The Most Shocking Moment in Every BCS Program's History

Carl Stine@@CFBAllDayCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2011

The Most Shocking Moment in Every BCS Program's History

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    What was the most shocking event in the history of your favorite BCS program?

    Was it some type of sordid scandal, a coaching hire or even an incredible play?

    This list runs them all down, in no particular order of significance, from the "Bluegrass Miracle" to the Sandusky scandal at Penn State.

    Feel free to leave your suggestions, and let us know what we might have missed.

Vanderbilt Commodores: 2008 Season

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    Vanderbilt has been the punching bag of the SEC for a very long time.

    You may not realize how bad it actually has been.

    In 1982, Vandy went to a bowl game.

    They did not have another winning season until 2008, when they finished 6-6, and beat Boston College in the Music City Bowl.

    Didn't see that one coming.

South Carolina Gamecocks: Tommy Chaikin's Steroids

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    Gamecocks defensive lineman Tommy Chaikin contributed to an article in Sports Illustrated back in 1988 entitled "The Nightmare of Steroids".

    In the piece, Chaikin detailed his steroid use during his playing time at SC.

    Three members of the coaching staff pleaded guilty to providing PEDs to players, but none of this was an NCAA violation.

    "The Stephen Garcia Saga" is a distant second.

Georgia Bulldogs: "The Gator Stomp"

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    In the "Cocktail Party" rivalry game, there have been several that stand out.

    One of the more notable was the 2007 version.

    Georgia head coach, Mark Richt, ordered his team to get an excessive celebration penalty after their first score, intending that the 11 guys on the field draw the penalty for excessive celebration and hoping the move would motivate his underdog Bulldogs team.

    It worked, but not quite the way he wanted it to.

    The bench cleared, and the entire team celebrated the first score, resulting in the Dawgs having to kick from their 8-yard line on the ensuing kickoff.

    Georgia ended up winning 42-30, proving that Richt knew what he was doing.

Alabama Crimson Tide: Albert Means

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    The Crimson Tide are back at the top of college football's elite teams.

    However, it wasn't that long ago that the program was in danger of earning the infamous "death penalty."

    'Bama booster Logan Young was convicted of paying Means' high school coach $150,000.00 to get him to play for the Tide.

    This resulted in a two-year bowl ban, 21 scholarships lost and years of mediocrity, ending only when Nick Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa.

    Means, meanwhile, wound up not even playing for the Tide.

Auburn Tigers: Eric Ramsey's Bullet-Proof Takedown

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    The whole Cam Newton thing was a little bit of a scandal, but this situation was more of a mess.

    Ramsey, a defensive back for the Tigers, alleged that he had been receiving improper benefits to play for the Tigers, and had more than 70 tape recordings to prove it.

    Booster Bill "Corky" Frost and Auburn AD and coach Pat Dye were the guys who took the fall, even though Ramsey would not allow the FBI to verify the authenticity of his tapes.

    It was discovered that Frost set up a payment plan to give Ramsey money for every interception and every touchdown.

    Dye eventually resigned, and Ramsey and his wife wore bullet proof vests to their graduation commencement exercises.

Florida Gators: Urban Meyer's Departure

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    Pretty much anything that came out of Steve Spurrier's mouth was shocking, and usually entertaining.

    Charley Pell had to set some kind of record with 100-plus NCAA violations during his time at UF.

    However, Meyer choosing to retire immediately following the 2010 football season left fans shocked.

    He had enjoyed immense success, including being the guy that got to coach Tim Tebow to SEC and national titles.

    Then he chose to retire to spend time with his family.

    That lasted about 11 months.

Arkansas Razorbacks: Houston Nutt's Indiscretions

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    Houston Nutt's time in Fayatteville was not pleasant.

    Nutt was coaching at Arkansas in 2006 when high school star Mitch Mustain came to join the program, along with some teammates and their head coach, a guy named Gus Malzahn.

    When Malzahn's offense was not used and the boys did not play, angry parents confronted Nutt, Malzahn left for Tulsa, Nutt's family friend and Arkansas booster sent out a demeaning email regarding Mustain and teammate Damien Williams after they bolted for USC, and general havoc ensued.

    This all culminated with Nutt's university cell phone being searched and turning up more than 1,000 text messages to a local newscaster, bolstering the rumors of an affair.

    What a mess...

