A Forgetable Week Five For Raiders, How Bad Is This Thing?

Mike WoodsCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2009

HOUSTON - OCTOBER 04:  Quarterback JaMarcus Russell #2 of the Oakland Raiders at Reliant Stadium on October 4, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

And the laughs just keep on coming.

In case anyone was asleep the past five weeks, let me get you up to speed—the Raiders are a really, really bad football team.There is no skating around that fact. There is no constructive criticism constructive enough to fix what's broken with not just the team, but the organization as a whole.

Lets talk yardage per game.

Spanning a four-game stretch, Oakland has yet to produce more than 200 yards of total offense on the field. First downs have been hard to come by as well, with offense only generating 12 per game. You can't win with numbers like that.

Lets talk injuries.

As of week five, the Raiders have 11 players currently in probable, out, and questionable status including RB Darren McFadden, G Robert Gallery, WR Chaz Schilens, and FS Michael Huff to name a few. You can't compete with the Giants of the football world with second string talent on the field.

Lets talk Russell.

Currently, Russell has a QB rating of 47.1, 606 yards, and one touchdown so far this season. This is your franchise quarterback were talking about. Remember that 2007 draft? There was a guy in that draft by the name of Adrian Peterson.

Let talk coaching.

Do you think Cable knew that he was way in over his head when he took the job? Probably not, but is he ever, on and off the field. For simulating a bar room brawl with assistant Randy Hanson, Cable might be getting more than what he bargained for.

Under California Penal Code section 245(a)(1), Cable could receive a maximum of four years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. You can't win when your coach thinks he's a UFC warrior.

Lets talk Al Davis.

The great Al Davis, the commander and chief, the orchestrator of this badly composed symphony, he has much blame. Why is it that former players believe that they can transition into management so easily, without a hitch? Stick to what you know best Al—go coach a little league team and let someone else call the shots for once.

Yes, it's bad Raider fans, so bad in fact that even Michael Vick, footballs most hated man, decided not to sign. A man who was seemingly begging for a contract with any team.

He had a little help, though. According to ESPN insider Bill Williamson, Tony Dungy instructed him against signing. What kind words did he have for Mr Davis?

"It starts with the organization and Al Davis needs to cede this over to someone else,” Dungy said. “Every coach that has been there has felt that they have been hamstrung a little bit (by ownership)."

We've all said that for awhile Tony, good luck getting him to listen to it though.

Will Oakland ever get a decent head coach, Tony?

"I don't think they will unless you can get total autonomy and I don't think that's going to happen,” Dungy said.

So as we approach week six matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles, here's one thing to look forward to: It can only get better from here on out, not worse.