Cristiano Ronaldo Video: Watch Ronaldo Score Free Kick in Real Madrid Win

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 2, 2011

How do you spell winner? Well, I just did silly, but if you want to see one in action, then take a look at this sick video of Cristiano Ronaldo showing the Lyon wall what's up. 

Ronaldo is one of the rare athletes who can strike fear in the opponents just by standing still. The video starts with the Los Blancos star measuring up the Lyon wall on a free kick. 

You have to imagine Lyon is thinking what we all are when viewing this video, things are about to go down. He takes the kick and the ball speeds past with perfect power and form. 

It bends left and into the net with all of Real Madrid meeting the maestro in an embrace. This wasn't the only goal Ronaldo had on Wednesday night. 

He also scored in the 70th minute after being fouled by Mouhamadou Dabo. That was all Real Madrid needed to beat a lesser Lyon side. 

The win comes with the full weight of the points and sends Madrid clear of the group. They are now assured a place in the knockout phase of the Champions league competition. 

The two goals were incidentally his 99th and 100th for Real Madrid. A man that has been legendary for years is still writing his legacy. It's tough to figure if we will know him as a master with Manchester United or a genius with Real Madrid. 

As the story continues to be written, all I can do is sit back and watch these kinds of masterful feats. I hold no allegiance to Real Madrid, but that goal was beyond loyalties. 

Watch where you draw a foul, because Cristiano Ronaldo proved once again that he is deadly from most any range.

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