Liverpool FC: Luis Suarez Needs to Realise What Is Acceptable and Fast

Peter Webster@@petercwebsterContributor IIIDecember 8, 2011

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - DECEMBER 05: Luis Suarez of Liverpool shows his frustration during the Barclays Premier League match between Fulham and Liverpool at Craven Cottage on December 5, 2011 in London, England.  (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Scott Heavey/Getty Images

By now, the hyper-critical vultures have been circling around Luis Suarez' most recent transgression as the frustrated player flipped the bird at the Fulham fans on Monday night.

There has certainly been a mixed reaction to the player—both before and after this latest incident —but there's definitely no defending it.

For all the quality Suarez possesses, he also needs to realise the ramifications of his on-field actions.

Far be it for me to criticize someone who swears—we've all done it—but Big Brother is watching in the 21st Century and the FA will hand out a ban without a moment's hesitation.

If Suarez supplements a ban for swearing alongside a ban for racist comments towards Patrice Evra, then Liverpool could really be in trouble.

Some people say that the Fulham fans deserved it for the chants they were dishing out during the game, and whilst this may be true, retaliation on such a school playground level is not the answer.

As a professional footballer, Suarez has to take the abuse that all top-level players receive. After all, you never get the likes of Franco Di Santo being abused—because he's useless.

Fans will try to rile players in all manner of ways, and abuse from fans has to be dealt with by the club and the FA on a united front if it's ever going to be combated.The only winners from this saga are the likes of Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal who will be smirking at the potential loss Liverpool will take in the race for fourth place.

A January striker purchase for Liverpool has become a must rather than a desire now, and Suarez has shown his weakness in being hotheaded and reactionary.

Dalglish needs to control the fire that burns within Suarez, because extinguishing it would be extinguishing the player's drive and passion that comes with.

Wayne Rooney received a two-match ban for his swearing antics on camera last season against West Ham, but the FA are sailing into uncharted territories over the Evra/Suarez racism row, which is likely why they are taking so long in making a decision.

I'm hoping Suarez won't be punished for his comments towards Evra after hearing his explanation, but if he does then Liverpool could lose him for over a month in bans. That would be tragic for a Champions League push as his form is irreplaceable at the moment.

Look out for increased hostilities directed his way as the season wears on.

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