The 10 Most Ridiculous Prop Bets in NFL History

WesAnalyst INovember 9, 2011

The 10 Most Ridiculous Prop Bets in NFL History

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    Las Vegas has luxurious hotels, your bookie drives a Cadillac and the online books rarely pay you out because people are idiots.

    Each sets lines for fools to bet on, and they always win in the long run.


    To make things easier, each has something called the prop bet. It's a bet based on something else other than the direct outcome of the game, but it is somehow related to the game.

    For example, you can bet on something like who will have more passing yards: Mike Vick vs. Eli Manning, with Vick -15.5 yards.

    A bet like that can be found in Vegas through a bookie or an online book. But a bet that has nothing to do with the game cannot be found in Vegas, which means you cannot bet on the length of the national anthem at the sportsbooks in Vegas.

    Here is the law about it according to

    Under state law, wagers must involve the outcome of 'athletic contests' rather than elections or votes of any kind. This means you cannot even bet on who will win awards such as the Most Valuable Player, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young and the like.

National Anthems

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    This prop bet hits the online books every year in the Super Bowl.

    All you have to do is bet if the song will go over or under the time set by the books.

    Last year, Christina Aguilera's time opened up at 1:50, and it spiked up to 1:54 when fans began to handicap the event thanks to her rendition of the song in Game 7 of the NBA Finals between Boston and L.A.

    It all went for naught when Aguilera messed up the song and her timing was thrown off.

    Some online books canceled the bet, while others gave their customers the win. It was a weird situation, and it is one of the reasons Vegas doesn't go near this kind of bet.

    Do you start the timer when the first note is played or when she sings? When do you stop? Who records the timing of the event? It's shady, yet everyone wants to get action on it.


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    Books offer odds on which color of Gatorade will be dumped on the head coach.

    It's hard to believe this bet is available, but I wrote about it last year.

    If you get to this point in your "betting career," take a handful of 20s, dump in toilet, flush and repeat as needed.

    I love how yellow was the favorite last year. I guess Green Bay and Pittsburgh would drink yellow because it matches their team colors? Or is it the most popular flavor?


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    As if handicapping one game and one sport isn't hard enough, let's try to handicap two of them.

    Actually, it's not as hard as it sounds, but it's nothing short of ridiculous.

    This is another popular Super Bowl prop; it features an event from a different sport going up against an event in the Super Bowl.

    Last year, one of the props asked, what total will be higher: LeBron James' points plus assists or the distance of the first made field goal? LeBron James -0.5 (-115), made field goal distance +0.5 (-115).

    You can bet golf, future baseball games and almost anything else against some Super Bowl stat.

Television Appearances

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    How annoying is it when the TV cameras cut to the crowd to show a certain celebrity, mom, dad, brother or whoever during the Super Bowl?

    People sit around saying, "I bet they show him about a thousand times before this game is over."

    Obviously, it's an exaggeration, but the idea of coming up with a number is not out of line.

    Books anticipate who is the side story of the Super Bowl, and they anticipate how often the said person will appear on your TV screen.

    Peyton Manning was a popular choice when Eli Manning was playing in the Super Bowl against the Patriots.

Coin Toss

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    People actually bet on the coin toss, even though the odds are usually heads (-115), tails (-115).

    This means if you played this prop 100 times and you bet $100 on each toss, it would be likely you would lose $15. Yet for some unknown reason, people think they can escape the odds because it is one singular event and not a long occurrence.

    Whatever. Go for it if you need it.

Highest-Scoring Quarter

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    This one makes me wonder if people have any sort of logical thinking.

    In order to win this bet, you need to handicap the living hell out of the game. You need to know what is going to happen in each quarter and the tendencies of each team.

    If you know all of those factors that well, why not just bet on the stinkin' game?


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    Online books run a prop bet asking who the MVP will thank first.

    The favorite is obviously God, because it's God.

    Other options include teammates, no one, family or coach.

    Let's hope Tim Tebow is good enough to win a Super Bowl MVP because this would be the easiest winner in the history of sports betting. Until that happens, it's a ridiculous bet.

Eagles Making the Playoffs in 2011

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    Can we bury the Eagles yet? is currently offering odds on the Philadelphia Eagles making the playoffs, and the odds are shocking. To make the playoffs is +130, and to not make it is -160.

    This means the Eagles missing the playoffs is a slight favorite right now.

    To put it in perspective, the Jets are +120 to make the playoffs and -150 to miss.

    The teams are headed in opposite directions, and the Eagles are looking up at a ton of teams, including four that beat them head-to-head.

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Getting Engaged

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    There were a couple good bets involving Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian surrounding Super Bowl XLIV.

    At the time, Kardashian and Bush were dating, and many wondered if an engagement was around the corner. ran the prop, which stated:

    If the New Orleans Saints win, will Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush be engaged by July 31st, 2010? Yes, +140. No, -170.

Kim Kardashian's Measurements

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    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the greatest prop of all time.

    I remember back when the Saints and Colts played in the Super Bowl, I saw a prop involving Kim Kardashian's measurements and stats involving Reggie Bush.

    I didn't write about it, but I knew someone out there on the web had to have covered this.

    Sure enough, I found it over at Scroll to the bottom when you get there.

    This was the prop:

    What will be larger: Kim Kardashian's total measurements (36-24-39) or Reggie Bush's yardage total?

    Kim Kardashian's 36-24-39 (-38.5) -115.

    Reggie Bush's yards (+38.5) -115.


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