Transactions NBA Teams Are Already Regretting in the 2011-12 Season

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Transactions NBA Teams Are Already Regretting in the 2011-12 Season

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    With a shortened time period for teams to sign players due to a lockout, the NBA offseason was a complete cluster of happenings around the league. With players being amnestied, traded and signed at a rapid rate, it's safe to say that some mistakes were made.

    However, that's just how the league goes. Everyone's favorite NBA teams have made a face-palming decision in the past, but how they rebound is the most important aspect.

    These transactions are not guaranteed failures, but they either aren't looking pretty as of now or there were better possible routes a team could have looked into.

    Here as some that haven't panned out thus far, but perhaps some that have greatly benefited another team.

Oklahoma City Releases Nate Robinson, Becomes Gem for Warriors

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    Nate Robinson put on a show for the fans in Golden State against Miami. He put up 24 points and had one of the most memorable fourth quarter performances in the young season.

    With Stephen Curry missing time, Robinson has stepped up big and filled his shoes to perfection. Averaging 14.7 points a night with solid surrounding statistics, Robinson will be a huge factor for the Warriors going forward this season.

    That's a huge loss for Oklahoma City.

    After unfortunately losing Eric Maynor for the season due to a torn ACL, the Thunder now have a huge hit to their depth chart. Having an energetic point guard like Robinson would have cured those woes better than possibly any current available option. 

Boston Trades Rookie MarShon Brooks for JaJuan Johnson on Draft Day

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    Well, this one didn't go as planned for the Boston Celtics.

    Instead of a star in the making with Brooks, they have received virtually no contribution from their consultation prize. Johnson has seen floor-time five games this season with a total of 15 minutes, but has only put up four points in the process.

    As for the New Jersey Nets, Brooks has proven he will be a huge factor for the franchise once the move the Brooklyn.

    He is averaging around 14 points a night along with four rebounds in making a case for Rookie of the Year.

    Watching him develop will be fun in the next few years, but possibly a nightmare for opposing teams to plan for.

Lamar Odom Traded to Mavericks For, Well, Pretty Much Nothing

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    Odom was on his way out of Los Angeles before a botched trade kept him there. However, he showed frustration with the franchise and was traded in the aftermath.

    This one was not the Lakers' fault. Absolutely not.

    David Stern made a questionable decision in which the Lakers suffered for.

    I'll argue that no player besides Kobe Bryant was as important in Los Angeles' last two title runs than Lamar Odom. He provided needed depth in many positions and won a Sixth Man of the Year award in the 2010-11 season.

    He is capable of averaging a double-double in Dallas, but hasn't looked great thus far.

    The Lakers are getting great performances from their three stars in Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, but counter that with piss-poor showings from the bench.

    For evidence, watch the ever-so-terrible Metta World Peace make himself look foolish on offense as usual.

    I sympathize with the Lakers to be truthful, but they are showing signs of being contenders as the season progresses.

Oklahoma City Thunder Trade Byron Mullens for Future Second Round Pick

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    Random, isn't it?

    While being nothing but a seat-filler with the Thunder, the 22-year-old seven-footer has made his case that he can compete in the NBA.

    He is averaging double digit points so far in the year, but also pulls in 5.4 rebounds a game in an increasing role for the Charlotte Bobcats.

    I will own a Byron Mullens jersey one day; that's a promise.

Tayshaun Prince

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    The Detroit Pistons have no chance at competing anytime soon, so why sign an aging Tayshaun Prince to a four-year deal?

    Prince plays solid defense, sure, but that's about it at this point. He brings no future value for his team except a possible trade piece down the road, but even then, that's unlikely.

    However, Prince played a huge role for Detroit in winning a championship in 2004.

    Maybe it's some type of loyalty aspect?

    That's all I can think of without making my head hurt...

Greg Oden Inks a One-Year Deal with the Portland Trail Blazers

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    Greg Oden out again for the season.


    Getting paid $1.5 million to ride another season on the pine?

    Portland might as well have looked into acquiring Brian Scalabrine...

Orlando Magic Keep Jason Richardson for Four More Years

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    If Orlando has any desire to keep superstar Dwight Howard, they must quit making bad decisions.

    Gilbert Arenas and Hedo Turkoglu are two great examples of terrible acquisitions over the past few years. Jason Richardson isn't nearly on that level of bad, but he still isn't exactly a steal at $25 million over four years.

    Richardson used to be an athletic and dynamic player, but that is now in the past. At 30 years old, the former dunk champion doesn't possess the explosiveness that he used to have. While he is still a solid jump shooter, Orlando already has plenty of players who can spread the floor.

    So far, he is only averaging 11.1 points a night for the Magic, but that will not be enough to help Orlando make another playoff run.

    Richardson will turn into a valuable veteran in the NBA, but he just isn't the right fit in Orlando.

Kwame Brown Signs with the Golden State Warriors

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    For people that stayed up to watch the Miami Heat visit the Golden State Warriors, they were treated to a stellar game with an exciting finish.

    However, the same fans probably heard this loud guy in the audience who was quite entertaining throughout the broadcast.

    "Amnesty....We need our $7 million back!".

    That pretty much sums up Golden State's experiment with Brown. The former No. 1 pick is averaging 6.3 rebounds and points per game, but that could be found for much cheaper elsewhere.

    Brown could go down as the worst one-year rental of the season.