The Curious Case of Gregory Oden

Andrew KahnCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2008

I came across a post on the internet in which someone compared Greg Oden to Benjamin Button, the fictional character from the new movie starring Brad Pitt.

After recently watching the film, I realized that this was true: Greg Oden is the real Benjamin Button. I wish I had been the first to think of this, but in any event, let's take a further look.

Oden has currently been on this planet for 20 years. If we're saying he has Button's "condition," that would mean his body is somewhere around 70 years of age. His mind, however, would still be the mind of a 20-year-old. On his personal blog, there's nothing to lead us to believe his mind is any more mature.

Here are a couple excerpts:

"Then in New York i just like it, me and Steve Blake went out to dinner and i got to see some of the places that were on this weeks [sic] episode of Gossip Girl."

"To everyone whos [sic] reading have a Happy Thanksgiving and know that today is about giving thanks, not turkey, but i will eat a full turkey myself."Β 

See what I mean? His brain is apparently working similarly to Benjamin's, and we can expect him to mature as the years pass.

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But what about his body? Well, take a look at the above picture. That is a recent photo. Does that look like the face of a 20-year-old? He looks like he could be LeBron's father.

Then there's the injuries. He missed time as a freshman at Ohio State, when he was close to 80, because of surgery on his wrist, an injury that occurred while he was still in high school. Last season was supposed to be Oden's first in the NBA, but surgery on his knee caused him to miss the entire year. He also exited his first game of this season with a foot injury after only 13 minutes of action.

Oden's finally healthy enough to play, but he strolls up and down the court with a noticeable hobble, resembling a senior with a cane more so than a young athlete.

But fear not, Trail Blazer fans! Oden's physical ailments should go away in time, and by the end of his playing career, he should be the dominant force the Portland franchise expected him to be when they drafted him.

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