly of opinion. If that is a problem, save yourself the time and do not read or comment this post.

Following a devastating loss to Utah, many Alabama fans have found themselves looking forward to next year.

The table is set for another great season, all except for who will be the field general, a.k.a. quarterback.

The two guys that will be battling for the position are redshirt Greg McElroy and redshirt freshman Star Jackson.

Greg McElroy capped a 36-0 victory over Auburn with an impressive 34-yard touchdown pass to Marquis Maze.

Star Jackson was redshirted his freshman year, so he has not seen the field during a game yet.

I was at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, and watched both quarterbacks warm up. Greg McElroy has one problem concerning him, and that is his feet. He does not have much speed, which is something that can add a whole new weapon to an offense.

Star Jackson has bulked up since he was signed by the Tide, and appeared to have some zip on the ball when he threw to his receivers. His speed is his greatest weapon, running a 4.56. That is not exactly wheeling it, but for a quarterback that is pretty good.

The opinionated part of the article comes when I say that I would much rather see Star Jackson named the starting quarterback. It has been ages since the Tide has had a versatile quarterback that can move the ball.

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Not only moving the ball but being able to move around in the pocket is something that past Alabama quarterbacks have not been able to do.

It would not be bad to see McElroy take the throne, considering he is more mature and has a lot more experience that Jackson.

One fact remains: The best man will play. Nick Saban has declared this many times before.

Please leave your thoughts on who you would like to see starting and why.


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