Backstage WWE and AEW Rumors: Latest on Roxanne Perez, Returning Stars, More

Erik BeastonDecember 15, 2022

Backstage WWE and AEW Rumors: Latest on Roxanne Perez, Returning Stars, More

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    The latest collection of wrestling rumors sheds light on original plans for Roxanne Perez.
    The latest collection of wrestling rumors sheds light on original plans for Roxanne Perez.Credit:

    It has been an eventful week for Roxanne Perez.

    First, she won the Women's Iron Survivor Match at NXT Deadline, then she defeated Mandy Rose Tuesday night to win the brand's women's title.

    But was that always the plan? What did the original timetable look like?

    The answers to those two questions are at the forefront of this collection of wrestling rumors, which also features the latest on Triple H's returning Superstars, a potential Vince McMahon comeback and exactly what the contractual situation is with Action Andretti and All Elite Wrestling following his stunning win Wednesday night.

Original Plans for Roxanne Perez and the NXT Women's Championship

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    Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live reported that the plan was always to have Roxanne Perez win the NXT Women's Championship, but the decision was moved up because of Mandy Rose's release.

    Sean Ross Sapp of @SeanRossSapp

    Fightful Select has learned that Mandy Rose has been released by WWE. <br><br>WWE officials felt they were put in a tough position based on the content she was posting on her FanTime page. They felt like it was outside of the parameters of her WWE deal. <a href=""></a>

    It's not particularly surprising given the push Perez has received and her prominence on the roster since debuting. She is young, has a bright future and absolutely makes sense as the plucky babyface to overcome Rose's reign.

    Luckily, NXT officials have a built-in story of Perez vs. Cora Jade to fall back on in time for New Year's Evil on January 10 and Zoey Stark as a potential opponent beyond that. Jade betrayed Perez last summer, kicking off a feud between them that climaxed at Halloween Havoc in October with the babyface's victory.

    Stark recently turned heel on partner Nikkita Lyons and has done some of her best work since. As the arrogant, no-nonsense heel to Perez's underdog babyface, the potential is there for her to finally break out in a way she never really managed to as a fan-favorite, despite a significant push early on.

    Unfortunately, Rose's historic reign did not receive the suitable conclusion it deserved.

Triple H's Feelings on Newly Returned Talent Revealed?

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    Is Triple H severely underwhelmed by some of the Superstars he has brought back into the fold?

    According to WrestleVotes, yes.

    The report does not specify the talent in question, or if it is simply a blanket statement.

    Might it be a tool, even?

    Perhaps it was leaked by management to inspire the returning stars not to become complacent just because they are back with the company.

    Whatever the case, it is apparent from the report that Triple H will not sit back and allow talent to coast. He has certain expectations, and if they are not met, those in question will be passed by and in a similar position to where they were before.

    That would benefit no one. Much of the returning talent was released in the first place after disappointing use on the part of the previous creative regime. They were beaten down, underutilized, or outright released before they could ever showcase their abilities.

    Now, they have a second chance at life in WWE, and it would behoove them to take advantage of it before their biggest supporter loses faith in them.

WWE Employees' Opinions of a Vince McMahon Return

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    Fightful Select's Sean Ross Sapp reported that those within WWE want nothing to do with a potential Vince McMahon return.


    The WWE product is better without him, as is backstage morale.

    Considering how many times talent was reported to be on edge or nervous when McMahon was backstage, not to mention the toxic environment and public relations nightmare the actions that led to his retirement caused, it is really not at all surprising that even his staunchest supporters would be rather unenthused about a potential comeback.

    For the sake of the product, the company's overall health, and its relationship with its fans, he should remain on the sidelines.

    Any other decision would be a selfish one.

The Latest on Action Andretti-AEW

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    Maryland Championship Wrestling regular Action Andretti stunned the wrestling world Wednesday with a monumental upset over Chris Jericho.

    Shortly thereafter, Tony Khan tweeted the famous " All Elite" graphic with his photo on it, indicating he had signed the promising young competitor to a contract. According to Sapp, an agreement between the sides was made back in October but, "we don't know whether or not it was full-time as of then, as it is now."

    It is an interesting signing for AEW in that Andretti had picked up some steam regionally but was not the industry-known indie star that so many of the other high-profile signees have been. He certainly was not the level of the addition just before him, Japanese standout Konosuke Takeshita.

    This could be one of those developmental signees that pays off big time for Khan and Co., but one does have to wonder what about Andretti made him stand out more than, say, Top Flight, "Big Shotty" Lee Johnson, Nick Comoroto, Bear Mountain and Private Party, all of whom were considered breakout stars at one point or another but have struggled to gain consistent traction across AEW programming.

    Hopefully, he can build momentum off the Jericho win, but there is every reason to believe he could find himself stuck in the logjam of talent that ultimately ends up on AEW Dark or Dark: Elevation.