Kentucky Wildcats: Hal Mumme Takes the Fall

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    Hal Mumme was the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats for two of the few successful seasons the program has had.

    The man was the architect of the "Airraid" offense that has been in vogue with high schools for the past decade, and he led the Wildcats to their first New Year's Day bowl in 47 years.

    He resigned in 2001, in the midst of an investigation regarding recruiting violations, mainly paying recruits.

    Of course, the "Bluegrass Miracle" has to be near the top of this list as well.

Tennessee Volunteers: 2001 SEC Championship Game

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    Casey Clausen and the Volunteers were 10-1 and sitting pretty at No. 2 in the polls, headed for the BCS title game, before this fiasco.

    The Vols fell to LSU, 31-20, and wound up playing in the Citrus Bowl as both LSU and Florida wound up in BCS games.

    Also of note, Peyton Manning never won a championship.

Ole Miss Rebels: David Cutcliffe Let Go

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    Cutcliffe was not the greatest recruiter, but he helped energize a dead program in his years at Ole Miss.

    Despite his 44–29 record, five straight winning seasons, and guiding the team to its first 10-win season in more than 30 years, Cutcliffe was fired by Ole Miss's AD, Pete Boone, in December of 2004.

    This led to the Ed Orgeron hiring, which led to the first winless SEC season in Rebels history.

    One might wonder if that would have happened had Cutcliffe been allowed to build on his success.

Mississippi State Bulldogs: 'Bama Streak Ends

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    The tragic loss of 20-year-old defensive end Nick Bell was a sad day for the program and should not be forgotten.

    However, on a less negative note, the Bulldogs pulled of a great upset over Bear Bryant's Crimson Tide in 1980.

    The Tide were No. 1 in the nation and riding a 28-game winning streak that day in Jackson.

    Alabama launched a furious drive in the waning minutes, with the score sitting at 6-3, trying to continue their streak and remain atop the rankings.

    With the ball at the Mississippi State 4-yard line and national title aspirations on the line, 'Bama quarterback Don Jacobs rolled to the right and was met in the backfield by Bulldogs defender Tyrone Keys.

    Keys blasted Jacobs, knocking the ball loose, and the Bulldogs emerged from the pile with the ball.

    Game over, streak over, No. 1 ranking over.

LSU Tigers: "The Bluegrass Miracle"

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    The Tigers' off-field issues just prior to this season and in the middle of it were pretty shocking, but this game cannot be touched.

    November 9, 2002.

    The score was 30-27 in favor of Kentucky, and the fans were hungry for revenge after a game-winning, last-second score had cost them their game against LSU in 2001.

    Kentucky fans lined the field, ready to rush following this play. As a matter of fact, some of the fans were already on the field, and Kentucky's players had given head coach Guy Morriss a Gatorade bath, because they felt there was no way the Tigers could score from 74 yards away.

    Bet they felt stupid after this one.

    From his own 18, Tigers quarterback Marcus Randall heaved a ball as far as he could as time ran off the clock.

    Fireworks exploded in anticipation of Kentucky's win while the ball still hung in the air.

    Then, the ridiculous happened.

    The ball was deflected, in traffic, off the hands of LSU wide receiver Michael Clayton into the ready arms of Devery Henderson.

    LSU's speedy wide receiver broke one final tackle and stormed into the end zone, securing the 33-30 win for the Tigers.

Louisville Cardinals: Brett Favre's Miracle

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    You know about Brett Favre's incredible NFL career.

    However, he pulled off at least one miraculous play in college, this one against the Cardinals.

    In a 1989 game against USM, the score was even at 10 apiece, with six seconds left to play.

    USM had the ball, and Favre and the Golden Eagles had to go 79 yards for the score.

    Favre heaved up a pass that was deflected but bounced off the helmet of USM's Michael Jackson, and into the hands of Darryl Tillman, who took the ball in for the game-winning score.


Rutgers Scarlet Knights: Schiano Turns It Around

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    Rutgers has been one of the three worst teams in college football for decades.

    Greg Schiano took over in 2001 and broke through in 2005, leading the Scarlet Knights to their first winning season in a decade.

    He has been a huge advocate for rules governing kickoffs since the horrible accident that paralyzed Rutgers' Eric LeGrand.

    LeGrand has since recovered and is an inspiring figure to those looking for some inspiration in a sometimes tarnished sport.

