Brewers' Owner Mark Attanasio Wants a Salary Cap to Level the Playing Field

Kevin RozellSenior Writer IDecember 28, 2008

(Zell's Pinstripe Blog)

Brewers owner Mark Attanasio has spoken out about placing a salary cap in Major League Baseball. He is upset that the Yankees just spent $424 million this offseason on three big free agents. He feels that it will create a level playing field.

The idea that a salary cap will be made any time soon is hard to believe. It will never get past the players association, as it is considered the strongest workers union in America. It may not even happen in your lifetime.

“At the rate the Yankees are going, I’m not sure anyone can compete with them,” Attanasio said in an e-mail. “Frankly, the sport might need a salary cap.”

“Obviously, the 34% they kick into the revenue-sharing pool and the luxury taxes don’t affect them one whit,” said Attanasio, who was unable to keep Sabathia on his team despite a $100 million offer.

“They are on a completely different economic playing field,” Attanasio said in a telephone interview. “I paid $220 million for my team; now they get three players for $420 million.”

“At some point it gets to be absurd when a team has a $200 million payroll,” he said, adding that the Brewers wouldn’t raise their $81 million payroll because of the recession.


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