Drew Brees Sesame Street Video: Watch NFL Superstar Hang With Elmo

Tim Daniels@TimDanielsBRFeatured ColumnistDecember 13, 2011

In between throwing darts to Jimmy Graham and Marques Colston, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees recently found time to take a trip to Sesame Street to hang out with everybody's favorite little red monster Elmo.

A video of the encounter in embedded above.

Brees spends a couple minutes teaching Elmo about the meaning of the word measure. He even navigates the entire two-minute drill without the benefit of a timeout, from giving a basic definition to using different items, such as a potato, football or tube of toothpaste to see how tall the furry red character is.

It's actually pretty funny to see Brees, who is usually as intense as they come on Sunday afternoons, joking around with Elmo.

That said, don't expect him to be winning any awards for his acting performance. It took him awhile to find a rhythm with the puppet. Brees would probably tell you he'd rather be helping a new wide receiver learn the playbook than be in front of a TV camera, but all told, he did a nice job.

Another interesting part about the video is how Brees, who's a Super Bowl champion and perennially among the league leaders in passer rating, can do it without any backlash.

Could you imagine if Tony Romo or another highly-scrutinized quarterback used some free time to chill with Elmo? They'd never hear the end of it. Every time they threw an interception, some smart aleck would take to Twitter and type, “Maybe Elmo should have taught you how to throw.”

But Brees gets a pass because of his terrific reputation, and rightfully so. He's truly one of the NFL's good guys and helped New Orleans get back on its feet after Hurricane Katrina.

Maybe if the Saints make another championship run, Brees can return in the offseason with the Lombardi Trophy to see how Elmo measures up.