Pitt Panthers: Mike Haywood/Todd Graham Merry-Go-Round

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    Pitt has undergone quite the coaching carousel since Dave Wannstedt's resignation in December of 2010.

    The university hired Mike Haywood on December 16th, but he was let go roughly two weeks later after an arrest on a domestic violence charge.

    Tulsa's offensive wizard, Todd Graham, moved into the position on January 10th, 2011, but after a disappointing season, resigned his position at a mediocre BCS program with half a year of unbearable weather, for another position at a mediocre BCS program with unbearable weather for half the year.


UConn Huskies: Loss of Jasper Howard

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    It's always tragic when a life is cut short, and Howard's sad ending was no exception.

    On October 17, 2009, Howard had one of the best games of his career, posting 11 total tackles and a key forced fumble in the Huskies' victory over Louisville.

    After the game, he told teammates, "Play each play like it's the last play you'll ever play."

    That night, he was stabbed to death on the UConn campus.

    A tragic end for anyone, and a rough time for the UConn program to suffer.

USF Bulls: Rise in AP

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    USF rose to new heights for a team transitioning to FBS football during their switch.

    The Bulls broke into the rankings 10 years and 10 days after they played their first game against Kentucky Wesleyan.

    Boise State jumped into the AP rankings 115 polls after they joined the FBS.

    USF did it in 104.

    They also had an unprecedented rise to the top 10, jumping in 106 AP polls after they joined the FBS, faster than any other team that has made the jump.

Cincinnati Bearcats: Brian Kelly Departure

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    Brian Kelly led the Bearcats to a BCS game, then bolted for Notre Dame before he could coach said contest.

    The man had led the team to two Big East titles, and who knows where he could have taken the program?

    Of course, anybody would jump at the chance to take the Irish coaching job, but for Cincy fans, it was a shocking turn of events.

Syracuse Orange: The Decade of Disaster

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    Syracuse has had a bad football team for a long time, outside of the success enjoyed when Donovan McNabb was at the helm of the offense.

    As a matter of fact, 'Cuse's 43-77 record over the last 10 years is better than only Vandy, Duke and Indiana—pretty disappointing company for a program that bottomed out when they had a six-win season prior to that.

    The next decade can't possibly be that bad.

West Virginia Mountaineers: '70 Backyard Brawl

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    WVU and head coach Bobby Bowden collapsed in a major way in this one.

    The Mountaineers led their hated rival, Pitt, 35-8 at halftime in the Backyard Brawl.

    Then things got ugly.

    When the dust cleared, the Panthers had scored 28 unanswered points to take the victory, 36-35.


N.C. State: Russell Wilson Dismissed

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    Tom O'Brien, head coach of the Wolfpack, decided he did not want to see Russell Wilson back with the program in 2011 if he did not give up baseball to focus on football.

    Wilson pursued his stickball career, and was consequently let go.

    Too bad.

    He finished the season as one of the top five quarterbacks in the country, and while N.C. State toils in relative obscurity in the Belk Bowl, Wilson's Badgers are going to Pasadena.

Boston College Eagles: 1996 Gambling Scandal

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    Flutie's Hail Mary was a great moment in BC history and one of the high points in Eagles history.

    The gambling scandal that engulfed the program in 1996, not so much.

    Players had bet that the Eagles would lose a game to Syracuse (which they did), and word reached head coach Dan Henning.

    This resulted in an investigation that led to 13 suspensions from the team, including seven guys being permanently dismissed.

Maryland Terrapins: "Are You in or Are You Out?"

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    In Ralph Friedgen's first season at Maryland in 2001, he led them to a shocking ACC title and Orange Bowl berth.

    He confronted players' motivation and desire with the question, "Are you in or are you out?"

    He never matched the success of that season, but he won numerous coaching awards, as well as helping Maryland become the first outright ACC champion by any team other than Florida State since the 'Noles joined the conference.

Miami Hurricanes: Any Season Not Marred by Scandal

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    Enough said.

Florida State Seminoles: Free Shoes University

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    In October 1999, Florida State All-American wide receiver Peter Warrick and Laveranues Coles were arrested and pleaded guilty to petit theft of clothes and shoes at Dillard’s department store.

    However, that was not the first time the school had issues with free foot gear being handed out to players.

