Ranking the Most Likely Heel and Face Turns at WWE Clash at the Castle, AEW All Out

Kevin BergeSeptember 2, 2022

Ranking the Most Likely Heel and Face Turns at WWE Clash at the Castle, AEW All Out

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    Sami Zayn's first time truly standing with The Bloodline. Could it be his last? Credit: WWE.com.

    When professional wrestling is at its best, anything can happen. Both WWE and All Elite Wrestling promised exactly that with a one-two punch of WWE Clash at the Castle and AEW All Out this weekend.

    Two packed shows with major hype, these events have a chance to end with fans talking about the professional wrestling landscape for months to come.

    In order to fully commit to the shows, both companies must make drastic moves that leave people excited and even nervous.

    One way to deliver on that is a major heel or face turn. It could be Ronda Rousey embracing a darker side with Shayna Baszler, Sami Zayn facing the wrath of Roman Reigns or CM Punk taking drastic measures to overcome Jon Moxley.

    The possibilities are endless, but the following are the most likely heel and face turns to come of WWE Clash at the Castle and AEW All Out.

Face Turn: Butch (or Pete Dunne)

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    Can Sheamus hold back the Pete Dunne inside Butch forever? Credit: WWE.com.

    The writing is on the wall for Butch. The oddly renamed Pete Dunne has found himself awkwardly positioned in WWE, and there is no reason Triple H will not want to give him his name back as well as the personality that made him special.

    WWE creative has been slow to change stories and character since the new creative regime took over. However, certain stars have the highest likelihood to see immediate changes.

    Butch is an obvious one. He has struggled to stand out on SmackDown as a part of a group with Sheamus and Ridge Holland. The three could work together, but the way The Bruiserweight is treated has led to him mostly losing on the main roster.

    The Celtic Warrior is in the spotlight at WWE Clash at the Castle more than he has been all year, which makes that show the perfect time to let Dunne loose.

Heel: Ronda Rousey

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    The anger of Ronda Rousey knows no bounds as she continues to attack security. Credit: WWE.com.

    Ronda Rousey has gone from smiling babyface to angry tweener quickly, but it is still unclear whether she plans to remain a fan favorite or turn to the dark side.

    Since her evolution of attitude, she has become more popular and sounded more confident. However, her actions could line up better as a villain, especially paired up with her friend and training partner Shayna Baszler.

    While WWE attempted to bring in all four of the MMA Four Horsewomen, only two remain: Rousey and Baszler. While The Baddest Woman on the Planet has supported The Queen of Spades from the sidelines, the two have never directly worked together in a WWE ring.

    The setting is perfect at WWE Clash at the Castle because Baszler is challenging the woman who took Rousey's gold. The two working together would make SmackDown a more exciting show immediately.

Face: Sami Zayn

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    Sami Zayn is the aggressor against Drew McIntyre. Credit: WWE.com.

    While many can lay claim to be the best wrestler in WWE, no one can currently challenge Sami Zayn for the title of best storyteller. The angle he has crafted, weaving his way into The Bloodline, is WWE's best angle.

    What was at first a joke has become a genuine angle where Roman Reigns and Zayn both attempt to manipulate one another. What makes it works so well is that The Master Manipulator looks like he is out of his depth.

    When this story explodes, Zayn will almost certainly come out the underdog. If he were to cost The Head of the Table his world titles, it could lead to one of the biggest face turns in modern WWE.

    Crossing The Bloodline intentionally or unintentionally would put Zayn in the crosshairs of the most dangerous group in the company. It would make him The Ultimate Underdog once again, a role he thrived in for a long time.

Heel: Dominik Mysterio

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    This may be the most obvious heel turn setup of any angle in wrestling right now. Dominik Mysterio is struggling to get along with Rey Mysterio and has growing frustration with Edge, who is not teaming with his father.

    Rhea Ripley has mentally manipulated Dominik to the point of nearly breaking. He could not fight The Judgment Day on Monday night, giving away his kendo stick to The Nightmare.

    While it may be predictable, it is the best path to take. Dominik needs to form his own identity away from his father. He cannot continue to ride that legacy. He also needs to work with others who will push him to adapt his style.

    Dominik can benefit from working with Damian Priest, Finn Balor and Ripley, and they could benefit from adding one more member to increase the group's legitimacy as a stable.

Heel: Luchasaurus

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    No man has become so quickly loathed by the audience as Christian Cage. The veteran has stepped across every line in his rivalry with Jungle Boy, emotionally manipulating him while attempting to end his career.

    While Christian and Jungle Boy have clear roles in their match at AEW All Out, it is less clear what Luchasaurus will do. He has been stuck in between both men but has never physically attacked either.

    All Out would be the perfect time to commit to the new presentation of Luchasaurus as a dangerous monster. All it would take is for him to turn on his best friend.

    Christian is clearly still in the monster's head, rebranding him and promoting him while Jungle Boy was gone. It would be a welcome and heartbreaking moment to see that Captain Charisma has more influence on Luchasauarus than Jungle Boy when it matters most.

Face: Jamie Hayter

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    Jamie Hayter has been one of the most underrated performers in AEW's women's division. She did not come into the company with the same pedigree as many of the top stars in the company, but she has put on great performances with all of them.

    The main problem is that she has been stuck behind Dr. Britt Baker, DMD. The most charismatic woman in AEW, The Doctor has been AEW's top heel since she first committed to her role.

    Hayter cannot be a top star while working with Baker. The expectation has always been that Hayter would eventually turn face against The Doctor, but the opportunity has not presented itself.

    The two will be fighting in the same Fatal 4-Way match to crown the AEW interim women's champion. If Baker does not win, she will likely put the blame on her tag team partner, especially if Hayter were to pull off the big win.

Face: Daniel Garcia

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    Daniel Garcia is 23 years old and looks ready to rise up the ranks in AEW. The company has put significant hype behind The Red Death recently, connected to Bryan Danielson. Garcia even defeated The American Dragon one-on-one.

    While he got some help from The Jericho Appreciation Society, it was a major moment. Danielson put over Garcia for defeating him. The two had a fantastic two-out-of-three falls match as a follow-up.

    This feud has not only raised Garcia's standing but set him on an interesting path. He clearly has deep admiration for The American Dragon, the man he called "his hero".

    Only a few weeks ago, The Red Death was proudly calling himself a Sports Entertainer. Now, he looks conflicted. Whether Danielson defeats Jericho at AEW All Out or not, Garcia could walk out with The American Dragon, embracing professional wrestling.

Heel: CM Punk

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    This is the most speculative move of anyone on this list because CM Punk in Chicago could never be booed. However, The Best in the World is at a crossroads.

    His return to AEW was met with loud cheers, but buzz online has led to many questions. This was only amplified by the shocking result of Punk's first match with Jon Moxley. He lost in three minutes after hurting his foot once again.

    All of this booking has made Punk feel like less of the dominant babyface who returned a year ago. He has been vulnerable and sounded less composed.

    Much of the awkwardness feels like AEW pointing toward something bigger, a shocking result that no one could expect. Punk turning heel in Chicago would be a bold move, but storywise, it may be necessary.

    Mox broke him in a straight-up one-on-one match. He looked like he had The Best in the World's number. Punk cheating would seem justified to the Chicago crowd, but future crowds would not be so forgiving.

    There is a story to tell with Punk as the top heel. If he turns to rip the championship away from Moxley, it would be cause buzz for AEW around the world.


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