6 Reasons Why Austin Aries Should Be IMPACT's World Heavyweight Champion

Charlie GSenior Writer INovember 6, 2011

6 Reasons Why Austin Aries Should Be IMPACT's World Heavyweight Champion

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    Austin Aries is the current reigning X Division Champion and is one of the most talented wrestlers on the IMPACT roster today.

    Aries wrestled for TNA from 2005-2007 and was dubbed "Austin Starr" during some of his time with the company. Starr was suspended and eventually released from TNA for being said to have a bad attitude.

    Now, he's back.

    He earned his spot on the roster this past summer with the Destination X qualifying matches and beat Jack Evans, Low Ki and Zema Ion to win a contract.

    A starr is born again but this time in the form of self proclaimed "Greatest Man That Ever Lived," Austin Aries.

In-Ring Skill

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    I said Aries was one of the best X Division wrestlers and one of the most talented guys on the IMPACT roster with good reason.

    Austin Aries has power moves like the Brainbuster but can also fly with moves like a 450 Splash and higher risk moves.

    Austin Aries is an awesome all-around X Division wrestler when it comes to ring skill.

Fan Interaction/Mic Skill

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    No matter what Aries does, work a mic or match, he gets crowd reaction. Love him or hate him, the crowd shows their emotion toward "A Double."

    Aries has the ability to cut a good promo and shows personality when he does it. 

    Aries also shows personality and gets reactions during his matches, whether he tells the crowd to shut up or just hits moves like his running dropkick in the corner.

    Austin Aries is one of the best mic workers in the X Division, and for that, it's easy to see why he gets the reaction he does. As I said before, he's the X Division total package.

Past Championship Experience

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    Austin Aries has been a world champion before—twice actually.

    While Aries was away from TNA, he was winning championships over at Ring of Honor Wrestling.

    In ROH, Aries won the Tag Team Championships once and is the only two-time ROH World Champion in company history.

    Aries had two reigns for a combined 419 days and had 29 successful title defenses. Guys like Samoa Joe, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Nigel McGuinness, Tyler Black, Roderick Strong, Low Ki, Homicide and Jerry Lynn, to name a few, have held the ROH World Championship title.

    Only one man held that very title twice, and it is Austin Aries.

    As the only two-time world champion, with 29 successful title defenses, I'd imagine that Aries learned what it took to be champion. I'm sure he also learned what it's like to carry himself as champion.

    You don't see Aries walk to the ring swinging the X Division title over his head like some people. Aries knows how to treat a championship belt and is a good pick to represent a company.

He Has All the Tools

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    With those past three slides about Aries's in-ring skill, mic skill/fan reaction and past championship experience, it's hard to argue how this guy does not have the tools to be a TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

    Aries is one of the best in-ring and mic workers, is a credible champion, and has the look to be champion and possibly carry a company.

    There's no doubt in my mind, Austin Aries will be a future World Heavyweight Champion.

The Fans Want It

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    Most IMPACT Wrestling fans love this guy.

    A lot of people write on his Twitter complimenting matches he worked or the cape he wore to the ring.

    At Bound For Glory, Aries was one of the top fan favorites. He received a louder pop than his opponent, Brian Kendrick, and heard a few "Austin Aries" chants from the Philly crowd.

    You know how Austin Aries was picked as this week's topic? An IMPACT fan asked me, via Twitter, to do a Six Reasons Why Austin Aries Should Be World Heavyweight Champion article

    Austin Aries is in demand right now and not even a year back in TNA, he's the X Division Champion. A lot of people are saying Aries is a future TNA World Champion, and I agree with them.

    Austin Aries has it.

It'll Make a Good Story

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    Everyone likes a good underdog story, right?

    So why not make one by having Austin Aries win the heavyweight title. Pull the "X Division wrestler in the main event" card.

    Austin Aries is the perfect X Division underdog and certainly has what it takes to hang with the big guys in IMPACT Wrestling.

    I've even heard people say that Aries can be the next AJ Styles.

Final Word

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    There you have it—Six Reasons Why Austin Aries Should Be World Heavyweight Champion.

    Next week's Six Reasons Why topic is "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan. 

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