    During the Seminoles' 1993 run to the title, nine players violated NCAA rules during a shopping spree at Foot Locker.

    This led to rival Florida's head coach, Steve Spurrier, referring to the school as "Free Shoes University."

Duke Blue Devils: Winning Seasons

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    Duke does not win often.

    You think I am kidding?

    The Blue Devils have had four winning seasons since 1975.

    They have not had a winning record since 1989.

    Anytime they do earn a positive record, it's a shock.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons: Merrill Noel

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    Wake Forest cornerback Merrill Noel came out of nowhere for the Deacons.

    He was named to multiple Freshman All-American teams and led the nation in passes defended per game.

    Originally recruited to Florida State, Noel switched commits to Wake and made an immediate impact as a freshman.

Virginia Cavaliers: UVA Beats Clemson, Finally

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    Virginia enjoyed a great measure of success under head coach George Welsh in the 80s.

    However, they could not beat Clemson.

    Heading into the 1990 season, the series stood at 29-0 in favor of the Tigers.


    That all changed in the second game of the 1990 season.

    A team featuring Herman Moore and Chris Slade finally defeated Clemson, who was a top 10 team at the time, starting the Cavs' rise in the polls that season.

Virginia Tech Hokies: The Vicks

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    With brothers Marcus and Michael, the Hokies got two totally different characters.

    Michael displayed incredible ability, literally shocking fans with his agility and constant Houdini-like escapes from the clutches of tacklers.

    Marcus became famous for incidents such as giving fans the finger and the stomping incident documented in this video.

    Two brothers, one exciting, one polarizing, at the same school, inspired fans to awe with different types of behavior.

UNC Tar Heels: Davis' Untimely Firing

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    The whole controversy at UNC was a mess.

    Yes, guys deserved to be suspended and dismissed. Yes, Butch Davis needed to go.

    However, to dismiss the guy just days before fall camp was somewhat irresponsible by the university.

    He should have been let go earlier, as soon as the information about what was going on came to light.

Clemson Tigers: The Brawl 1.0 and 2.0

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    Clemson and South Carolina have one of the most underrated, overheated rivalries in college football.

    Take the 2004 meeting that erupted into this brawl, for example.

    Lou Holtz spent his last game as a coach chasing down his SC players and trying to avoid getting killed.

    But this wasn't the first time such an event had taken place.

    Another brawl took place in 1983 in that edition of the game.

    And you can be pretty sure another one is going to take place fairly soon.


    Maybe not, but it sure is interesting.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: The Reuben Houston Incident

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    Houston was a cornerback for the Yellow Jackets from 2002-2005.

    This guy takes the cake.

    In 2005, he was arrested for allegedly conspiring to sell nearly 100 pounds of marijuana and suspended from the team.

    Then, a judge ordered that he be allowed to play, so he was reinstated, but still did not see much playing time.

    Interesting, to say the least.

Washington State Cougars: The Pirate King to WSU

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    Washington State has not done a whole lot of shocking things in its history.

    And while this one does not make jaws drop, it definitely qualifies as a bold move.

    Mike Leach is going to be roaming Pac-12 sidelines for seasons to come, while Craig James is running for public office.

    Which will be more entertaining?

UCLA Bruins: Cade McNown's Handicap

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    McNown was one of several players charged for having a handicap parking placard in 1996.

    He obviously is not handicapped, and yet felt it was acceptable to steal a place from someone who actually needed it.

    What a douche.

    Also of note, the Bruins upset of USC 13-9 in 2006.

USC Trojans: Heisman Returned

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    Never in the history of the trophy has a Heisman been returned until Reggie Bush returned his.

    Of course, he was a New Orleans Saint at the time, so you could argue this is not USC history.

    On an even more negative note, Vince Young's infamous run that gave the Longhorns a win over the Trojans in the BCS title game has got to make this list.

Oregon Ducks: LeGarrette's Punch

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    Boise State had just upset the Ducks at Bronco Stadium.

    Watch the video to see what ensued.

Stanford Cardinal: "The Play"

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    Let's just state the fact of this one.

    Stanford fans don't like to admit this was legit.

    John Elway led the Cardinal on a scoring drive to put them up 20-19 over Cal with four seconds left.

    Game over, right?

    Cal obviously had other ideas.

