World Football: The 25 Softest Goals of All Time

Callum D'SouzaSenior Writer INovember 11, 2011

World Football: The 25 Softest Goals of All Time

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    Football is a beautiful game that captivates and excites all viewers. The sublime skill, amazing tricks and sheer brilliance that is often produce at the professional level is outstanding and provides entertainment second to none.

    However it is not always glamorous and high octane. Occasionally fans watch in awe as "soft" goals are conceded. It is a managers worst night mare and although it is not as exciting or memorable as a glistening free kick, a blistering 60 yard drive or a typical Arsenal goal, but none the less they are an interesting spectacle.

    To tribute soft goals, BleacherReport aims to establish the 25 softest goals of all time. There certainly not amazing in calibre but there still pretty entertaining. Take a look.

Darren Bent vs. Liverpool-2009/2010

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    This goal will live long in English Premier League history and forever taunt and haunt trivia and football quizzes, alongside Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina.

    Sunderland striker Darren Bent took a seemingly harmless strike but unfortunately for the Reds a balloon had entered the field. The shot thrashed into the red balloon, confused Reina, sent the ball in the other direction and eventually the goal.

    Sunderland secured a 1-0 victory.

Adam Czerkas vs. Wisla Plock

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    The Polish league probably does not command too many viewers outside Poland, but after this soft and strange goal, people may be more inclined to watch. The lucky scorer Adam Czerkas may argue that the result was his intention all along.

    Either way, Wisla Plock would be ruing a very soft goal.

Tony Popovic Own Goal vs. Portsmouth

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    Imposing Australian defender Tony Popovic actually showed an impressive touch that any manager would be proud of.

    Unfortunately, the Crystal Palace man was defending his own goal and ultimately conceded a soft own goal.

Let Me Show You How It's Done

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    After the striker fails to score from the penalty spot after a smart save from the keeper, this defender is eager to show his opposition forward how it should have been taken.

Avraam Papadopoulos Own Goal vs. Luxemburg Euro Qualifiers 2010

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    Avraam Papadopoulous provided a smart finish from an inviting cross. Unfortunately, the Greek defender was at the wrong end and the crowd was left bemused as there was seemingly little pressure on Greece.

    The keeper's face at the end says it all. 

William Gallas vs. Ireland 2010 World Cup Qualifier Playoff

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    France and Ireland were vying for a place in the renowned and loved World Cup in South Africa during the summer of 2010.

    It was a William Gallas goal which proved the difference for Les Bleus; however, it was a match that sparked mass controversy after Thierry Henry appeared to handball in assisting the goal.

Lionel Messi vs. Espanyol

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    Lionel Messi repeated a goal akin to Diego Maradona's "Hand of God" goal; however, the Argentine did well to conceal the foul and also needs to be commended on quick reflexes.

    Nonetheless, still soft and illegal.

Paul Robinson vs. Watford 2006/2007

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    Goalkeepers very rarely scored, particularly within their own half. Well, Tottenham keeper Paul Robinson destroyed that notion with a soft, soft goal.

    A powerful free kick somehow evaded Watford keeper Ben Foster and the Stags defenders.

    Watford were relegated in 2006/2007.

Paul Robinson Miserable Own Goal

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    The Englishman may have scored a stunner that will live long in English Premier League history; however, this mistake almost overrules his terrific strike.

    It's one the England international would like to forget in a hurry.

One-Upping Paul Robinson

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    This goalkeeper had obviously seen Paul Robinson's effort and felt compelled to one-up the Englishman.

    I think he may have.

But Yoni Mosari Wins

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    Israeli keeper Yoni Mosari however beats both efforts with his powerful drive that really the keeper should have dealt with.

    Nonetheless, a strong effort.

Maradona Hand of God

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    Diego Maradona was an exceptional player and this goal is one of the most historic history.

    However, despite the impressive build up, this goal is still illegal and what ever "Hand of God" nonsense followed, it still does not ignore the fact Maradona cheated.

Carl Jenkinson Own Goal vs. FC Koln

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    Carl Jenkinson had not yet played a professional match for Arsenal, only a handful of friendlies, when he immediately made a name for himself in the recent Summer.

    This odd, odd, soft goal has become a YouTube sensation and Arsenal fans became well aware of Carl Jenkinson.

David Beckham vs. Chicago Fire 2011

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    The renowned David Beckham scored a goal that would make any manager furious.

    A seemingly harmless corner evaded everyone and eventually managed to find the back of the net.

Clint Dempsey vs. England 2010 FIFA World Cup

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    England encountered USA in the first match of their 2010 FIFA World Cup campaign.

    There were high spirits for the Three Lions but they quickly diminished when goalkeeper Robert Green endured this calamitous error, with half the world watching.

    The error symbolized England's tournament.

Shay Given Unfortunate Error

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    Shay Given was immense during a long tenure at Newcastle United. However, this moment is not one the Irishman looks to fondly back on.

    It wasn't really even Given's error, just an unfortunate incident.

Xabi Alonso vs. Newcastle United

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    Xabi Alonso made a great tackle and his shot was sublime, but no one should be scoring from there, and in truth, if Steve Harper had not unfortunately fallen, this goal would fail to be.

Two Goals in 30 Seconds: Soft

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    The pleasure of scoring was quickly diminished for this keeper as the opposition quickly took the opportunity to catch out the joyous shot stopper.

Sublime Own Goal

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    A superb touch and piece of skill to evade the opposition than a strong header to finish. Any manager would be proud.

    Unfortunately, this was the wrong end. Still one acknowledges it is a good goal nonetheless.

Francesco Totti vs. Australia 2006 FIFA World Cup

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    Italy were the winners of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, but there was no denying the Italians had some controversial moments.

    In the round of 16 match against Australia, who were in just their second World Cup, Italy looked certain to be forced to play extra time when Fabian Grosso took an evident dive.

    Francesco Totti had no such problems converting the penalties and winning the match for Italy.

Lionel Messi vs. Atletico Madrid

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    Lionel Messi took advantage of some unaware and confused Atletico Madrid players, but you cannot help feeling a bit unfortunate for the Madrid men.

Quite Possibly the Most Unfortunate Own Goal of All Time

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    Most Own goals are unfortunate but this one between MidAmerica Nazarene and Oklahoma Baptist was considerably unfortunate.

    The Baptist keeper will probably think twice about ever punting again, and that is fair enough.

    Furthermore I hope the defender is in good health; that was quite powerful.

Nani vs. Tottenham-2010/2011

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    Manchester United star Nani scored a goal that created mass confusion. It is hard to determine if it is in fact Tottenham keeper Huerlho Gomes' fault or referee Mark Clattenburg's fault.

Soft, Soft Own Goal

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    This keeper must be pretty distraught. After pulling off a stunning save, his defender wants to show the opposition how they should have struck the ball. Boy, doesn't he though.

Australia vs. American Samoa: 31-0

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    There is nothing worse than a one-sided game. You know those six, seven, eight nil thrashings where one team completely dominates and it becomes almost boring, to an extent. Well, this match goes beyond that.

    Australia did more than thrash and humiliate American Samoa. 31-0. That is not even a football match. Talk about a soft goal, this is a soft match.