7 Ways to Punish Diving in World Football

Joe Tansey@JTansey90Featured ColumnistNovember 2, 2011

7 Ways to Punish Diving in World Football

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    As we all know, diving is a problem in the game of soccer, and there are certain ways that the governing bodies of soccer discipline those who clearly dive.

    In this article, I will focus on the punishments of diving, starting with lesser punishments up to the harsher punishments that usually are not given out to first-time offenders but should be given out to offenders that are caught diving multiple times throughout their careers.

Red Card

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    The simplest of punishments for diving in a game is the red card.

    If a player clearly dives, a yellow card is simply not enough, so a red card is appropriate in this situation.

Penalty Kick for Opponent

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    Whether or not the dive occurs in the penalty area, where most do occur, the opponent should be awarded a penalty regardless.

    If soccer officials are serious about cracking down on diving in the game, the penalty kick reward for the opponent may be a way to start.

Fine by Team or National Federation

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    The next step up from the in-game punishments are the repercussions after the game.

    A fine depending on the player's salary should be given to the player who dives in a game and receives the red card from the official.

Match Suspension

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    Depending on the severity of the dive, a match suspension could be granted by the higher-ups in soccer.

    This has happened before and if the dive is serious enough and happens in a crucial part of the match, a suspension for the next match should be given.

Suspension from International Duty

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    If the dive happens at the club level and the player is of the quality to make an international squad, the national federation should step in and take action as well.

    A suspension by a national federation, in coordination with the domestic league who punishes the diver, will show unity against diving at both the domestic and international level.

Suspension from Major International Competition

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    This is where it starts to get serious.

    Not many players, if any, will ever reach this level but just in case it does come about in the near future, a ban of playing a huge competition like the UEFA Champions League or FIFA World Cup would be a landmark ban for FIFA.

    The chances of anyone getting a ban this harsh are slim to none unless there is a repeat offender.

Lifetime Suspension from the Game of Soccer

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    This is the most serious ban from FIFA and the chances of this happening to anyone at all are very slim.

    For someone to get a lifetime ban, they have to anger FIFA a lot, and I do not believe diving will ever cause anybody a lifetime suspension from the game.