    After a squib kick, five laterals and the Stanford band interfering in the play, the officials conferred and awarded the Golden Bears a touchdown.

    Madness ensued.

Washington Huskies: The End of Don James

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    Don James was arguably the greatest coach in UW history.

    His departure was a shame.

    He resigned due to Pac-10 sanctions imposed on the program which put Washington on two years' probation, banned the program from postseason appearances in 1993 and 1994, banned the team from 1993 television revenue and reduced the number of official recruiting visits and available scholarships.

    After an undefeated season and two consecutive Rose Bowl appearances, James was at the peak of his career but stepped down in protest of these sanctions, which the NCAA added to after his departure.

Arizona State Sun Devils: Loren Wade's Killing

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    This is a little more severe and sordid than most, but in 2007, Arizona State tailback Loren Wade was found guilty of second degree murder in the killing of teammate Brandon Falkner.

    This came shortly after Wade had been suspended for nine games from the team for accepting improper benefits from an ASU employee with whom he had an affair.

    A sad end to some solid talent, and a shocking indictment of that ASU employee.

Oregon State Beavers: 3-0

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    There have been some pretty crazy events in Oregon State history, including an inebriated player taking down a police officer.

    But that's a story for another day.

    In the 2008 Sun Bowl, the Beavers were the underdog, and found themselves facing a tough Pitt Panthers squad.

    That didn't matter in the end.

    In what is going to be remembered as the most boring bowl game of the modern era, the Beavers knocked off Pitt 3-0.

    That's right, the teams scored three points, total.

    I hope you took the under.

Arizona Wildcats: Colorado State Stunner

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    In 1993, the Wildcats posted their first 10-win season, and capped that off with a 29-0 beating of the Miami Hurricanes in the Fiesta Bowl.

    At the beginning of the '94 season, they debuted at No. 6 in the AP poll.

    Led by head coach Dick Tomey, the Wildcats were hoping for a Rose Bowl berth.

    After starting the season 4-0, they suffered a crushing upset against Colorado State, and the season crashed from there.

    Arizona has still never been to the Rose Bowl.

Cal Golden Bears: The Play

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    This is the only incident on this list that applies to both teams.

    Just watch the video, it's nuts.

Utah Utes: First "BCS Buster"

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    Forget Boise State, Utah was the first "BCS Buster" in history.

    For those of us who felt they did not belong in the BCS due to their schedule strength, they sent a strong message when they shellacked Pitt 35-7 in the 2005 Fiesta Bowl.

    As if that wasn't enough, they knocked off a very good but unprepared Alabama squad in the 2009 Sugar Bowl.

    Good stuff.

Colorado Bufffaloes: The Gary Barnett Era

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    The entire Gary Barnett era at Colorado was marred by scandal and disgusting allegations.

    He was forced to resign in 2005 after his recruiting practices involving sex, drugs and alcohol were brought to light.

    His horrible treatment of kicker Katie Hnida after she accused a teammate of rape was reprehensible, and his time at the program has left a mark that will not fade for a long time.

Oklahoma State Cowboys: Hart Lee Dykes

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    Oklahoma, Illinois and Texas A&M were all involved in this scandal as well, and ended up on probation.

    However, the Cowboys eventually won Dykes' services, after shelling out $23,000 for his commitment.

    Dykes was a great wide receiver, but when this came out into the open, it resulted in these four programs being put on probation.

    Of course, that loss to Iowa State earlier this season was pretty shocking as well.

Texas A&M Aggies: Move to SEC

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    The Aggies shocked the college football universe by making the decision to move to the premier conference in the nation, setting off a nearly nationwide domino effect that saw teams shuffling conferences from coast to coast.

    So long, Texas and the Big 12, hello SEC and some rough seasons in conference play.

Oklahoma Sooners: February 1999, Switzer's "Sordid Story" in SI

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    Barry Switzer proved that winners have more latitude for error when he coached at Oklahoma in the 80s.

    He was finally let go after 18 NCAA violations, allegations of rape by players and recruits being paid and the arrest of quarterback Charles Thompson for selling cocaine.

    Sports Illustrated's article in the February 27, 1989 issue blew the cover off of this on a national level and created a controversy that had not been approached until the whole Penn State/Sandusky scandal.

Kansas State Wildcats: The Legend of Bill Snyder

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    Forget moments, this guy has provided game after game of coaching excellence to the delight of K-State fans.

