Super Bowl 2012: Would a Battle of the Harbaughs be Most Interesting Super Bowl?

Austin BarkerContributor IJanuary 17, 2012

Super Bowl 2012: Would a Battle of the Harbaughs be Most Interesting Super Bowl?

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    Jim Harbaugh versus his brother John Harbaugh. If they faced each other in the Super Bowl, would it be the most famous Super Bowl ever?

    Or, would it be overshadowed by other performances?

    Would the "HARBOWL" be remembered by two brothers who coached against one another or would the players be able to make this game memorable? 

    I'm going to go over the stats and strengths that each team has to decide how this would be remembered. This will be interesting to see. Enjoy the show.

Who Has the Stronger Defense?

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    In the regular season, the Baltimore Ravens defense were fourth in the league in passing yards allowed, allowing just a little over 196 yards passing per game.

    They were first in the league allowing only 11 passing touchdowns all season long. Also, they were second in the league in rushing yards allowed per game, allowing only 92 yards a game.

    The San Francisco 49ers defense were 16th in the league in passing yards allowed, giving up 230 yards passing per game. They were eighth in the league in passing touchdowns allowed all season, allowing 20 touchdowns.

    They had the strongest rush defense, finishing first in the league by only allowing 77 Yards per game. The 49ers were first in the league in rushing touchdowns allowed all season, only giving up 3 on the year.

    San Francisco 49ers defense is ranked 4th best in the NFL.

    The Baltimore Ravens defense is ranked third best in the NFL.

Stronger Offense?

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    The Baltimore Ravens offense is ranked 15th in the NFL, averaging 338 yards per game and 23 points per game.

    The San Francisco 49ers offense is ranked 26th in the NFL, averaging 310 yards per game and  23 points per game as well.

    The last time they played it was a very close game, and was tied up until the fourth quarter. The stats support that game, as both teams are evenly matched on offense.

    Both running backs are dangerous, but Ray Rice gets the edge.

    Ray Rice is ranked second in the NFL, rushing for 1,364 yards, and running in 12 touchdowns. Ray Rice averaged 85 yards per game.

    Frank Gore is ranked sixth this year, rushing for 1,211 yards with eight rushing touchdowns on the season. He averaged 75 rushing yards per game.

    When it comes to quarterback, I give the edge to Alex Smith. He's changed this year, controlling his mistakes. All year he's made good decisions, which is a turnaround from previous years.

    Alex Smith is the ninth ranked QB this year after completing 61.3 percent of his throws and throwing 17 Touchdowns. He only threw five interceptions all year and he threw for 3,144 yards. Obviously, this was an improvement from 2010, when he threw 14 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

    Joe Flacco is ranked 18th among Quarterbacks in 2011, throwing for 3,610 yards, 20 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. He finished the regular season with a 57.6 completion percentage. Actually, this was worse than he did in 2010.

Who Wins in This Match Up?

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    This game is so evenly matched that it's really a coin toss on who wins. Both teams have excellent defenses, and great running backs. I believe this game will come down to the same thing it did last time. Who scores the touchdown? 

    If Alex Smith can manage the game like he's done all year they will come away with this win. However, if Joe Flacco can respond to anything Alex Smith does then it will come down to a defensive battle once again. 

    I'm going to say the Ravens will win this match because of Ray Rice. I don't think they will be able to control him like they did last time. John Harbaugh will find a way to get his legs turning. That's the key to this game for the Ravens.

    I think this will be remembered by the two head coaches.

    This game isn't going to be a blowout or a domination by one team. Both teams are too even to say who will clearly win. The fact that it's two brothers in the Super Bowl coaching against one another will be why this game is remembered.

    Who do you think would win?

    Game Score; 49ers: 16 Ravens: 23