Top 10 Premier League Scandals

Chris Siddell@@siddellcCorrespondent IIIDecember 29, 2011

Top 10 Premier League Scandals

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    The Premier League is one of the most watched leagues in the world, and it has had its fair share of scandal.

    From sex scandals to fraud investigations, this list highlights the top scandals from life in the Premier League.

    Gone are the days when scandal was a player being a little drunk one night before a big Premier League game.  These scandals really are big time.

    These are the Top 10 Premier League scandals.

10. Adrian Mutu Drug Ban

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    Adrian Mutu signed for Chelsea back in 2003.  Part of a big spending spree, Mutu was meant to lead the line as Chelsea pushed for glory.

    It didn’t work out that way.  Just over a year after signing, it was announced that Mutu had failed a drug test.  After testing positive for cocaine, Mutu was banned for seven months and sacked by Chelsea.

    That wasn’t the end of the scandal.  Chelsea went on to seek compensation from Mutu and the striker was ordered to pay over €15 million.

9. Third-Party Ownership

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    Carlos Tevez has not been one to shy away from controversy, but the one real scandal in his Premier League career came at West Ham.

    The striker was part of a huge scandal involving third-party ownership and the fielding of ineligible players.

    Tevez was not signed by West Ham, but merely loaned from an investment group (the third party) who owned the rights to Tevez.  This is not allowed in the Premier League.

    West Ham survived relegation thanks to a now-infamous Tevez goal.  Once the third-party ownership came to light, Sheffield United, who were relegated, were quick to complain.

    After a long investigation, it was confirmed that West Ham were in breach of third-party ownership rules and that Tevez had been an important part of West Ham staying up.  As a result, West Ham were forced to pay a large sum in compensation to Sheffield United in an out-of-court settlement.

8. John Terry Affair

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    John Terry is a Premier League legend.  During his career, Terry has become one of the best defenders ever in the Premier League.

    In early 2010, it emerged that Terry had been having an affair with the girlfriend of Chelsea teammate Wayne Bridge.

    The affair led to Bridge quitting the England team, and was one of the biggest Premier League scandals in 2010.

7. Rio Ferdinand and the Missed Drug Test

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    Rio Ferdinand was signed by Manchester United in 2002.  He was the most expensive defender in the world, and a huge signing for United.

    Just over a year into his United career, it emerged that Ferdinand missed a drug test.

    The case received a huge amount of coverage, mainly due to the stature of both Ferdinand and his club.  Despite claims that Ferdinand simply left training without taking the test because he forgot about it, he was still found guilty.

    Ferdinand was given an eight-month ban for missing the test.  After an appeal where United sought to have the ban reduced and FIFA to have it increased, the original eight months was upheld and served.

6. Harry Redknapp Tax Evasion Case

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    Harry Redknapp is one of the favourites to take over as the next England manager.  One of the best managers in the Premier League, Redknapp took over at Tottenham with the club facing relegation. 

    Now they are fighting for the title.

    Redknapp, however, will have other things on his mind in January.  He faces a trip to court over allegations of tax evasion and illegal payments made during his time as Portsmouth manager.

    Redknapp will appear in court along with former Portsmouth owner Milan Mandaric as the pair try to clear their names of a scandal that threatens to ruin their reputations.

    It speaks volumes for the Premier League that a manager facing criminal charges for tax evasion becomes a minor story behind a footballer having sexual relations.

5. John Terry and the Alleged Racist Abuse

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    John Terry makes his second appearance in the list after an alleged racist outburst aimed at Anton Ferdinand.

    The England and Chelsea captain has since been investigated by the police and has been charged with a racially-motivated public order offence.

    Despite still only being an alleged incident, Terry has made the front pages and headlines over the incident. 

    The Premier League and its supporters should be proud that an incident like this is now a scandal.  Too often incidents like this are overlooked.

4. Kolo Toure and the Diet Pills

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    Manchester City defender Kolo Toure made the headlines in 2011 when he was banned for taking a banned substance.

    His explanation was that he had been taking diet pills that belonged to his wife.

    In the end, Toure was banned for six months after it was widely accepted he had not been taking the drugs to enhance performance.

3. Ryan Giggs Sex Scandal

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    Ryan Giggs was one of the most respected footballers in the Premier League.  Then along came the super injunction.

    Giggs was at the centre of probably the most talked about sex scandal there has been in Premier League history. 

    Giggs’ name was exposed on Twitter, and it became common knowledge that Giggs was involved in a covered-up affair.  But that wasn’t the peak of the scandal, it went all the way to Parliament.

    Having been exposed in the Houses of Parliament, Giggs was part of a long, drawn-out scandal that involved more than one affair.

2. Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra

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    Luis Suarez is a man that seems to attract scandal and controversy.  The recent racism row with Patrice Evra seems to have divided the football community.

    After a long investigation and a two-day hearing, Suarez was eventually found guilty of using abusive language towards Evra with reference to his race.

    An eight-game ban was given to Suarez, despite the case being hinged on Evra as the only witness.

1. Keys and Gray Sexism

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    Richard Keys and Andy Gray were the unofficial face of the Premier League.  For nearly 20 years, Keys and Gray were the main football presenters on Sky Sports.

    But in January 2011, that all changed.  The pair were caught chatting off the air about the credentials of a female official, suggesting that she may not be familiar with the rules.

    Quickly, more footage appeared online showing the pair making sexist remarks in the studio.  Needless to say, the pair no longer work for Sky.

    This really is the ultimate football scandal.  "This is man's game; woman does not understand."  A real scandal.


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