    When he first came to the Wildcats in 1989, he took over a program with one bowl appearance ever, four winning seasons in 44 years and in the middle of a 27-game losing streak.

    He turned the program around, leading them to multiple winning seasons, including multiple bowl appearances and double-digit win seasons.

    He retired in 2005, but returned to the program in 2009 and led the Wildcats to BCS bowl eligibility this season.

    To top that all off, he is in his 70s.

Kansas Jayhawks: October 6, 1990

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    It doesn't seem to be all that significant.

    However, the Jayhawks' 34-34 tie with Iowa State set a shocking NCAA record.

    Kansas holds the mark for most ties by any program in history.

    That's right, this game gave them 57 ties in the program's history and set a mark that will likely never be broken.

Texas Longhorns: Rose Bowl Shocker

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    This score by Vince Young was the play that put the exclamation point on one of the best games in college football history.

    Young gave the 'Horns a national title game, and added to his already-great argument that he should have been the Heisman winner that season.

    There have been plenty of disturbing events in Texas history, but this on-the-field event trumps them all.

Texas Tech Red Raiders: Leach vs. James

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    Texas Tech wide receiver Adam James claimed he was put into the "deepest darkest spot" with a guard posted when he had to miss practice due to a concussion.

    He claimed he was made to do this by then head coach Mike Leach.

    Many viewed the consequent firing of Leach as Tech's method of getting out of paying the money they owed the coach the day after he was released.

    It has also been viewed as an incident in which the celebrity of Craig James, Adam's father, played a role in Leach getting the can.

Missouri Tigers: Gary Pinkel Arrest/ Move to SEC

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    Head coach Gary Pinkel was arrested for DWI in November of this season.

    That's right, smack in the middle of football season.

    That said, who knows what you would do if you coached the Tigers this season.

    Also, the Tigers made the decision to move to the SEC.

    That's surprising and going to be very tough for a team that has not even fared that well in the Big 12.

Iowa State Cyclones: Upset of the Cowboys

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    Look, the Cyclones are a mediocre team on a pretty regular basis.

    This season was no exception, as they manged to reach bowl eligibility, just barely.

    In mid-November, the Oklahoma State Cowboys had the inside track for the BCS title game going into their matchup with ISU.

    The Cowboys were heavy favorites and expected to steamroll the 'Clones.

    Not so much.

    When the dust had cleared, Iowa State had knocked them out of the title game in overtime, 37-31.

Baylor Bears: Robert Griffin's Heisman

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    Baylor had never had a Heisman winner in the school's history, which qualifies RG3 for this list.

    He did not have the media hype, the national exposure or a team competing for a BCS berth, all of which are usually required for a guy to win the award.

    In a departure from what had become the norm, RG3 walked away with the hardware, winning the award in a deserving manner, and putting Baylor on the map.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish: George O'Leary Lies

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    Notre Dame has few sordid tales in its history but has a plethora of great games and wild finishes from which to choose.

    This event, rather than putting the university in a bad light, should show some discretion on the part of the administration.

    Back in 2001, George O'Leary was hired at ND as the new head coach.

    Five days later, he was let go after padding his resume.

    He lied about a degree he supposedly obtained, as well as lettering in football at the university of New Hampshire.

    Whoops, apparently someone decided to actually vette this info, and O'Leary was sent packing.

Northwestern Wildcats: The Original "Cardiac Cats"

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    The Wildcats have earned the nickname "Cardiac Cats" for their continued persistence in waiting until the final moments of games to actually determine the outcome.

    This began with a game against Michigan on October 6, 1996.

    The Wildcats beat the Wolverines 17-16.

    They scored all 17 points in the fourth quarter and needed a field goal with :08 on the clock to win the game.

     Also of note was their upset of an undefeated Iowa team in 2009. 

Indiana Hoosiers: Beating by Wisconsin

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    The Hoosiers have been pretty much a prime candidate to get pounded every time they take the field.

    The beating they took at the hands of Wisconsin in 2010 was of epic proportions, however, and earns a spot on this list.

    The final—Wisconsin 83, Indiana 20.

    Sure, Hoosier starting quarterback Ben Chappell left the game early with an injury, but the Badgers were without star running back John Clay, and even played their fourth-string quarterback for a time.

    This is one Hoosiers fans would rather forget.

