13 Crazy Hockey Superstitions

Nicholas Goss@@NicholasGoss35Correspondent INovember 9, 2011

13 Crazy Hockey Superstitions

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    Sports players have many superstitions they follow in order to help them feel comfortable going into a game.

    Hockey players are no different, and if these players don't perform these superstitions, they often think they will lose their upcoming game.

    Some player like superstitions while other say they will never get into that mess.

    Anyway, let's look at 13 crazy hockey superstitions.

March to the Ice

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    Every team follows a certain routine when it leaves the locker room and heads to the ice. Sometimes the goalie will go first, or the captain leads.

    Either way, there is a certain order and process that's done. Every game is the same.

Playoff Beard

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    This is one of the most recognizable superstitions in hockey, and every year every player from all 16 playoff teams doesn't shave and lets his beard grow.

    It is believed that the New York Islanders started this during their 1980s dynasty. After they won four Stanley Cups during those years, teams must have thought it would be a good idea to copy.

Taping the Stick

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    Hockey players, whether you are a defenseman or forward, spend so much time taping their sticks in a very precise way.

    A certain amount of layers taped in the same way must be done to each stick or the tape comes off and the process is redone.

Burying a Coin at Center Ice

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    When Team Canada won the Gold Medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics, they buried a loonie under center ice.

    The tactic has since become a superstition for the team at international competitions.

Talking to Goal Posts

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    Goalies are an odd bunch, and they have many superstitions. One of them is talking to goal posts, but after all, the posts are a goalie's best friend.

    Patrick Roy made this superstition popular.


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    As gross as it sounds, many players vomit before games. Some players get nervous or nauseous before games, but after they vomit, they feel alright.

    Hall of Fame goaltender Glenn Hall vomited before nearly every game. His career turned out alright.

No Hair Cuts Before Games

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    One of the crazy superstitions of Wayne Gretzky was the he never got his hair cut before a game. He did that once and his team lost.

    Gretzky did not lose very often, so it's safe to say this superstition worked out pretty well for him.

Goalies Hitting the Posts and Crossbar

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    Ever wonder why goalies hit the posts and sometimes the crossbar with their stick at the start and end of every period? 

    It's superstition.

    Former Philadelphia Flyers goalie Ron Hextall was one of the first to do this all the time. Almost every goalie today does this when entering a game.

Pelle Lindbergh Takes Superstitions to a New Level

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    Pelle Lindbergh proves that goalies are weird and have really odd and complicated superstitions.

    Via Hockey Buzz:

    "Wore the same orange t-shirt under his equipment each game. If it started to fall apart he would have it sewn up, and it was never washed. Ever. In addition, the only thing he would drink during intermissions was a Swedish beverage called ‘Pripps'. Not only did it have to be that drink but he could also only drink it if it had exactly two ice cubes in it, if it was given to him by a specific trainer, and would only take it from the trainer with his right hand."

    That's crazy—no other way to describe it.


Bill Ranford's Puck Flip

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    Bill Ranford would not allow the linesman to take the puck out of his goalie glove until he tossed it into the air and had the puck land on the backside of his glove.

    Did I mention that goalies are superstitious people?

Legend of the Octopus

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    During the 1952 Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup playoff run, two fans threw an octopus on the ice. Each of the animal's eight legs represented the eight wins the Red Wings needed to capture the Cup.

    Octopi have been thrown onto the ice during Red Wings playoff games ever since,

Flyers and Kate Smith

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    In the 1970s, the Philadelphia Flyers wanted singer Kate Smith to perform the song "God Bless America" because it gave them luck.

    Kate Smith is no longer with us, but the video of her singing is still a big part of Flyers games.

    This superstition is really awesome, and is just a part of what makes Philly a great hockey city.

Don't Touch It!

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    In nearly every sport except hockey, it is not taboo to touch or lift a conference championship trophy, and it also isn't frowned upon to touch trophies you haven't won.

    In hockey, it's considered bad luck to touch the Prince of Wales (East) and Clarence S. Campbell (West) trophies for that team will have bad luck in the Stanley Cup Final.

    This superstition is a bit extreme, but it makes the desire to win these trophies even greater, which is a good thing.


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