29 More Men Sue Ohio State for Alleged Sexual Abuse by Doctor Richard Strauss

Adam WellsJune 29, 2021

This May 8, 2019 photo shows a sign for Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. On Friday, May 17, 2019, the school said at least 177 men were sexually abused by Ohio State team doctor Richard Strauss who died years ago, according to findings from a law firm that investigated the accusations, concluding that school leaders knew at the time. (AP Photo/Angie Wang)
AP Photo/Angie Wang

Twenty-nine new lawsuits have been filed against Ohio State University stemming from alleged sexual abuse by former team doctor Richard Strauss. 

Per Kantele Franko of the Associated Press, the 29 men suing the school include former athletes in baseball, lacrosse, cheerleading, soccer, football, basketball, gymnastics and fencing. 

The plaintiffs also included non-athletes who received treatment at the student health center where Strauss worked until his retirement in 2005. 

According to Franko, one of the new plaintiffs "alleges Strauss abused him during more than 10 medical exams in the 1980s, starting when he was a 16-year-old high school wrestler whose team competed on the Ohio State campus."

Another lawsuit from a former Buckeyes wrestler alleges that Strauss "fondled him during more than 50 medical visits."

After at least 41 new lawsuits were filed earlier this year against Ohio State University related to alleged abuse by Strauss, Sheridan Hendrix of the Columbus Dispatch noted that brought the total number of plaintiffs up to at least 360 plaintiffs in 23 lawsuits alleging abuse by Strauss and a lack of action by the school amid complaints.