Mike Gundy Says Oklahoma State has 'No Part' in Rivalry Game vs. Oklahoma Ending

Doric SamSeptember 21, 2022

STILLWATER, OK - SEPTEMBER 1:  Head coach Mike Gundy of the Oklahoma State Cowboys looks around the field after his 150th career win at OSU with a victory against the Central Michigan Chippewas at Boone Pickens Stadium on September 1, 2022 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. OSU won 58-44. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)
Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The longstanding Bedlam rivalry between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will officially come to an end when the Sooners depart for the SEC in 2025, but Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy wants to make it clear his school is not to blame.

Per ESPN's Dave Wilson, Gundy said Tuesday that Oklahoma State "has no part" in the rivalry ending.

From the perspective of Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione, it's the Cowboys who are calling it quits on the historic rivalry, which has been around since 1904 with 116 meetings between the schools.

"Oklahoma State has shown no interest to schedule any future games in football, so we're moving on," Castiglione said.

Gundy denied the accusation and believes it's not something that is worth discussing because it all hinges on Oklahoma's decision to depart the Big 12.

"Bedlam is history, we all know that. We've known that," Gundy said, "because OU chose to follow Texas and the money to the SEC. It's OK. So now, we're having what I think are childish discussions, in my opinion, over something that's done. And I would like to make this the last statement that I have because I have no hard feelings."

The 55-year-old continued: "But what's going on now is almost a situation with a husband and a wife, or a girlfriend and a boyfriend when you know you're dead wrong and you try to turn the table and make them think they're wrong, when Oklahoma State has no part in this."

While it sounds like Gundy has accepted fate, Castiglione said Tuesday that he hasn't given up on the Bedlam rivalry and he believes it could return "at some point in the 2030s."

As far as Gundy is concerned, the onus doesn't fall on the Cowboys to figure it out because they weren't involved in the "multibillion-dollar conversations" between Oklahoma and the SEC.

"So, everybody needs to get over it and move on and quit trying to turn the tables," he said. "It's somewhat comical that they still want to bring us into this equation. Let's not turn the tables. Let's just say, 'Hey, look, we chose to follow Texas and take the money and we're going to the SEC.' It's all good. Let's quit talking about it. Let's talk about football."

The Sooners will host the Cowboys in what could be one of their final meetings on Nov. 19.