WWE News: Goldust Blocking Twitter Followers Who Don't Believe in Jesus Christ

Stuart Broughton@@SLBroughton92Contributor IIIDecember 21, 2011

WWE fan favorite Goldust has recently announced via his Twitter account that if his followers don't believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, they will be blocked.

The Bizarre Superstar has always been known as a passionate Christian along with a number of other hugely popular wrestlers, such as Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley, but has he gone too far? Early today on his Twitter account @WWEGoldust announced the following:

"I believe in Christ and if u don't i block you so go walk with the devil"

This comment has sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe and social media in general. It is hard to believe that a man of his reputation would post such a horrible and hateful comment judging his many loyal fans. However, Goldust obviously thinks that this is an acceptable thing to say as he also tweeted another similar comment:

"Also merry Christmas everyone......and if you don't believe in Christmas or the birth of christ, then you need to get right with the lord.."

I am not a religious person and have no interest in being one, but I certainly don't tell people who are that they can't be my friends because of their beliefs. The son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes needs to sort his act out if he thinks he can get away with such behavior. There is no doubt that WWE staff will have words with him about this, as his fans have already caused an uproar on his account.

I find it so hard to understand how he can do this to his fans. The fans that have been begging the WWE to give him a spot on next year's Wrestlemania. The fans that are waiting for him to challenge his half-brother Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Championship. The fans that have spent their hard-earned money on his autobiography. But this doesn't seem to matter to the aging WWE superstar, as he continues to judge fans for not following his chosen religion.

Isn't Christianity supposed to be built on tolerance? Obviously not in Goldust's opinion.

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