5 Sports Video Games You Should've Bought at Black Friday

Jerry Sanchez@jerrysan_3Correspondent INovember 25, 2011

5 Sports Video Games You Should've Bought at Black Friday

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    First things first, Happy Thanksgiving to the Bleacher Report community and followers! Hope all of you ate as much as you possibly could stuff in your stomach.

    Now with Thanksgiving being over, the main emphasis in terms of holidays is Christmas. We slowly transport ourselves to the happiest time of the year, and what better way to start it than Black Friday.

    Everyone knows what this unofficial holiday is: Discounts. Discounts. Discounts. Lines. And more discounts. People have been camping out at places like Wal-Mart and Best Buy for quite some time to purchase what they want to give to a significant other.

    On the East Coast, I'm sure in a matter of hours the malls and stores will open up to the numerous amount of people waiting to buy their items. However, here in the West, we still have several hours until we can go to our local stores and spend some of that hard-earned money.

    I'm a young guy with no job, so obviously there's no way I can get my hands on TVs or clothes from Express; nonetheless, I can certainly buy certain things like video games. As a guy, I'm sure most can agree that we'd rather spend money on video games rather than expensive clothes from PacSun.

    The main topic of this article is what five sports games you should spend your money on. Hopefully, I can guide you into making a right choice.

    Most of what I'll say is from either personal experience, stuff I heard on the web, or both!

Games Out Already....

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    FIFA Soccer 12

    Fight Night: Champion

    Madden NFL 12

    MLB 11: The Show (Rather wait for 2012 release)

    MLB 2k11 (Rather wait for 2012 release)

    NBA 2k12

    NHL 12

    PES 12

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters

    UFC Undisputed 2 (Rather wait for 2012 release)

    WWE '12

5. NHL 12

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    The No. 5 spot was actually rather hard to decide. Nonetheless, NHL won out.

    In reality, I can't say too much simply because I don't know much about hockey. However, it does seem like an upgrade over NHL 11.

    It has much to offer and several game modes. I'm sure it could become addicting to any gamer of any sport; so, if you're looking for a quick buy, check it out!

4. Fight Night: Champion

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    If you're big into boxing, look no further that Fight Night: Champion. It's a great game and only has one major flaw: Legacy Mode.

    Nevertheless, don't let this ruin the experience for you. It simply comes down to gameplay and presentation. Manny Pacquiao looks like Manny Pacquiao and any damage you apply to his poor opponent will show.

    Scars and punches look brutal and really makes for a live experience. Making those dream matches of Mike Tyson vs. Muhammad Ali will happen and you decide the outcome.

    Another downside of this game is that it includes no Floyd "Money" Mayweather. Is he scared of a virtual "Pac-Man"? Maybe. However, you can end up downloading him to the game if you're good with all that high-tech stuff.

3. WWE '12

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    One of the latest released games of the list, WWE is back except it's no longer Smackdown vs. Raw! Instead, they obviously changed their whole outlook on their game, and it looks great.

    For any hardcore wrestling fan, this is it: your dream. Seriously, it's much like a televised broadcast. Great camera angles, real life superstars, and accurate entrances. What you get in this game is how you have wanted it to be forever.

    Wanna see Rey Mysterio square of against the late, great Eddie Guerrero? Well, you can make it happen! How about CM Punk vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin? There too, except much better.

    The only weak thing about this game is the story mode. It's much more promos than wrestling which is mainly the reason I don't keep up with wrestling on T.V. I wanna see actual wrestling. Not just Christian talking about how cool he is or whatever!

    Still, for anyone, this should be a game to consider.

2. NBA2K12

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    It seems every year that the 2K series of basketball is looking to improve its game so much. And they delivered once again. Last year's game was extremely overrated simply because NBA Legend Michael Jordan returned to the courts. It was a fun game and an obvious upgrade over NBA2K10.

    Last year's installment was basically a preview of what we'll see years to come. I owned this extremely addicting game and this year's new game is a much better game, period.

    Players look much more like themselves, crowds and atmosphere are 10 times better, and even more legends came back with Jordan.

    One big upgrade was "My Player" mode. This year, coaches from different teams come forth to you and ask you questions. And then at the mock draft, it basically summarizes how you played and what you answered. There's more sponsors and activities you could do in this game. 

    Apart from that, everything else is much better. If you're gonna use Jerry West's Lakers against Bill Russell's Celtics, well, the screen turns black and white and the commentating is like 50 years ago. A must buy!

1. FIFA Soccer 12

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    This is without a doubt the best video game among the ones I mentioned in the second slide. It seems EA and FIFA are destined to get us, the customer, to buy their game every year. And they always come with an enhanced, must-own product.

    Soccer may not be the most popular sport in America, however it's the world's sport. For instance, its final product was converted into more than 15 languages and sold more than 3.2 million copies in the first week of its release.

    An easily addicting game, FIFA 12 offers brand-new features like Player Impact Engine, Precision Dribbling, and Tactical Defending. The P.I.E., no pun intended, makes this game much more smoother and faster that ultimately leads to fluidity.

    In replays, you can definitely see major collisions as if Puyol tackled Cristiano Ronaldo really hard. Over the course of a game, the amount of collisions the player has received could lead to an injury.

    Precision Dribbling doesn't totally change the outlook of FIFA 12, yet it does add more realism to the game and makes close control evident. It gives defenders time to stall by shielding the ball which would infuriate your opponent.

    Tactical Defending changed FIFA games for the better. Defense was sure a main push into the franchise as it is more complex than it predecessors. Of course, once you get used to it, it won't even be a problem.

    With so much more to say, I'd rather just have you check it out and decide for yourself in case you do not already own this masterpiece. Bring on FIFA 13!