Monday Night Raw Results 12/12/2011: The Top 4 Questions Going Forward

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIDecember 13, 2011

Monday Night Raw Results 12/12/2011: The Top 4 Questions Going Forward

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    Special "Slammy Awards" version of Monday Night RAW!

    Tonight we witnessed the return of Triple H, a Dynamic Dudes T-shirt and the resurrection of Kane!

    As I do every Monday night following RAW, I present the "Top Questions Going Forward."

    These questions are meant to stimulate conversation and give us pause so we can examine current storylines.

    Shall we have it?

When Will the Commentators Stop Embarrassing Themselves?

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    Tonight’s Slammy Awards opened with the "Tell Me I Did Not Just See That Moment of the Year" award. Jim Ross was presented as the winner for his “dance off” victory against Michael Cole. No one was shocked when Cole interrupted the award presentation.

    Instead of letting Ross and the audience have a good laugh, we were forced to go through ANOTHER ridiculous contest between Michael Cole and Jim Ross. This time Booker T suggested a “rap off” between the two commentators.

    Michael Cole went first and danced like a buffoon while rapping worse than the high school kids do behind the bowling alley near my house.

    Of course, that was still a better performance than what Jim Ross gave us. Ross began his rap and then forgot all of his lines thus making the entire segment go from awkward to downright embarrassing.

    If that was not enough entertainment, Jim Ross then attempted to do the Spinarooni. My wife, who knows nothing about wresting, thought the man was having a legitimate seizure. I was more entertained by her naïve comment then I was by the entire opening segment.

    I can only hope that this disaster will make the WWE Creative team rethink ever putting Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross or Michael Cole in any segment that involves anything other than commentating or interviewing.

    This year has been the most horrendous year in WWE history involving commentators. I have had to sit through more irrelevant promos and dismal matches involving the men who are supposed to be calling the action then I have ever seen.

    What purpose do these segments serve? Does the WWE want to wreck Jim Ross’ legacy?

Will CM Punk's Feud with John Laurinaitis Evolve?

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    I will admit that my favorite moment of the night had to be the John Laurinaitis highlight reel. That was just priceless of CM Punk and showed that there may be a better feud brewing here than I originally thought.

    CM Punk and John Laurinaitis have been going back and forth ever since Laurinaitis got into the spotlight a few months back. Tonight we saw Punk and Laurinaitis taking more jabs at one another and that has lead me to believe that this feud is only just beginning.

    Would you enjoy CM Punk and John Laurinaitis butting heads more openly?

    The sarcastic quips, awkward inferences and scathing insults over the past month may have only been the tip of the iceberg. When Laurinaitis came out and accepted CM Punk’s “Superstar of the Year” award I began to realize that Laurinaitis may come across as boring, but his persona works. There is more to him than I originally gave credit and for that I will apologize.

    Many fans believed CM Punk would feud with Triple H in the same fashion that Steve Austin and Vince McMahon battled. Perhaps it will be Punk and Laurinaitis who face off. We will see.

    How do you feel about this feud?

Are Expectations Too High for the John Cena vs. Rock Match?

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    John Cena accepted an award for "Game-Changer of the Year" tonight. The Rock was also co-winner, but of course was not present on RAW tonight.

    Cena decided to bash The Rock for not being there to accept the award with him. His subtle shots about how The Rock is not a full-time wrestler came across as petty if you ask me. We are all well aware The Rock is a movie star now and does not wrestle on a full-time schedule. That does not mean The Rock has turned his back on his fans, as Cena seems to insinuate.

    After Cena accepted the award he made sure to plug WrestleMania 28 and his match with the Rock. Heaven forbid we do not go one week without hearing about the “match of the century.” He made sure to pump the crowd up about the historical importance of his upcoming battle with The Rock.

    Are expectations becoming too high for this match?

    I have said it before, but there is no way to please everyone with this match. If The Rock wins, it will be a slap in the face to the younger fans of today and if John Cena wins, there will be a riot by the older fans.

    My main concern is that this match does not live up to its expectations and no one is pleased.

What Does the Return of Kane Signify?

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    Kane has finally returned and he has his old mask back. Tonight’s RAW ended with Kane giving John Cena his patented chokeslam into the mat.

    Kane’s return during Mark Henry and John Cena’s match cannot be a coincidence. After all, it was Henry who put Kane out of action originally. One has to believe that Kane will want revenge on Henry at some point.

    However, Henry is already scheduled to face the Big Show at TLC. How will Kane’s return play a part in their match?

    I will admit that before Kane returned I thought Mark Henry would win cleanly and be done with this boring feud. Now I am not so sure. Will Kane help his former partner, the Big Show? Or will he try to take them both out in an attempt to send a message to all of the WWE?

    What do you think Kane will do this Sunday at TLC?

    Be sure to let me know what questions came out of RAW for you as well. Also make sure you follow me on Twitter@ClassicJoeyMac.

    Keep it classic everyone!