The Real Winners and Losers From WWE Money in the Bank 2022 Match Card

Kevin BergeJuly 3, 2022

The Real Winners and Losers From WWE Money in the Bank 2022 Match Card

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    WWE Money in the Bank has typically been one of WWE's biggest shows, but this night felt lacking on the surface. Many top stars missed the card, and multiple matches were repeats from the past.

    However, WWE booked a show that was made to get everyone talking. It was a night to celebrate the talent, and it began with Liv Morgan.

    Morgan won the women's Money in the Bank ladder match and cashed in her briefcase that same night to become SmackDown women's champion over Ronda Rousey.

    Theory was another champion who lost his gold thanks to a Hurt Lock from Bobby Lashley. However, he pulled off a shocker, entering and winning the men's Money in the Bank ladder match to end the night on top.

    The Usos and Street Profits stole the show in an inspired match that revitalized the entire tag team division.

    It was a night of brilliant wins for some stars that have sat on the sideline for a while. Most everyone came out as winners, but there were some less fortunate by the end of the night.

Winner: Liv Morgan

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    Liv Morgan has gone through a rocky road since her arrival in WWE in 2014. She has lost many friends and failed to win any accolades over eight years.

    However, her joyful personality and will to improve is infectious. It has made her more popular than anyone could have expected, forcing WWE to give her chances to prove herself.

    In particular, she made her mark in two matches against Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship. She did not win, but she stole the show with Big Time Becks. This set her up for success that finally came.

    Winning Money in the Bank was a long time coming, finally rewarding her great work. It was only amplified by Morgan cashing in the briefcase on Ronda Rousey to become the new SmackDown women's champion.

    While she followed an unfortunate legacy of WWE refusing to let any woman carry the briefcase more than a day other than Carmella, Morgan got a deserved double accolade in the biggest night of her career.

Winners: The Usos and Street Profits

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    The WWE Universe has seen The Usos vs. The Street Profits many times. While it is often good, their battle at WWE Money in the Bank 2022 was on another level.

    While Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins lost, it felt like they were working like true main eventers while pushing Jimmy and Jey Uso to their limit. The crowd was completely behind The Profits by the end.

    On a night with two explosive ladder matches, this was easily the match of the night. The action and drama proved the power of tag team wrestling at a level WWE rarely reaches.

    It seemed likely Ford and Dawkins would be breaking up soon, but this match could very well have earned them one more run with tag team gold together in the near future.

Loser: Ronda Rousey

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    Ronda Rousey used to be the biggest star in WWE. However, since her return to the company, she has struggled to deliver as SmackDown's top woman.

    If The Baddest Woman on the Planet was as big an attraction as she should have been, Liv Morgan would not have cashed in on her so quickly after barely surviving a match with Natalya.

    The SmackDown women's division has struggled in 2022. It is not all Rousey's fault, but she has suffered for it. She will need to make some changes to regain the women's title.

    This could be the catalyst for a great heel turn, setting Rousey against Morgan for the rest of the summer. However, even if that story works for her long-term, WWE Money in the Bank 2022 was the low point of a rough year to date.

Winner: Theory

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    After all the hype post-WrestleMania, Theory spent only 75 days as WWE United States champion. Bobby Lashley was simply too big a star for him to overcome.

    It looked like The All Mighty was moving above and beyond Theory after his win, putting the 24-year-old star in a position where he could easily be forgotten.

    However, that was not the end of the night for A-Town. He snuck into the men's Money in the Bank ladder match, earning himself a future title shot whenever he wants it.

    This was certainly not the most crowd-pleasing end to a good night of wrestling, but it does mean Theory has gone from midcard to main event all in one show. He has the talent to be a top star and is likely to win a world title soon.

    In fact, Theory could soon become the new youngest world champion in WWE's history. The one problem left in his way is how much WWE wants to protect Roman Reigns.