25 Worst Haircuts in NBA History

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistNovember 3, 2011

25 Worst Haircuts in NBA History

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    The NBA is home to some bad attitudes and awful talents, but it also a home to some awfully bad hairstyles.

    While an athlete's talent is what is most important, it doesn't do them any good if we can barely stand the sight of them. What use is being an all-star if it pains people to watch you play?

    It's different when we call an athlete physically ugly. For the most part, their physical appearance in terms of facial and other features are sometimes things they cannot control. Hairstyle, however, is a different story.

    When it comes to player haircuts, it's simply not forgive and forget; it just doesn't work that way.

    As fans and analysts, we will undoubtedly forgive, but we will never forget.

Pau Gasol

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    Facial hair is not exempt from hairstyle critiquing, which makes Pau Gasol just as guilty as anyone.

    Even if we were able to look past the untamed mop that seems to have plopped itself down on the top of Gasol's scalp, the fact that his beard is just as untamed and long is something we cannot ignore.

    If you zoom in really closely, you can see some leftovers from Gasol's dinner resting in his mountain-man hairstyle. 

Steve Nash

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    Steve Nash's keen sense of passing is one that cannot be matched, but it's a shame he couldn't be even a fraction of the trendsetter he is in terms of ability for hairstyle.

    Nash is a great ballplayer, but with one of the worst haircuts this sport has ever seen.

    We have seen Nash with short hair, and I would highly recommend he go back to that style.

Latrell Sprewell

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    Due in part to Latrell Sprewell's unfortunate facial expression, but also because of his hairstyle, he gets the nod here.

    Anything that even remotely resembles pigtails is a no go.

    It seems that Sprewell missed that memo though.

Moochie Norris

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    Donning an afro isn't at all taboo, but Moochie Norris' should be.

    His hair looks more like its suffering from detrimental humidity than anything. His unfortunate grimace here doesn't help his case either.

    Norris' hairstyle looks like a pad of Brillo that has been used countless times. Given the amount of money he was making, he could have at least sprung for the more refined S.O.S. pad look.

Larry Bird

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    Mullets may have still been a fad during Larry Bird's playing days, but he did anything except pull this look off.

    Obviously mullets are supposed to be longer in the back, but this one looks like it could have stretched all the way down past his waist. The fact that it bounced to and fro while he ran doesn't help either.

    Bird had great taste in terms of shot selection. It's a shame that didn't carry over to his fashion sense.

Anderson Verejao

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    Anderson Varejao has showed some promise on the court, but has exhibited no signs of showing he is capable of being responsible for selecting his own hairstyle.

    Varejao's hair flails wildly as he navigates his way up and down the court, a project in itself given he is often blinded by this sorry excuse for a haircut.

    There is a bright side though. All Varejao must do to play defense effectively is shake his head violently back and forth, most likely resulting in an opposing player losing an eye, and thus the ball as well.

Robert Swift

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    It seems that Robert Swift is trying to pull of a bit of a Carrot Top look here, and obviously here fails miserably.

    Long hair does not suit most NBA players, and Swift is one of them.

    To be fair though, the knuckle tattoos and black nail polish don't help either.

Kurt Rambis

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    Incredibly long and bouncy hair, check.

    Ill-advised mustache, check.

    Sense of style—it seems that Kurt Rambis must have left that at home. Or perhaps he never had it to begin with.

Al Harrington

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    Al Harrington has spent most of his career with a shaved head and from the looks of this hairstyle, he should have kept it that way.

    If you keep an open mind, and take his eyebrows into account, his hairstyle looks like a giant caterpillar chasing its offspring.

Mike Miller

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    Mike Miller seemed to be attempting to make a bold statement when he donned this hairdo. That being said, the reason he chopped it off was because people thought that message was he was going to move onto nail polish next.

    What can be said about Miller's hair here though is he played much better then as opposed to now.

    Maybe he should bring this disaster back.

Adam Morrison

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    You know how an NBA player can tell if his hair is too long? If he can feeling it scratching his shoulders. 

    Someone should have told that to Adam Morrison.

    Just a side note: That ferret on his face isn't helping either.