Purdue Boilermakers: Starks Flips Script

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    This is as close as Purdue has ever been to sniffing a BCS title.

    They were ranked in the top five and had a lead on the 12th-ranked Badgers with under three minutes left.

    The defense had limited the Badgers all day long, and all they had to do was not turn the ball over, punt it and stop the Badgers from scoring.

    Of course, Kyle Orton scrambled and fumbled, and the Badgers won the game, sending the Boilers into a downward spiral.

Iowa Hawkeyes: Running Back Bad Luck

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    Iowa running back Marcus Coker has been suspended for the Hawkeyes' bowl game against Oklahoma.

    Why is this a shocker?

    Because Coker is only the most recent in a line of Iowa backs to get into some sort of health trouble or have issues with rules or the law.

    Since Shonn Greene won the Doak Walker award in 2008, the Hawkeyes have not had much luck at the position.

    Adam Robinson was suspended for last season's game, then arrested shortly after for possession of marijuana.

    Jewel Hampton announced he was transferring, as did Brandon Wegher, toward the end of last season.

    Iowa fans have got to be hoping this stops, and in the very near future.

Nebraska Cornhuskers: Tom Osborne Keeps Phillips

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    There is still argument about this situation.

    Did Tom Osborne do the right thing not kicking Lawrence Phillips off the team, or did he only reinforce the idea that college football stars can get away with just about anything?

    Phillips was arrested after the second game of the 1995 season for assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Kate McEwen, a basketball player for the Nebraska women's team.

    Osborne suspended Phillips, stating he felt he would benefit from the structure the football program provided, rather than kicking him off the team.

    Would he have done the same for a third-string linebacker who was not a Heisman candidate?

Michigan State Spartans: "Hail Mary" and "Little Giants"

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    Michigan State has given us two of the best moments in college football in 2010 and 2011.

    There was the "Little Giants" play to knock off Notre Dame last season.

    Then there was the play documented in the video, winning the game over Wisconsin on a last second heave.


    Could we just rematch Wisconsin and Michigan State instead of seeing the Orange Bowl?

Wisconsins Badgers: 26 Suspensions in 2000

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    In an odd turn of events, Wisconsin head coach Barry Alvarez had to deal with mass suspensions in a very short period of time.

    "The Shoe Box," a store about 25 miles from the UW Madison campus, had given 81 athletes discounts and/or interest-free credit.

    This included 47 Badger football players, 15 of whom earned a one-game suspension, 11 of whom earned three games and 21 players who were given community service.

    The NCAA required that those suspensions be served within the first four games of the 2000 season, leading to some serious depth-chart issues for Alvarez.

Penn State Nittany Lions: Sandusky Scandal

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    Enough has been written, reported and seen regarding this event to last a lifetime, and it is far from over.

    Suffice it to say that everyone involved at Penn State has shocked the rest of us, especially the fans naive enough to believe their football program was a bastion of all that is wholesome and good in the world.

Ohio State Buckeyes: Woody vs. Charlie Bauman

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    Football is an emotional game, but a man who is supposed to be a mentor and leader should never behave like this.

    "Tattoo-Gate" was a black eye, but assault is another matter entirely.

Minnesota Golden Gophers: New Coach Falls Ill

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    The Gophers have been around for a very long time.

    To the best of my knowledge, they have never had a scary incident such as Jerry Kill's incident on the sidelines early this season.

    Kill suffered a seizure in the waning minutes of the Gophers' home opener on September 10.

    He was packed in ice, put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital by the on-field ambulance, with the game and the crowd at TCF Bank Stadium brought to a stunned silence.

    He returned to the sideline later in the season and appears to be ready to coach.

Illinois Fighting Illini: 0-6

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    The Illini had one of the most shocking seasons in their history in 2011.

    They surged out to a 6-0 start, their best start since 1951.

    Whitney Mercilus was regularly crushing quarterbacks, and Ron Zook's seat seemed to have cooled off.

    Then the wheels fell off.

    The Illini went 0-6 to finish the season, Zook got canned, and they will wind up in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.


Michigan Wolverines: App State Owns the Big House

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    The opening game of the 2007 season was a nightmare for the Wolverines.

    They were ranked fifth in the country and expected to compete for a national title.

    App State burst that bubble on opening day with a 34-32 win in "the Big House."