Is Divine Intervention the Reason Behind Tim Tebow's Success?

Angela Davis@jerseygirlsportContributor IJanuary 13, 2012

Tim Tebow has become the hottest thing in sports since Cam Newton (which tells you how fast things can change). According to recent polls, he’s America’s favorite athlete and his jersey is outselling all others–except that of Aaron Rogers.

A few weeks ago everyone was talking about his lack of skill, but the Denver Broncos’ win in overtime against Pittsburgh Steelers catapulted Tim Tebow into the national spotlight. But is he really that good?

Maybe. Maybe not. It doesn’t matter.

What matters at this point is that the Denver Broncos got the "W" and are one step closer to the Super Bowl. Is it divine intervention?

Well, depends on who you ask.

According to a recent poll from an organization called Poll Position (h/t CBS Sports), 43 percent of Americans believe the success of the Denver Broncos is due to God’s hand. When it’s broken down by race, it really gets serious: 59.5 percent of African Americans said yes to divine intervention, only 38 percent of Caucasians believe it, and a colossal 81 percent of Hispanics answered yes.

Yogi Berra was famous for saying, “Leave God alone and let him watch the game!” Perhaps that used to be true, but we now know that having Jesus on the sidelines could give you an added advantage. Of course, Christians will say that they always knew that; perhaps that’s the point.

There’s a bigger game being played here.

Tim Tebow’s devotion to his faith in action is seldom seen at this level in the NFL. There are some athletes who talk about their faith in God, but that usually comes after the win. Tim Tebow brings God into the huddle, and then takes it up a notch by acknowledging God even when the Broncos lose.

Most of us are caught up in the Tebow-mania mostly because, as sports fans, it’s amazing to see an average team do amazing things.

Tebow’s strategy as a quarterback is not that great. His skill level is not worth talking about. In fact, his numbers are not really impressive at all—except for the number it seems we’re forgetting:

God + anything is always the right formula to win.

What do you think?