Chris Kaman

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    Much like Mike Miller, Chris Kaman seems to be making a statement here, only his communicates that he is attempting to emulate the fairy tale character Rapunzel.

    I haven't heard anything yet, but hopefully his Prince Charming comes along soon. 

Shaun Livingston

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    Here we have another afro gone wrong.

    The beehive on Shaun Livingston's head looks like it could house enough yellow jackets to fill an entire arena.

    In his defense though, some form of life had to fill those empty seats during his days with the Clippers.

Andrei Kirilenko

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    And we though Larry Bird's hairstyle looked like that of a mop.

    Either Andrei Kirilenko has really bad taste in hairstyles, or he used a Scrubbing Bubbles mop to cover up the fact that he is going bald.

    To go with the latter would be wishful thinking.

Bill Walton

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    Nowadays, Bill Walton plays it neat and conservative in terms of his hairstyle. Back in the day though?

    Not so much.

    If you put together a scrapbook of Walton's career, and flip through it quickly, you can actually see evolution in action, dating all the way back to the time of the cave man.

Robin Lopez

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    What Robin Lopez lacks in effectiveness, he makes up for in hair.

    However, we are speaking in terms of volume, not quality.

    You would have no problem telling him apart from Brook Lopez here.

Chris Andersen

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    Once you look past all the tattoos, the volatile attitude and flamboyant on-court demeanor, you see that deep down, Chris Andersen is just an athlete—with a really uncalled for head of hair.

    In all seriousness, it looks like Anderson uses so much gel on this obnoxious mohawk that if the ball were to land on top of it, it would instantly pop.

    On the bright side, Andersen has almost single-handedly kept the got2b hairstyling products line afloat.

Scot Pollard

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    From his head, right down to his chin, this style is just disturbing.

    Scot Pollard was always a bit of an eccentric, but this takes it to a whole new level.

    I mean, come on, even his beard has a beard. Don't even get me started on the half-inch mohawk he was attempting to pull off either.

    This haircut is just plain horrific.

Michael Beasley

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    It's unclear whether Michael Beasley had an afro gone wrong or if he was trying to grow the worlds largest Chia Pet on the top of his head.

    Either way though, if his cold stare doesn't get you, his hair will.

    It seriously looks like he had some sort of deranged-looking animal living off his scalp.

Joakim Noah

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    It would be great if we could say that Joakim Noah was just a member of the misguided youth here, but unfortunately, this travesty of a hairstyle didn't end here.

    It's unclear whether this is actually the hair on his head or if he never learned the art of grooming his ears.

    Either way though, the bright side is that this hairdo is great for sneaking snacks into movie theaters. 

Drew Gooden

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    When your beard begins to form an octopus, it's time that you shave it off.

    This awful look of Drew Gooden's becomes even more unforgivable when you realize he had this doodad growing out the back of his head at one point.

    You would like to believe this haircut was the result of a lost bet, but sadly, it never seemed that was the case.

Metta World Peace

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    Team spirit is great, but this is going too far, even for Metta World Peace.

    This hairstyle is all kinds of nasty with a side of disgusting. Peace may have saved himself from making an appearance on this list had he left the purple streaks at home.

    That's not his style though now, is it?

Dwayne Schintzius

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    Dwayne Schintzius may have just boasted the worst mullet we have ever seen, and not just in the NBA.

    The back of his head was fluffier than the inside of a pillow and as he ran up and down the court, every spectator behind him felt the breeze.

    Mullets may have been popular at one time, but I don't think this particular style was ever actually "in."

Andre Miller

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    Andre Miller looks like he has a chess game being played on the top of his head, complete with game pieces and all.

    After analyzing this hairstyle for a minute or two, one has to wonder who is the one responsible for birthing such a horrific hairdo.

    I cannot say for sure, but am fairly certain said being is from outer space. 

Dennis Rodman

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    No need to see his glimmering face here, we all know that this genocide of color belongs to the one and only Dennis Rodman.

    Rodman's fashion choices read like a whose who of incredibly bad decisions, and this hairstyle is no exception.

    Rodman was a hell of a rebounder and beast of a defender, but he was also a moron of a fashionista.

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