Priest Denies Edge Rumor; Ric Flair Talks Last Match; Danielson on 'Perfect' WWE Exit

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Damian Priest Denies Edge Exit Speculation

Edge formed The Judgment Day in April with Priest joining the faction followed by Rhea Ripley, but the Hall of Famer departed as the group's leader just two months later, replaced by Finn Balor.

In July, Fightful Select reported (via Rosanne Raphael of SportsKeeda) the exit was in part due to creative differences about the stable's potential move toward a "supernatural" concept.

Priest told Stephanie Chase of Digital Spy on Friday there wasn't any truth to that rumor because everybody involved agreed that wasn't the right route to take:

"I guess I understand why people thought that. I don't know where the actual rumor came from that that's what was planned, because it never was. If anything, we had conversations of how we didn't want that, and that included Vince [McMahon] himself, who did not want the group to be supernatural-based. We were all in agreement.
"We did some things that seemed that way, I know I did a thing with lightning one night, and the idea wasn't about supernatural, but it came off that way and then we immediately went, 'OK, let's not revisit that because it came off that way.'"

Priest, who said he wouldn't have been against more of a supernatural theme, believes people merely jumped to conclusions because Edge was involved in some unique factions in the past, including The Brood.

"Naturally, when you involve somebody like Edge and we're on the darker side, it's gonna be, I guess, assumed and hinted at, like, 'Maybe this is a thing.' But no, that was never part of it," he told Chase.

After a brief hiatus, Edge returned to WWE at SummerSlam last month when he helped The Mysterios in their match against the Balor-led Judgment Day.

Ric Flair Says He Blacked Out During Final Match

Flair teamed with Andrade El Idolo to beat Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett in July as part of an event billed as his last match.

The 73-year-old wrestling legend received mixed reviews for his performance, which came after workout videos showing his preparations for the show went viral on social media.

There are some moments from the night, including the match's final sequence, that aren't so clear in Flair's memory, however, which he explained on his To Be The Man podcast (via H. Jenkins of Ringside News):

"The idea was he gave me the tag and I crawled. But I got all that, and the people got all that. I thought they were really with it. I crawl over, cover, one, save. Then at that point, along came the guitar. You know, bingo. When I was down, I passed out again. I just passed out, and Manny is going 'Sir, you have to wake up.' I had the brass knuckles. 'Sir, you have to wake up.' Okay, so then I woke up and I knew where we were and we're home. But I swear to God, twice during the match, I went completely black."

Flair took a some bumps and ended up bloodied by the end of the match. Nobody should have expected a 5-star classic given his age and physical limitations, but he deserves credit for getting himself in good enough shape to put on one last show.

It marked a unique end to a Hall of Fame career.

Bryan Danielson Discusses Last WWE Match

Danielson has often said his final WrestleMania match in 2021, a triple-threat encounter won by Roman Reigns that also featured Edge, didn't carry a lot of personal meaning.

That wasn't his last WWE match, though. He was in the company for another few weeks and wrapped up his tenure with a loss to Reigns, which meant he'd be banned from SmackDown for life as part of the storyline

Danielson, known as Daniel Bryan during his WWE run, explained on the My Mom's Basement with Robbie Fox podcast (via Dakota Cohen of Wrestling Inc.) he enjoyed that sendoff:

"The one unique experience at WrestleMania where it was just like, 'Woah, this feels empty.' โ€ฆ Ironically, my last match in WWE with Roman, I was pumped for. I loved it, and it was in the Thunderdome. It was a bunch of screams and canned-down noises and stuff, and I was, 'This is great! I love this,' and like, I honestly thought that's a perfect way to go out."

Danielson went on to join AEW in September and has since served as one of the company's top stars.

While the latter stages of his WWE career couldn't match the remarkable highs of his victory in the main event of WrestleMania XXX in 2014, he still provided some terrific matches after he returned to the ring from injury in 2018.

His final match against Reigns fits in that category, and clearly Danielson feels the same way.

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