Fantasy Football 2022: Early Cheatsheet for Choosing Best Team Names

Zach Buckley@@ZachBuckleyNBAFeatured Columnist IVAugust 1, 2022

Fantasy Football 2022: Early Cheatsheet for Choosing Best Team Names

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    Over the course of a fantasy football season, you'll make myriad decisions.

    Perhaps the most important, though, is the first: what to call your team. After all, it will be permanently etched onto your league's trophy, right?

    To help make sure your team's name rings right, let's run through some different options.

Follow Your Leader

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    Your first pick at the draft often sets the tone for your entire team.

    You could argue, then, that your team's name should reflect that superstar's status.

    If you're building a roster around that player, then why not build a team name around them? Craft a pun around a first or your last name, and you're golden.

    Just look at the gems available with first- and second-rounders:

    • Dalvin and Hobbes
    • Mahomes Alone
    • CeeDee Burner
    • Oh Saquon You See
    • Hot Chubb Time Machine
    • Lights, Kamara, Action
    • Finding Deebo

The Fresh Faces

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    Play in a dynasty or keeper league? If so, nothing will get your juices flowing more than the first-year player draft.

    Make the right selection, and you just might walk away with a foundational talent for the next decade.

    Given the importance, you could consider crafting your team name around a rookie. Plus, it will force further creativity out of you going forward, since a new batch of rookies will arrive every year.

    • Breece's Pieces
    • Olave Garden
    • Love the Drake
    • MegaWatson
    • Garrett Cake

The Quarterbacks

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    Depending on your league format, there's a good chance that your quarterback won't be your first pick. Or your second.

    Using FantasyPros' consensus average draft position, no quarterbacks are cracking the top 20 and only three rank among the first 50 picks: Josh Allen (23.3), Patrick Mahomes (33.0) and Justin Herbert (37.3).

    So, why would you ever consider naming your team after a signal-caller? Because this is still the NFL, and quarterbacks rule over that league. Plus, you can get some pretty good names going around the quarterback crop.

    • Kobra Kyler
    • Brady Gaga
    • Brady's Bunch
    • It Takes Tua to Make a Thing Go Right
    • Country Road, Take Mahomes
    • Baby Got Dak

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